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Miss Lana Bends Madison Martin And Kailee Robinson Over To SMACK Their Bottoms at My Spanking Room Mate!

Another great domestic spanking update from My Spanking Room Mate in which Lana enters the site as the strict bitchy sugar mama who decides to put naughty Kailee Robinson and Madison Martin across her knee!  And so I just could not resist but to put some pics up from that update since Clare Fonda kindly sent some on!  🙂  And here they are! :-)

I just LOVE those pics of naughty girls getting their bottoms smacked wearing tight jeans 🙂  My favourite 🙂

Yes two very sorry naughty girls gets her bottoms well and truly smacked and smacked HARD 🙂  Just as it should be!  And you can see more of these pics, not to mention the video for this and many other episodes from Clare Fonda’s spanking soap opera site exclusively at My Spanking Room Mate :-)



A Firm Female Hand And A Sore Female Bottom Is The Order Of The Day!

Ive just been over to take a look at the Firm Hand domestic spanking site as its been some time since i last looked at it and boy do  they have some really great spanking pics and video there 🙂  This one features Kailee Robinson as the Domme who you may have seen once or twice over on Clare Fonda’s sites!  She did a really good video in fact on Clare Spanks Men!  But anyway, most of you probably dont want to hear about that right?  Because most of you here are here to see the girls get spanked whether its by a female hand or a male hand right?  But if you do want to read more about the Fm femdom side go see my blog at www.femdomspankingblog.com.

But anyway, back to what i was saying!  LOL.  This one set of pics I wanted to show you features Kailee Robinson who is probably one of the cutest Mistress’s in the US! 🙂 But it also features a naughty girl called Abi or Abigailin this movie called ‘Giving It Up’ which is based arounda punishment program come escort service or perhaps something darker.  Naughty Abi is scared of attending for her appointment with her clients and so for her transgression she must see her strict new Mistress Miss Kailee for 90 hard spanks with a leather paddle!  And boy does it turn her naughty bottom into a glowing crimson in no time at all!

Here are a few preview pics 🙂



Nah thats no good Kailee!  A naughty girl should ALWAYS have her panties pulled down to receive her smacked bottom!


Thats better and by the look of naughty Abi’s face, she is feeling that spanking a lot more too 🙂  You can see the video and the rest of the HQ images now exclusively with many others over at Firm Hand Spanking 🙂