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Two Cute Girls Turn Tables On Teacher And Spank HER Bottom at Hand Spanking.com!

There is a really great tables turned story this week in Hand Spanking as two naughty girls who were suspended after being caught cheating in a school volleyball match return to the school to get their revenge on their teacher after both girls had received hard domestic spankings on their bare bottoms from their parents for their naughtiness!

But the two girls are not going to let teacher get away with this!  And they are determined to give just as good as they got!  Confronting their teacher they soon overpower her and teacher finds herself on the receiving end of a hard bare bottom spanking herself!

And here are a few of the picss that i managed to get you all 🙂

You can see more pics AND THE VIDEO now exclusively at Hand Spanking!  Not to mention many more!  Go visit them soon!  Meanwhile I will see you in a few more days for another update to the Domestic Spanking Blog!

Hand Spanking.com

Naughty Yuyu Has Her Bare Bottom Smacked When She is Late For School Once Again!

Naughty yuyu found herself in deep water recently at Hand Spanking.com when she ignored persistent warnings from her sexy yet very strict teacher Miss Mari!  You would think she would know better by now with the number of smacked bottoms she has had at Hand Spanking domestic spanking site but it appears she was in desperate need of another reminder and…well…Miss Mari was just the lady to administer that reminder good and hard to her bottom!

And I have managed to get my hands on some pics to show you all just how great this one is! 🙂

For those that do not know, Hand Spanking is a genuine Japanese domestic spanking site in which naughty and incredibly cute Japanese girls are spanked over the knee, over chairs or other spanking positions but always with the flat palm of the hand!  Usually by the sexiest dominant Japanese girls you will see anywhere!  You cant lose with this site in my view 🙂  it is excellent on so many levels.  It shows real imagination in all of the camera angles and the acting is always really hot! 🙂  And you can see this and so many more really excellent videos now exclusively at Hand Spanking.com!  Don’t miss this one! :-)

Hand Spanking.com

Poor Performance Leads To Maid AND Manageress Having Bare Bottoms Spanked at Hand Spanking.com

When a naughty bar maid spills alcohol over a rich patron at Hand Spanking.com she knew exactly what to expect!  A trip over her strict manageress’s knee for a sound bare bottom spanking!  But what she did NOT expect was to see her manageress getting exactly the same treatment from that rich patron when she reported to her disciplinarian at the end of her shift!  But this is exactly what happened!  And so there were two sexy bottoms spanked this week at Hand Spanking.com for the price of one! 🙂  This was domestic spanking at its best 🙂

And I have some of the pics for you all! 🙂

Yes we start with the naughty maid facing her strict bare bottom hand spanking over sexy Miss’s knee!

But what’s this?  Now the manageress must face the music too!  And its sore bottoms galore!  But I just could not miss posting this one!  Because this lady taking her spanking has one of the cutest bottoms ive seen and I really like those pics where something is left to the imagination and the bottom pushes through the tightly hugging skirts, dresses or even just jeans 🙂  And this is just a classic example 🙂

See what I mean? 🙂  Even from that angle where you can not see a great deal, its real nice 🙂

And of course it wouldn’t be the same if at least SOME of that spanking were not delivered on the bare bottom would it? 🙂

Anyway, this is a real classic of a spanking video 🙂  I love it 🙂  And you can see this one and so many more now exclusively over at Hand Spanking.com where the naughty girls ALWAYS get a smack! 🙂  Be sure to check them out real soon! 🙂

Hand Spanking.com

Strip Spanking Games Lead To Sore Bottoms For Naughty Girls at Hand Spanking.com!


Its been a while since I was able to talk about an update over on Hand Spanking but they have done a really bang up job with this one even if I do say so myself! 🙂  And with a couple of my favorite Japanese girls on there too 🙂

In this update Mizuki and Yuyu amuse themselves by playing strip games. But it is a strip game with a difference because each time one of them loses, she must remove a piece of clothing and once a player is down to nothing but her underwear, that player gets her bottom spanked by the other girl!  In the second part they play Janken(Rock-Paper-Sissors),also with a spanking going to the loser.

And I have some of the pics for you 🙂





Some of the sexiest girls spankings Ive seen in a while 🙂  You can see more from these two naughty girls spanking each other now exclusively at Hand-Spanking.com :-)

Hand Spanking.com

Bullies Get Smacked Bottoms at HandSpanking.com


One of my favorite sites on the net, Hand Spanking has just updated with a really great video where Mizuki is bullying Yuyu, a younger friend at the tennis club by spanking her bottom as she is training!  But the head coach, Narumi, spots naughty Mizuki beginning to use her tennis racket and decides to take her to the training room for a lesson of her own!

This is a really great video I’m sure you will love it as much as I did 🙂

I have some pics for you from the gallery for the update too 🙂


Naughty Mizuki spanks her friend Yuyu in the tennis club!


Now bent over Narumi’s knee the naughty Mizuki feels exactly what it is like to have her shorts and panties pulled down for a sound bare bottom spanking of her own!


And now a very sorry Mizuki with a very sore bottom looks up at her strict Mistress as she is scolded for her spiteful behaviour!  I hope it doesn’t put Mizuki off spanking Yuyu though because they were both awesome in that movie with that spanking!

Anyway, you can see the full picture set and video now exclusively at Hand Spanking.com! Don’t delay, there is SO much great spanking there for you to see 🙂

Hand Spanking.com