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Mitsuki Spanked By Her Younger Sister At Cutie Spankee

Sisterly Spanking!

“Hey sis! Look this” Mitsuki was shocked at the note which her mother had left which allowed her younger sister to spank her naughty bottom! She had to know that her younger sister Sakura was planning her revenge in retaliation for her telling tales on her younger sister!

“Come on! Mom! I don’t want to be spanked by Sakura!” Mitsuki barked at the moon but her better-timbered sister easily beared down her with proud look. “You will get 3 times harder punishment from Mom if you are not obedient!” Sakura lifted up Mitsuki’s skirt as Mitsuki felt the obvious shameful humiliation that she was about to be given a well deserved but very painful spanking on that naughty bare bottom of hers! And with the leather paddle too!

Here are some more pics from the spanking which you can now see over on Cutie Spankee!

More next week. But if you want to see more of this spanking and many others get over to Cutie Spankee now! 🙂

Strict Nurse Spanks Naughty Sakura in Spanking Friends 2 at Cutie Spankee

Naughty Sakura above is in trouble again at Cutie Spankee! Seems even as a patient in hospital she just cant lay off those cigerettes! But this time she has been caught! Confronted by the ward sister, Mitsuki she simply can not help but try to justify her disobedience!

Naughty Sakura Spanked at Cutie Spankee

“How many times do I have to tell you the matron yelled! At no time will you be allowed to smoke in this hospital!” So for repeated violation of the rules Matron Mitsuki has exhausted her patience as far as naughty girl is concerned so pulls naughty Sakura over her knee, pulls down her pajama bottoms and rains down a shower of hard spanks on that naughty bottom of hers! Ouch! The cries have filled the hospital but does Sakura stop?

Naughty Sakura Spanked at Cutie Spankee

And as you can see, a very sore and well smacked bottom there lays on display! Does Mitsuki stop? NO WAY! And it doesn’t matter how much Sakura apologies, for repeated disobedience the large plastic ruler comes out to punish the naughty girl!

Naughty Sakura Spanked at Cutie Spankee

See more plus the video now at Cutie Spankee!