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Racket Whacking At Treble A Spankin

Kami Robertson is in trouble at Triple A Spanking this week as she is before the head teacher for fighting with one of the schools tennis stars!  So dressed in her tennis outfit she now faces a very sore bottom from the spanking she is about to get there at skool 🙂

pulled down and kneeling on the table for a very sound bare bottom spanking is the order of the day at Triple A Spanking as Amber and Sophie take a sound strapping to their bare bottoms!

As AAA Spanking put it:

Kami Robertson is in detention for fighting with the other school’s tennis stars during practice. She is not remorseful at all when confronted by the teacher in charge of her detention discipline! To teach her respect and some manners he spanks her in her tennis kit without the protection of her panties as she is also given the leather slipper and hairbrush heavily across her tight bare bottom. This starts to have the desired effect of making this arrogant young madam just a little more compliant and sorry for her recent disgraceful behaviour!

And i have some of the great domestic spanking pics :)   You can see more at thisspanking gallery here :)

010 002 016 013 003

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Kami Robertsons Bedtime Spanking at AAA Spanking!

When a naughty girl at AAA spanking is grounded, they can also expect a sound bare bottom spanking each and every night before bed!  And that is just what is happening this week to Kami Robertson who gets a very sound domestic Mf spanking for his behaviour!

As AAA Spanking puts it:

Kami had been a very naughty girl and had shamed everyone at home with her poor behaviour at school. She knew what was coming before bedtime as she had been promised a proper good old fashioned humiliating discipline with his hand, hairbrush and something else which would be a nasty surprise! Kami was understandably nervous but only had herself to blame as she was told to assume the position over his knee for an unwanted bare bottom spanking. She was then given the hairbrush which stung like hell as she was further punished, wriggling in shame over his lap before the concluding part of her punishment she knew nothing about… an old fashioned leathering with his belt! This was a particularly hard scene which had Kami whimpering and in tears at the end ensuring she was a little more aware of what would happen to her again if she dared bring the family name into disrepute!

You can see the full domestic spanking gallery here!

And I have managed to get my hands on some of the spanking pics!  🙂

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Before i stop i just wanted to give you all a heads up on their latest membership offer in which you can get an annual pass and get your membership loyalty rate at the equivalent of just $8.50 a month (thats about UK£4) – less than the price of an average spanking magazine 20 years ago and you didn’t get the video back then!!!


Monster Mistake Leads To A Monster Spanking For Naughty Girl at AAA Spanking!

And another really great update over at AAA Spanking as a certain naughty girl (Kami Robertson) makes a mistake that leads to her baring her bottom for the rod!

As Tripple A Spanking put it:

Secretary Kami Robertson was aware that something was up as her boss had left a pile of spanking implements lying on her desk when she arrived at work. She soon discovered why as he had pointed out that the bank transfer she was asked to make to a Trust had been made in error due to her carelessness in transferring out 10 times the amount by adding an extra zero. John had been contacted by his bank & had managed to sort the mess out in time but he wasted no time in telling her that she was going to get one hell of a punishment thrashing for her monster mistake! He was going to use all the implements laid out on the desk: the leather strap, a horrible bathbrush (which he promised he was going to whack very hard for her error), a horrible stinging paddle & a whippy cane which he knew would leave yet more marks on her very sore bottom. This long play movie includes gratuitous use of Kami’s favourite butter cream which was rubbed into her sore, swollen cheeks at the end after receiving one of her hardest punishments on film! John & Kami admitted afterwards that this was one of their best films they had made together & we hope that you will see why! See how much Kami could take as she entered her own private world of pain!

And I have some great domestic spanking pics for you all from this latest hot update!  🙂

Naughty Girl Realises Her Mistake And Holds Head In Hands Knowing It Will Lead To Spanking.

Kami Robertson Bends Over Desk And Is Spanked With Leather Strap.

Kami's Master Raises His Arm To Spank Her Bottom As She Bends Patiently Over Desk.

Every Naughty Girl Gets A Smack!  Kami Robertson Bends Over The Desk For A Stroke Of The Cane!

Having Been Paddled, Strapped and Caned, Kami Robertson Is Hand Spanked Over Desk

Be sure to check out the video for this naughty girls domestic spanking at AAA Spanking boys and girls!  🙂

By the way you can see more from this gallery at this spanking gallery page :)

And you can see this video and the pics now at AAA Spanking!  Don’t miss it!  Or the other great pics and video that they have there!

Painful Sting as Two Naughty Girls are Left With Red Stinging Bottoms at AAA Spanking!

And another really great update over at AAA Spanking that I wanted to cover today as now one but TWO naughty girls get their bare bottoms soundly spanked over the knee, paddled, hairbrushes and strapped!   You can be sure they were real sorry about their behaviour after their spankings were concluded!

As Tripple A Spanking put it:

Ever since the first theft from the lockers, the teachers had arranged a “Sting Operation” as the thefts had continued. They loaded the lockers with spanking and punishment implements and had them covered with hidden CCTV cams to identify the culprits! It didn’t take long for the latest batch of wannabe thieves, Kami & Danielle, to fall for the so called “easy pickings” of the lockers! No sooner had they realised that something was up, when they took out the spanking implements, the 2 teachers who had been watching this all from the next room quickly confronted the girls before they could escape and gave them a humiliating “on the spot” punishment with what they had both found inside the lockers! The shamed girls had their knickers pulled down in front of each other and they could hear and see the other in distress as they faced their own personal embarrassing discipline with each teacher taking turns to thrash them with the booty they had found inside the doors of the lockers. This deterrent punishment would become the benchmark at this school to put a stop to wanton theft once the girls had told their classmates what had happened to them! Don’t miss this double punishment of Kami & Danielle together, pleading for their shame to end!

And I have some great domestic spanking pics for you all from this latest hot update!  🙂

And there is only one place to put a naughty girl after you have spanked her bottom and that is to stand her in the corner!  So why should it be different for two? 🙂  It shouldn’t!

By the way you can see more from this gallery at this spanking gallery page :)

And you can see this video and the pics now at AAA Spanking!  Don’t miss it!  Or the other great pics and video that they have there!

Amy Hunter Dishes Out Good Sound OTK Spanking To Kami Robertson at Northern Spanking!

Just been over to Northern Spanking to check out their latest updated and wow!  Seems this time it features the lovely Kami Robertson bends over for some sound discipline treatment of her naughty bottom at the hands of none other than Miss Amy Hunter!  Interesting conversation on the gallery too I notice as they mention how Amy is now exclusively Domme.  I was a little intrigued to be honest because i notice the images are a good year or two old.  They have to be…she is blonde in them and i happen to know she has not been blonde for some time!  LOL 🙂  Not that this matters of course, but I was under the impression she was still doing the odd bit of submissive work.  Anyway…not a biggie 🙂  Its a really nice gallery and I wanted to post some of its pics for y’all LOL 🙂

It is apparently called ‘Whats the Score’ and is based on  subject that it is a ‘painful music lesson for Kami’.  Are there any other kind when it comes to Amy Hunter?  LOL 🙂

Anyway, i have some pics! :-)

And just wait till you see the video!  🙂  Naughty bottoms galore getting their just deserts now over at Northern Spanking everybody :-) Be sure to visit them soon!!!  😉

Cute Maid Spanks Kami Robertsons Sexy Bottom At Northern Spanking!

Just been over to Northern Spanking to check out their latest updated and wow!  Seems this time it features the lovely Kami Robertson as she is spanked, dressed in her maids outfit on her naughty bare bottom!  🙂  Nice!  Truly domestic spanking at its best :-)

As Northern Spanking put it:

The master of the house is hosting a huge dinner party and one of his waitresses is nowhere to be found. Donna realises a golden opportunity when she discovers Kami lazing in the servants quarters. Donna has been itching to get her hands, (and a large wooden brush!) on Kami’s sexy little bottom ever since she arrived.

And ive got some pics! 🙂

And if you think those are sexy you should see the video!!! 🙂  Be sure to check them out now over at Northern Spanking everybody 🙂  Plenty more naughty maids having their bottoms smacked where this one came from!  😉

Naughty Girl Kami Robertson Put Across Paul’s Knee at Northern Spanking

There has been a really nice update over on Northern Spanking!  This one involving one of my favorite spanking models, none other than Kami Robertson who is being introduced by husband (no not really but this is the scenario storyline) to the discipline that she so desperately needs to keep her behaving responsibly!  🙂  Paul has been reading a book about how it is necessary to spank the women you love when they are naughty and has made a new leather paddle to do so with!  Kami for her part gets an inexplicable thrill when she is told to go pick it up and bring it to her husband and although she has no idea at this stage (we are lead to believe), she is about to learn!  🙂  But she is about to be introduced to the stingy new world of spanking on her naughty bare bottom and corporal punishment in general and it seems she really enjoys it as he knew she would 🙂  And she knew she would also as it happens!  🙂

And i have some pics 🙂

You can see more from this movie’s galleries and the movie itself now atNorthern Spanking along with so many more :-) You can never miss out atNorthern Spanking!

Naughty Kami Faces Up To Her Life of Discipline at Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison

Just been over to take a look over the site at Bars and Stripes 🙂  Bars and Stripes spanking prison for those that do not know this is a soap opera site based around a prison where the lady prisoners are regularly humiliated and soundly spanked by somewhat sadistic (?) guards on a power trip.  A little like real prison guards some might say?  Well, I wouldn’t know but what I DO know is that it makes for a really interesting theme each and every time that the site is updated 🙂

So today I want to talk to you all a little about one certain inmate who isnt really an inmate though she actually is?  Let me explain…or rather let me allow Bars and Stripes to explain! 🙂  They do it much better than I could 🙂

Here is Kami by the way 🙂

kamirobertson01 kamirobertson02 kamirobertson03

Pretty young lady isn’t she? 🙂  But she has quite a story to tell because it seems that she is a real career girl who will do anything to get ahead!

Kami is a freelance writer/journalist with high ambitions and a pompous attitude. Looking to make her name in any way she can, she selects The Prison as a prime candidate for corruption. She knows a juicy scandal is the best way to earn herself a reputation, not to mention a fast buck.

Against The Governor’s wishes Kami is given permission by the state to write a story on The Prison’s way of life. She uses this privilege however, to delve too deeply into the regime that the staff have developed to rehabilitate the offenders and she secretly meets with inmates in an attempt to expose what she sees as a cruel and harsh environment. The Prison staff discover her hidden agenda and set about “adjusting” her viewpoint in a way that ensures she finds out exactly what it is like to be an inmate.

She obviously wants to know all about The Prison’s regime and methods and the best way to do that is to experience it first hand. It appears Miss Robertson has bitten off more than she can chew…..

And you have to admit, going to prison is pretty much a sacrifice most would not take!  Even career burglars avoid it if they can!

Anyway naughty Kami is in trouble today!  Seems the officers at the prison want to see what she has been writing and she doesn’t want them to see!  And unless she is writing something bad about them, what possible reason can she have for the secrecy?  Well there is one sure fire way to find out and that is by giving her a very sore bottom!  And THAT my friends gives us all a great opportunity to look at all the art here!  The picture on the wall, the somewhat artistic angle and lighting that this one picture gives us AND the pure work of art from God himself that is Tami’s bottom!


See what I mean about the art?  This is a great pic I really like 🙂  It says everything without really saying anything?  The cold office with 2 stern and unyielding guards wallowing in naughty Tami’s humiliation of the moment.  And what about Tami’s anxiety as she pushes down her panties resigned for the spanking with that cane that the guard standing by the filing cabinet is holding?  And his impatience for her to hurry so that he can begin correcting his new charge?  And of course the smug look of satisfaction on the face of the guard sitting at the desk as he reflects on the sudden change of attitude that this spanking, not even yet started, has already brought out in naughty Tami! The lighting showing up the darkness and chill in the air of the moment.  Its a true classic pic I think 🙂

And of course it goes on 🙂


A real pretty bare bottom there being spanked as the guard sitting at the desk reads out the new regime to a humiliated Kami.


Yes the pain as the spanks descend.  Its a shame really given how lovely her bottom is for it to even be spanked?  But still a shame for it not to be!  But you have to wonder if naughty Kami can even concentrate on anything other than the stinging slaps connecting with her bottom there?  God help her if he starts to ask her questions!  LOL.  Will she have even heard what he is saying given the pain in her bottom? 🙂


And at the end of the good spanking, naughty Kami, now suitably corrected and chastised is lead away.  And the spanking you can see clearly hurt as her knee’s buckle beneath her there! 🙂

Well you can see this marvelous update now over on Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison! 🙂  And much more besides 🙂  And me?  I’m going to look forward to seeing more from this lady in the future 🙂

Amy Hunter Spanks Kami & Anna On The Treadmill At Northern Spanking

A really nice update over on Northern Spanking this week 🙂  For those that don’t know, this is only one of many by the way but I pick the one I like the most and in this case the award goes to Miss Amy who has introduced a new exercise regime for Anna Anna Gordon and Kami Robertson and one which has very painful consequences for both of their bottoms if they fail to live up to the regime!

And as usual ive got my paws on some of the domestic spanking pics that have come from the picture set 🙂  The movie you will have to join Northern Spanking to see I’m afraid 🙂

Ahhhh a spanking wouldn’t be complete without the naughty girls panties coming down would it 🙂  And just look at the look of nervous apprehension on the face of the naughty girl in the corner 🙂  Real tension building there 🙂

And spanked on the bare on a really cute bare bottom 🙂  Nice 🙂  You can see the video now over on Northern Spanking with so many others.  Meanwhile Miss Amy has been causing a pretty big splash in the Fm spanking theme also you know!  You can see more of her in that ilk over on my blog at FemDomSpankingBlog.com along with so many others 🙂