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Rachel Lloyd And Leia Ann Woods Get Bare Bottoms Spanked For Rule Violation at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison!

Just been over to Bars and Stripes to take a look over what they have to offer there in their updates this week it seems that naughty Rachel Lloyd has been getting into mischief with Leia Ann Woods!  And it is mischief that has gotten them both into deep hot water as they are now being spanked soundly by both the nurse and senior guard Paul!

And we have some of the pics 😉


Yes you always need to spank a naughty girls bottom hard but I do think the nurse should probably take her panties down!  Lets see how its doing…


Seems to be doing the trick there! 🙂  Good!  🙂


Ahhhh….that’s better!  Paul is obviously the one charged with giving out the real spanking over at Bars and Stripes for today! 🙂

There is a really great video attached to this update too as well as loads of great high res images 🙂  And many more episodes from the nets original and best spanking soap opera 🙂  I wonder how Leia feels as the original creator of this site though about having to have her own bare bottom spanked in there?  Well anyway, its all in her own hands really and if she behaved more then she would be spanked less as we all know right?

Anyway you can see more from this update now at Bars and Stripes spanking prison!  Be sure to visit them soon! 🙂

Rachael and Leia Soundly Spanked In Waiting Room at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Ahhhha good ole fashioned over the knee domestic style hand spanking gets delivered once more at the Bars and Stripes spanking prison! 🙂  This one features Leia Ann Woods and Rachel as they are put across the knees of the governor and the nurse.  And once more Ive got the pics! 🙂  Well some of them anyway, and I’m publishing them here for you now 🙂

These are just frame captures but they do show some of the action that you can expect to see in the video itself! 🙂

And a great look of pain there on the face of the naughty girl as she gets her bare bottom hand spanked there! 🙂  And it does look as though the nurse is doing a pretty good job too!

You can see much more exclusively now at the nets only domestic spanking prison at Bars and Stripes!

Naughty Rachael Stands On Line For Intake into Bars & Stripes Spanking Prison

As naughty Rachael stands on the line as she is processed into the naughty girls warehouse at Bars and Stripes Spanking prison she can not help reflecting on how bossy this governor is as he outlines the rules to her!  Too big for his boots?  Maybe she should bring him down a few steps?  Hmmm….yes that would be good and a good way to establish herself as Queen pin in the spanking prison perhaps?

Naughty Rachael in Bars and Stripes Intake

Naughty Rachael in Bars and Stripes Intake

But what happens? The guards voice simply yells to get back behind the line!  The white line on the floor which she is soon to learn she should not cross!  But Rachael can not help giving her new guard lip as she simply does not like his attitude!  Clearly she is not used to discipline in her life but she sure soon will be! 🙂

Naughty Girls Get Spanked!

Naughty Girls Get Spanked!

Ahhhh the naughty girls bare bottom now going red as the hand begins to rise and fall flattening down the skin 🙂  But does it hurt you wonder?

Does The Spanking Hurt?  Yes I guess it does!!! :-)

Does The Spanking Hurt? Yes I guess it does!!! 🙂

Yes with that face and look of pain you can be sure it hurts!  And the good news is that these are video grabs rather than HQ images which are also available at the site SO this face should give you a good idea of the quality of the spanking in the video? 🙂  And you can see it all now over on the nets only (yes completely unique) spanking prison, Bars and Stripes!

Rachel Spanked For Ill Advised Behaviour At Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Rachel is in yet more trouble at the Bars and Stripes spanking prison.  This time she has gotten into more hot water than she can handle when she is caught writing offensive slogans on the toilet walls of the prison!  Of course she will be made to clear that off shortly but first she must face the officer who she was writing obscene comments about and that really is not the most enviable positions as indeed will be the position he puts her into in order to spank the life out of her naughty bottom once more!

And we have some pics of her spanking for you all 🙂

Rachael Prepares For Her First Spank To Descend On Her Bare Bottom!

Rachel Prepares For Her First Spank To Descend On Her Bare Bottom!

Prepare Yourself Rachel!

Prepare Yourself Rachel!

Nurse Holds Naughty Rachel In Place For Next Spank On Her Bottom!

Nurse Holds Naughty Rachel In Place For Next Spank On Her Bottom!

Yes a soundly spanked bottom for Rachel but her punishment has only just begun! If those walls are not cleaned spotlessly (and yes she only has an hour to do them in!) she is going to be spanked AGAIN and this time over an already sore bottom!  No use asking Paul the governor for mercy after what she wrote about him!

See more now at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison 🙂

Naughty Rachael’s Intake to Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Welcome Rachael above!  This is the new face at the Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison and a very pretty one at that, not to mention one of the most spankable bottoms you are likely to see for a while! 🙂  It is none other than Rachel Lloyd and you should keep your eyes open for her because she is set to become a big name I think in the spanking world real soon!

The guards at the domestic spanking prison just could not help themselves in bending her over the table it seems on her intake though of course ALL naughty girls taken into this prison get the same treatment!  But the pic below shows nicely just how spankable this young ladies bottom is!

Starting with a hand spanking to warm the naughty girls bottom up Rachael thinks to herself that she will get through this punishment without much problem but she doesn’t realise yet that it is only a warm up to warm her bottom up!  THEN out comes the strap and the strap is clearly going to hurt as you see from her face at the top of this spanking post! 🙂

And as naughty Rachael awaits her next stinging spank on that bare bottom of hers I have to leave it there I’m afraid 🙂  But if you want to see more including the video of this newbies introduction to the world of having a sore bottom you can see it over at Bars and Stripes spanking prison! 🙂  Go visit them now!