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Another Two Naughty Ladies Spanked In the Resteraunt at Cutie Spankee

Smacked Bottom For a Naughty Girl!

Smacked Bottom For a Naughty Girl!

Some of you may remember how naughty Misono was spanked in her interview at a top class restaurant on July 7th?  Well the manageress is back to spank again!  And this time she has a hard wooden paddle to put her message across! 🙂

Colorful, pretty girls with big bottoms were spanked all together at Cutie Spankee this week!  The manageress has decided that the over excessive ‘training’ that Mitsuki had administered to Misono’s bare bottom had been tantamount to bullynig and such a high class restaurant did not tolerate this from ANY of its staff!  Corporal punishmentof the naughty ladies can only be administered by the manageress herself!

And so naughty Mitsuki was commanded by her strict manageress to immediately straddle over a chair to expose her naughty buttocks!  Mitsuki was seized with fear as she knew the position made her even more vulnerable to the coming discipline it would be even more difficult to escape or move her bottom so this spanking would be even more severe than it was usually! So now she will be spanked in front of her subordinate Misono, her panties given wedgies to receive a good sound paddling until her bare bottom was red and sore and brought her to tears!

But now it will be Misono’s turn!  After all, that spanking she received from Mitsuki, as bullying, didn’t count!

And now we have the pics for you 🙂

Ready to Administer A Hard Smack to the Naughty Bottom!

Ready to Administer A Hard Smack to the Naughty Bottom!

Ouch!  Hard Wooden Paddle For Lunch!

Ouch! Hard Wooden Paddle For Lunch!

Sore Red Bottom For A Naughty Girl!

Sore Red Bottom For A Naughty Girl!

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Mitsuki Administers Sound Domestic Spanking To Naughty Misono at Cutie Spankee

“Look! It’s still dusty!” Smack! “Remains are on the dishes!  Hurry up!”-Smack!

Yes there is a new waitress at Cutie Spankee, none other than the beautiful Misono who this week was under severe training from Mitsuki her senior worker and manageress!  And because Misono was still clumsy with her new job, she was in no need of any reason to administer a good old fashioned domestic spanking!  “Hey! Don’t leave the mop here!…it’s third time around, you know what to do!” Whack!  Mistuki enjoyed ordering Misono to bend over in a patronizing way!  And enjoyed also the look of fear on naughty Misonos face as she saw the hard wooden paddle and pleaded with her new strict Mistress not to use it on her!  But that paddle was soon brought cruelly down to her bottom cheeks just to drill her hard into her new job.

Here are some preview pics from this update.  There are of course many more and far bigger not to mention the video clips also over at Cutie Spankee where these came from!

Ahhhh a naughty girl rubs the sting from her bottom as her strict Mistress looks on with a smug satisfied grin on her face.  I made her pay by spanking her bottom for her she thinks!

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Waitress Mitsuki Submits To Her Manageress’s Discipline at Cutie Spankee!

Ahhhh…that has to be one of those images that just about everybody has to love! Whether you like to see the submissive ladies or the dominant ladies this pic hits the spot for both! 🙂  By the way if you are here to see mostly the ladies as the dominant ones you might be interested in seeing my blog over at FemDomSpankingBlog.com 🙂  But enough of that for now, I move on with my little review of the great new update over at Cutie Spankee 🙂

And a fine update indeed!  As the waitress, Mitsuki had been trained hard, often with the disciplinary guidance of a good spanking and paddling her strict new manageress has today been angered by her unfortunate dropping of a glass onto the floor on her very first day as a fully trained waitress which then broke into a thousand splinters!  The penalty of course is a sound spanking across the nearest table and poor Mitsuki has done this in the restaurant so it will be a public spanking! Can you imagine her embarrassment as the public look on at her having her panties lowered to reveal her naughty bare bottom and her manageress then proceed to spank her soundly with hand and paddle?  And what about the onlookers?  What would be going through their minds?  One can only posit a guess! But I have a few pics from the update so you can join them in voyeurism at this naughty girls sound domestic spanking at the hands of her strict new manageress 🙂

First the naughty girl must be put across her manageress’s knee, her skirt pulled up and then her panties pulled down to reveal her vulnerable bare bottom beneath!  And as the cool air breezes across that naughty bottom of hers as the silk panties brush down as they are pulled down she reflects on how hot that bottom will soon be and how glad of the breeze she will be!  But first it is the humiliation of knowing she will soon be publicly displayed across her strict new Mistress’s knee for a sound bare bottom spanking!

Splatt!!!  OWWWWW!!!! 🙂  Yes the hard wooden paddle connects to the naughty bottom and a cry of anguish and pain rings out across the restaurant not to mention of humiliation!  But now the strict manageress will have her eye (as well as her paddle) on the naughty waitress as she continues the day of work!  And it does not take much to arrange another such spanking if the manageress so desires!

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Mitsuki Spanked By Her Younger Sister At Cutie Spankee

Sisterly Spanking!

“Hey sis! Look this” Mitsuki was shocked at the note which her mother had left which allowed her younger sister to spank her naughty bottom! She had to know that her younger sister Sakura was planning her revenge in retaliation for her telling tales on her younger sister!

“Come on! Mom! I don’t want to be spanked by Sakura!” Mitsuki barked at the moon but her better-timbered sister easily beared down her with proud look. “You will get 3 times harder punishment from Mom if you are not obedient!” Sakura lifted up Mitsuki’s skirt as Mitsuki felt the obvious shameful humiliation that she was about to be given a well deserved but very painful spanking on that naughty bare bottom of hers! And with the leather paddle too!

Here are some more pics from the spanking which you can now see over on Cutie Spankee!

More next week. But if you want to see more of this spanking and many others get over to Cutie Spankee now! 🙂

Strict Nurse Spanks Naughty Sakura in Spanking Friends 2 at Cutie Spankee

Naughty Sakura above is in trouble again at Cutie Spankee! Seems even as a patient in hospital she just cant lay off those cigerettes! But this time she has been caught! Confronted by the ward sister, Mitsuki she simply can not help but try to justify her disobedience!

Naughty Sakura Spanked at Cutie Spankee

“How many times do I have to tell you the matron yelled! At no time will you be allowed to smoke in this hospital!” So for repeated violation of the rules Matron Mitsuki has exhausted her patience as far as naughty girl is concerned so pulls naughty Sakura over her knee, pulls down her pajama bottoms and rains down a shower of hard spanks on that naughty bottom of hers! Ouch! The cries have filled the hospital but does Sakura stop?

Naughty Sakura Spanked at Cutie Spankee

And as you can see, a very sore and well smacked bottom there lays on display! Does Mitsuki stop? NO WAY! And it doesn’t matter how much Sakura apologies, for repeated disobedience the large plastic ruler comes out to punish the naughty girl!

Naughty Sakura Spanked at Cutie Spankee

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