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Spanked When Rude To Miss

Being rude, disobedient or disrespectful to Miss at AAA Spanking will get a naught girls bottom spanked in double quick time as Aleesha Fox should know by now yet she just can not help herself!  And when Aleesha does this one time too many Miss Zoe makes the decision that she will tolerate this no further!   Fetching a chair from the kitchen Miss Zoe decides put Aleesha Fox over her knee and spank!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics

015 008 011
You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

The Spanking Lola Has Been Dreading All Night Now Administered at Bars And Stripes!

All night Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison inmate Lola Mari has been waiting nervously knowing she faces corporal punishment discipline on the following morning.  It has been ordered by the court as part of her rehabilitation and she has been anxiously dreading it for the last week now!  Every Friday morning about this time its spanking time for Lola!  And i have some great spanking pics for you from this update!


LolaMorning After - 54 LolaMorning After - 08 LolaMorning After - 46

And remember you can see the video (to the spanking pics) now exclusively at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison :)

Imogen D’arcy Gets The Bare Butt Spanking Treatment at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Ok first things first everybody i want to apologise for my absence over the week.  My mom has been sick in hospital and so with family coming first I’ve been unable to do much work on the web and completely unable to update my blog here but she’s out now so I’m back and wanna talk to y’all about a spanking which i just know y’all wanna hear 🙂

This week its Imogen D’arcy who has her panties pulled down below her now bared bottom for a spanking!  Seems she has been misbehaving again and is in trouble with Officer Dodgy and Miss Zoe.   Seems she has been wearing the wrong uniform and fashion guru Officer Dodgy can never put up with such things 🙂   More about that later!!!  But for now check out the latest pics from Bars and Stripes 🙂

paddle_pair_scr1_4 Paddle Pair - 025_ Paddle Pair - 089_

Awesome spanking action from Bars and Stripes 🙂  And with that happy smile on Officer Dodgy’s face there in the last pic you would think he was the very sensible down to earth one in the pic right?  Wrong uniform gets Imogen a spanking at the Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison but we remember Officer Dodgy escaping from another prison some time ago and going on the run!  🙂   How close to prison uniform is this look? 😉



Anyway I’m sure Dodgy thought he had seen the last of that photo so i will leave it there but y’all can read about that here if you wish 🙂   I have a quick phone call to make now to claim the reward but will be back on Monday guys 🙂  So in the meantime have a great weekend 🙂

And remember you can see the video (to the spanking pics) now exclusively at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison :)

Guide Pack Leader Zoe Page Initiates Cheesie Kay at AAA Spanking

Thought I would take another look at the site at Tripple A Spanking this week and was great to see Zoe Page there with Chessie Kay who submits to the strict “predetary” girl guide Zoe.  Excellent stuff and all in front of course of the Union Flag 🙂

As they put it at AAA Spanking

Imagine a world of sheer fantasy where predatory Girl Guide, Zoe Page, was ensuring only the most popular girls could be in her little gang… and to be in or out of that clique was important to impressionable young girls like Chessie Kay… She was desperate to join and knew of Zoe’s fearsome reputation, but was willing to undergo what some might say were lesbian powerplay hazing rituals. Chessie was no stranger to being spanked and was always in trouble at school, fresh from a recent spanking she waited with anticipation. Why did the girls accept Zoe’s Hazing Rituals? It was a badge they couldn’t put on their arms and all the cool girls wanted to be in this clique! Zoe was into the power play and enjoyed spanking, groping and checking out the “new meat” for her little band of delinquents! Either way, this makes for a very naughty girl on girl spanking film with Zoe using her hand and a wicked looking riding crop, one of her favorites, to excellent effect! This is Chessie’s stunning debut to the site – and what a naughty first film she finds herself in! Watch out for the amusing scene at the end where Chessie gets tongue tied and shy… which is very unusual for her!

And i have a few of the great domestic spanking pics for you all

016 011 004

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Half Way House Discipline as Miss Zoe Page Spanks Aleesha Fox and Amelia Rutherford at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Awesome update just hit the press at Bars and Stripes spanking prison as they venture out into the Half Way House between prison and freedom!  Miss Zoe Page seems to be running the show there on this day and if the gals thought they would be free and able to behave how they wanted to again there is a rude awakening for them as buth Amelia Rutherford and Aleesha Fox get very soundly spanked bare bottoms from the world class dominatrix Miss Zoe!

And i have grabbed some of the domestic spanking pics for you all 🙂



Be sure to check them out for more from this set over at Bars and Stripes boys and girls!   :-)

Stop Press: Strict Mistress Zoe, Miss Viktoria and Miss Dana Specht with Bad Girls Sarah Gregory & Pandora Blake Release 3 New Videos To FemDom Spanking Store And Domination Theater

News is just in that Ms Dana Specht and her bad girl Sarah Gregory as well as Pandora Blake have just released a new video at Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking Store.  Red Badger, creators ofInstitute of Feminine Discipline & Strict Mistress Zoe and video suppliers to Strict Women have also released 2 new videos from Miss Zoe and new and outstanding Hungarian Goddess Miss Viktoria :)

Miss Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory & Pandora Blake – Swimsuit Spanking


My naughty girl Sarah Gregory and her British friend Pandora have accompanied me to Atlantic City for a vacation and the girls get caught by security sneaking into the pool after hours. I march the girls back to our room in their dripping wet bikinis and give each of them a sound spanking on their wet bottom, covered then bare. Pandora gets a hairbrush spanking from me because it was her idea to get my little girl in trouble. Sarah manages to escape the hairbrush this time.

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Miss Zoe  – Dont Pimp Me Out Pt 2


Miss Zoe has been feeling ignored by her new boyfriend Arjun. He has been out every night without her and now it seems he has been gambling despite his promise that he would stop doing so. Miss Zoe has tried so hard not to be strict and to spank him at the drop of a hat as she has done with all the other boyfriends she has known but when he tells her that he wants her to remain home so that she can “entertain” a card buddy he has lost money to by having sex with him this is more than Miss Zoe can bear to take. And before Arjun knows it he finds himself over Miss Zoe’s knee with his pants down receiving a very sound hairbrush, paddle and hand spanking!

Note: This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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Miss Viktoria – Panty Sniffers Spanking


When Hungarian Goddess Miss Viktoria catches her naughty husband masturbating on the bed whilst sniffing her panties she is furious. Adam tries to explain his behaviour away but Miss Viktoria is buying none of it and announces that for his behaviour he will now be soundly spanked!

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