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Two Female Dommes Spank

Northern Spanking publish a great little video this week as two domes Ms Jadie and Ms Alex discipline naughty Amy who has been slacking in the duties the two strict gals have given her!  Its their stately home and failure to keep it to their standards requires strict punishment for sure!  And that is just what she gets with hand, strap and hairbrush!

Check out these lezdom spanking pics below!

Check it all out again soon at Northern Spanking

New Spanking Model Amy Cawcliffe Paddled by Jadie Reece at Northern Spanking

Northern Spanking introduces a new naughty girl to the site who is in desperate need of a bare bottom spanking!  And she sure gets it!  Reporting as she does to Jadie Reece, Amy Cawcliffe and is soon yelping as the stinging spanks descend on her bottom!

Check out these latest awesome domestic spanking pics I got from their site!



Check it all out again soon at Northern Spanking

Introducing New Girl Sarah Gregory at Northern Spanking!

Its always a great pleasure to see the new girls lining up at Northern Spanking to get their bare bottoms spanked!  And none more so than this latest cutie, Sarah Gregory!

In this movie Paul has just gone to order a house special for Sarah. She is so excited and then the house special knocks loudly upon the door. Jadie looking devastating and brandishing a wooden paddle, which is soon enthusiastically applied to Sarahs tender bottom! She should be softened up nicely for when Paul returns with his winnings!

And I have some of the pics! 🙂




Anyway, in case you are wondering, the video is every bit as hot as the pics!  And you can see it now exclusively at Northern Spanking:-) So dont delay, get over there now and check it out :-) You wont be sorry :-)

Jadie Reece In the Birthday Spanking Experience at Northern Spanking

Imagine the scene… with the coming of twilight to their beautiful home, the lengthening shadows add reverence to the loving ritual about to take place between Stephen and his beautiful wife Jadie. Its her birthday and she is wearing the gorgeous dress he has bought her. Stephen too is about to make use of Jadie’s present to him; something crafted from soft leather, custom-made to perfectly grace the curves of her bottom…

And we have some of the pics 🙂




What can I say?  classic spanking action and scenario from one of the masters of the spanking world from Northern Spanking once more! 🙂  And with a bottom like that you just cant lose 🙂  Not sure what taht tattoo on her bottom is of though?  🙂

Well you can see more from this update AND the video over at Northern Spanking now!  So be sure to go take a look 🙂  And there is no time like the present! 🙂

Jadie Sent To Solitary at Bars & Stripes Spanking Prison

Naughty Jadie has been sent to solitary this week in the Bars and Stripes Spanking prison for her naughty behavior! Quite right too! But at Bars and Stripes of course, solitary never comes alone and it is never EVER silent! Not when the straps and canes come out as they surely ALWAYS do!

We haven’t introduced you to Jadie here before at the Domestic Spanking Blog so here is her little bio:

Jadie grew up in South East London, where she had a pretty stable upbringing from her parents. Although she never came top of the class, Jadie knew what her skills were and became a streetwise teenager. At 18 she got a job in a high street clothing shop, and quickly moved up the ranks and by the time she got to prison she was running her own store. Her only weakness is laziness, and it was this that put the police on to her. She had been getting customer’s credit information for years and had never been caught – until one day when a police officer was served by her and saw the dodgy equipment behind the counter. She was arrested the next day, and before she could think her way out she was facing 5 years in prison.

In prison, Jadie makes a fast enemy of Woods, who sees through her innocent act straight away. The officers are convinced Jadie is a bit slow, but Jadie is actually quite manipulative and uses charm and “innocence” to get what she wants…

So there you have it!  Looks like she gets what she wants but also now what she deserves too! 🙂  And here are the pics to prove it!

Ouch!  I love shots like this one!  You can almost feel the sting of the strap there as it connects!  And you can be sure more to the point that naughty Jadie feels it!

And now for the REAL punishment!!!  Panties down and hard paddles out!  Now she will TRULY be sorry!

Anyway you can see more exclusively now at Bars and Stripes, so pop along now to the nets only domestic spanking prison :-)

Miss Switch Administers Tawse To Naughty Girls Bare Bottom

Its always nice to see a good Ff spanking scene and nowhere will you see better in my opinion than at Northern Spanking 🙂 This update features Miss Abi Swich as the strict School Mistress who being something of an ‘old school’ traditional disciplinarian tries to get naughty Jadie to remember the facts in her studies by repetition of the lines she must write on the blackboard and the lines left by Miss Switch’s tawse on naughty Jadie’s bottom!

Just out of interest, does anybody remember actually having to write lines on a blackboard? 🙂 I remember having to write lines at school (and being caned at school as well actually) but it was always in a book…ive always wondered if anybody actually DID write lines on the board like that? And if you did, where in the country was it? And when? Maybe its a regional thing 🙂

Anyay, thats all on a side, im just curious why so many movies do this writing on the blackboard thing thats all 🙂 But either way, this is a really great update 🙂 And as usual ive gotten my mitts on some pics 🙂

Tawse ready to deliver the spank now! Whack! Ouch! 🙂 Looks like the naughty girl has already had a few smacks there judging by the marks on her bottom 🙂

The naughty girl by the way is Jadie Reece. She is one of my favorites at the Northern Spanking site. One of the cutest girls there and a really great actress in the movies 🙂 Some are just like that. This lady is one to watch i think for the future 🙂

Ouch! The tawse cuts the naughty girl short in her tracks 🙂 but her punishment is not yet complete! It wont be until she has gone through the indignity of having her naughty bare bottom inspected by both Miss Switch AND the head master there! 🙂

Now lets see if she remembers her lines in future! 🙂

See more plus the video now at Northern Spanking :-)

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