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Hot Asian Models Get Hot Spanked Bottoms at Hand Spanking!

A hot Japanese style hand spanking on a hot sexy bottom is what is needed from time to time when a lady has been misbehaving and who better to dish it out than one of the other sexy models that they have there!  These gals may be models but make no mistake they both love what they are doing!  Both being spanked and spanking the others!  Only the hottest asian ladies get spanked at Hand Spanking.com it seems and heres the proof 🙂  Some great domestic spanking pics for you all 🙂

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Real awesome spanking pics for both domme and naughty girl there from Hand-Spanking.com so be sure not to miss this great domestic spanking video which comes to you from this awesome site :) Hand Spanking.com

Teacher Remi Finds Fault And Spanks at Hand Spanking.com

Hi Guys, I’ve just been over to se the awesome axion F/f spanking site Hand Spanking.com which has done a really awesome update featuring two real sexy Goddesses both as spanker and spankee!  In this case Remi who plays the part of the teacher who enjoys spanking her students and Youuri who plays the naughty girl who Miss Remi has found fault with!

And I have some of the sexy domestic spanking pictures for you

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Real awesome spanking pics for both domme and naughty girl there from Hand-Spanking.com so be sure not to miss this great domestic spanking video which comes to you from this awesome site 🙂Hand Spanking.com

Adult Site Visit Leads To Over The Knee Hand Spanking at Hand Spanking.com

Visiting porn sites can always get a naughty girl or boy for that matter into trouble and at Hand Spanking this week thats exactly what happens!  Walking in on her younger sister Yuria, Remi catches her masturbating to porn on an adult site.   This is not allowed and quick as a flash Remi puts her naughty sister over her knee and gives her a real hard bottom stinging hand spanking for her behaviour!

And I have some of the sexy domestic spanking pictures for you :)

o3-10 o3-45 o3-49

Don’t miss this one.  Get yourselves over to Hand-Spanking.com and get your hot spanking pass to this awesome Japanese spanking site now!

Hand Spanking.com

Naughty Japanese Gal In Tight Denim Jeans Spanked at Hand Spanking.com!

Its been a little while since Ive been over to the Hand Spanking.com site and talked about them here so i thought maybe I would take a quick peep! 🙂  And I’m really glad that i did because there is a really nice domestic hand spanking video and pics there in a scenario they are calling ‘Three Sisters’ 🙂  And to my delight they feature one of the naughty girls wearing very tight jeans to have her bottom spanked in!  And you know there is nothing quite like a girl in tight jeans bent over for a smacked bottom!  Well…except perhaps with a bare bottom! 🙂  But the way in which the denim clings to the ladies figure as she bends for a spanking is probably one of the most erotic sights you can see 🙂

Ive pulled out a few of the images to show you all here 😉  Something to take you through some of the chill that we are all expecting here in the UK when it starts snowing again this week! 🙂



Ahhh a nice tight bottom being spanked 🙂  Nothing beats it…well except perhaps your hand, paddle, whip or cane? 🙂


And now the girl in tight jeans spanks the other sister!  Lovely 🙂

By the way, you can see more from this great update plus its sequel now exclusively at Hand Spanking.com :-) Be sure to come back here to the Domestic Spanking Blog later this week when we will have another update here 🙂  Or perhaps subscribe to our RSS feed 🙂

Hand Spanking.com

New Years Resolution? That Every Naughty Girl Will Get A Smack!


Every naughty girl will get a smack at Hand Spanking.com over 2009!  That is the new years resolution! And what better way to show it than all 3 ladies in this movie finding their bottoms smacked!

This has been a really nice update over at Hand Spanking this week with a 3 girl domestic spanking party 🙂  This seems to be a sequal to a previous video over on Hand Spanking in which naughty Mika and Kasumi find themselves bent over the kitchen counter for a sound bare bottom spanking!  But the action doesnt end there as after that spanking takes place Remi, the disciplinarian suddenly finds herself bent over the two naughty girls knees together where they team up to return the favour to the lady of the house!  Ouch! 🙂  But do you think any of them will have learned their lesson?  Nah not a bit of it 🙂  Naughty girls never do so I will look forward to posting some more of each finding their backsides being tanned real soon 🙂

Anyway, here are a few pics 🙂


Miss Remi clearly knows that a naughty girls skirt must always be pulled up and her panties pulled down before she has her bottom spanked as you see above 🙂  I just love those pics where the naughty girl looks round with a look of sheer embarassment and humiliation on her face as her panties are pulled down 🙂  Not that they would ever give much protection of course!  But the humiliation of this spanking is all part of the punishment 🙂


Ahhhhh and now the ultimate in humiliation as the cute Mistress finds herself bent over her friends knees where they exact their revenge!


Boot is on the other foot now Remi isnt it? 🙂  I love the way that the Mistress at the back has her hand lifted after giving her naughty charge a good smack on the bottom there 🙂  And no time to recover as the other girl lays on another good hard domestic style otk spank! 🙂

Anyway you can see more from this video and many others now exclusively at Hand Spanking.com 🙂

Hand Spanking.com