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Victorian Spanking Movie What The Dickens Makes Welcome Return!

Amelia Jane Rutherford and her friend Niki Flyn (remember her?) have returned to the pages of Firm Hand Spanking this week in a period tale called What The Dickens! A victorian era of strict punishment certainly puts both naughty girls in their place and leaves each with a red (very red as it happens!) stinging bottom!  Check it out now at Firm Hand Spanking

And I have some awesome domestic spanking pics
dickens_h001 dickens_h003 dickens_h004

And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

Pandora Blake & Niki Flynn Bend For The Cane at Northern Spanking!

Its been a while since i visited Northern Spanking and i wondered what I might have been missing so decided to jump into my little time machine and take a look 🙂  And it was really nice to see a face I have not seen for some time which is Niki Flynn who I believe retired recently. And both naughty girls are getting a good sound spanking it seems 🙂  But i can not quite get used to seeing ‘The Governor’ in nice looking bedroom rather than the damp dungeon like rooms with the bars on the windows!  🙂

Anyway, for the storyline i can not really beat the description from Northern Spanking so i wont even try!  😉

Lifelong friends Niki and Pandora are enjoying a genteel afternoon tea together on a stormy afternoon, when Nikis husband arrives home with a face like thunder. His Saturday has been ruined due to Niki forgetting to renew his golf club membership. Imagine the embarrassment of being barred from the first tee at the Royal & Ancient.

Horror-struck, Niki is fully aware of what is about to happen; she will be taken to the bedroom, undressed and punished most severely.

Once the chastisement is well underway, Pandora cannot resist creeping up the stairs to listen more closely to her friend having her bottom smacked, just like when they were naughty little girls. The sounds have a powerful effect on Pandora, awakening long-forgotten desires of the dormitory and her fingers wander inevitably to her knickers, then inside.

It is when Pandora herself is drawn as if by electricity to enter the bedroom, to actually see Nikis bottom bouncing and wriggling, spanked red from the crown of her pert buttocks to the tops of her black stockings. There is a caning to come and, caught, Pandora is told to fetch the implement and witness her friend being stripped and thrashed.

It is not long before Pandora herself is undressed to her pretty underwear, presenting her lovely bottom alongside that of her friend, to be adorned with stinging stripes. And afterward of course, Niki and Pandora discover the new level to their friendship that only humiliation, suffering and very sore bottoms can bring about.

And i have some of the pics!  🙂

Dont miss the video everybody!  :-)

Be sure to check them out now over atNorthern Spanking everybody :-) Plenty more naughty maids having their bottoms smacked where this one came from!  😉

Nikki Flynn and Adele Haze Pay With Sore Bottoms For ‘Basic Instincts’ at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Every now and then with any soap opera I like to go back in time and watch some of the old episodes to pick up on some of the points that perhaps I missed first time around 🙂  And so I thought perhaps I would pay Bars and Stripes a little visit to watch a few of the older episodes and came across this really good one starring Niki Flynn and Adele Haze.  It has been some time since I wrote about Niki and this was such a neat update to the Bars and Stripes site that I could hardly let the opportunity to post about it go by 🙂

The two naughty girls, Nike and Adele have been caught kissing in this episode entitled ‘Basic Instinct’s and unfortunately for this disobedient pair of rebels, affection, between the girls is completely prohibited!  And whilst some of the guards turn a blind eye, Governor Lewis’s Jobsworth attitude and demeanor coupled with his sadistic love of making naughty girls pay for anything and everything that they do wrong (or don’t do wrong for that matter) mean that these two beauties are now bent over with their bare bottoms on display waiting for the dreaded leather paddle to descend and flatten their quivering flesh waiting below 🙂

And I have some of the pics 🙂

A really great photo this 🙂  The look of fear, anguish and yet at the same time real empathy in the eyes of one naughty girl as she mentally prepares for what she knows is going to be the same stinging smack coming next to HER bare bottom and wishing despite her sympathy for her naughty friend that it would be her friend getting smacked again rather than her!  But she knows of course that all disobedience in the Bars and Stripes spanking prison is dealt with by the use of corporal punishment and there is no escape as that paddle rises up and she is commanded to stick her bottom out further for it so that it can sting the stretched skin even more!

And you can see more of these pics and indeed the video that accompany them together with TONNES more great spanking video now exclusively at Bars and Stripes!  So dont delay everybody, get over and see the spankings as they happen!  🙂  So many more naughty girls have already been spanked since these two and your membership will ensure that more will face the music of the paddle and cane in the future 🙂

Nikki Flynn In Trouble In Her Pyjamas Again At Northern Spanking!

Just been over to Northern Spanking to see what they have been up to these last few weeks and boy they have they been busy!  Somebody I haven’t seen for a little while now and have kind of missed was Nikki Flynn who is the subject of a really nice spanking video and picture set over there was my first choice to pull from their site for a spanking here on the Domestic Spanking Blog! 🙂  And they did a really great job of leaving her bottom red and stinging as you can see 🙂

As Northern Spanking put it:

Niki wakes to a painful and humiliating start to the day. Still in her pyjamas she must first submit to an embarrassing smacked bottom followed by a paddling with her little pink knickers taken down. And then the ultimate humiliation follows…

And here are some of the pis 🙂  A great display as naughty Nikki pushes her bare bottom out for more strokes from the paddle! 🙂




Yes you may well rub your bottom young lady!  I wonder how well she slept that night laying on her side from the sore bottom? 🙂

Well you can see more of this spanking now exclusively at Northern Spanking!  And many more besides too! 🙂

Dormitory Discipline And Spanking For Niki Flynn And Pandora Blake

Imagine the scene.  Two naughty girls, Niki and Pandora are waiting nervously and anxiously in the dormitory for the arrival of the Night Master and his wicked leather paddle for they have both been ordered to bed for arguing in the corridors! Sleep may be difficult with the very sore bottoms they both shortly will have and though both of them want the spanking to  be over as soon as possible, neither wants it to actually start! If only we could look inside their heads but for now their anxious wait has just ended because look who has just entered the room!


Yes Niki is first up for her spanking and must now pull those pillows down half way through the bed to hold her naughty bottom up on display for that strap!


Here it comes Niki!  No Flinching!  And anxiously Pandora looks on knowing full well that it will soon be her that is getting that strap spanking HER bottom!


Almost imediately the inevitable strike and yelp of pain from Niki as the paddle comes stingingly down to spank her on her bottom!  Next the knickers will be coming down!

You can see more from this movie’s galleries and the movie itself now at Northern Spanking along with so many more 🙂  You can never miss out at Northern Spanking!

Niki Flynn Has Appointment With The Hairbrush at Northern Spanking

Forever one of the favorites in the spanking world, Niki Flynn has been the subject of a good sound over the knee spanking last week at Northern Spanking!  She has ben waiting nervously in her bedroom all day for her husband to return home because she knows that she is going to get what he promised her before he left for work!  That is a very sore smacked bottom!  Its been on her mind ALL DAY long!  She has been dreading it yet wanting it to happen sooner rather than later to get it out of the way…and yet dreading it even more! In fact the more she waits, the more humiliated and nervous she becomes!

But its worse than that!  Because naughty Niki also knows that the hand spanking that she is going to have is only the begining!  For shortly she will also feel that dreaded wooden hairbrush that always stings so much!

In this update, here at the Domestic Spanking Blog we proudly bring you the hand spanking!  But shortly we will bring you the hairbrush spanking also!

Here are a few good old fashioned OTK domestic spanking pics 🙂




See more from this series now exclusively at Northern Spanking!

Niki Flynn In Trouble Again At Bars & Stripes

Probably one of the very best models at the Bars and Stripes Site, Niki Flynn, world renowned spanking model is the big star in this latest frame capture update over on Bars and Stripes 🙂  These pics are taken from a video called Basic Instinct where Niki is in trouble where she is caught having sexual relations with her cell mate in the nets only domestic spanking prison 🙂 But that basic instinct leads them both to a very sound spanking indeed 🙂

Here are a few pics 🙂

Caught Red Handed!

Caught Red Handed!

Bend Over For Your Spanking Young Lady!

Bend Over For Your Spanking Young Lady!

Spanked On Her Bottom!

Spanked On Her Bottom!

See more from Niki and others now only at Bars & Stripes Spanking Prison!