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Irelynn Logeen Returns On Day Trip To Bars & Stripes Spanking Prison

Its been a while since Irelynn Logeen retired from the spanking scene so its always nice ot see new material that springs up here and there 🙂   And though in these she is spanked by somebody who always reminds me a little of Mr Benn the old…well..you know the guy who used to go into a clothes shop in his top hat and “as if by magic” would come out in a jungle 🙂   So now as if by magic he is in a prison with a beautiful woman over his knees looking like he is having a whale of a time 🙂  But who can blame him? 🙂

And so i picked out a few of the best pics from the update 🙂

And here of course you come onto the REAL reason i posted these Bars and Stripes spanking pics 🙂   Despite all of my talk about Mr Benn you see the beautiful Irelynn Logeen in tight jeans!  🙂   I can’t yet find the video on the Bars and Stripes site but Im looking forward to seeing it!  Im guessing that poor Irelynn must not have to wear that red outfit whilst she is on release from prison and the new outfit does have some added punch really i think 🙂

You can see many more of the great domestic spanking pictures and videos now exclusively at the Bars and Stripes spanking prison!  Be sure to visit them soon! :-)

Irelynn And Leia Ann Woods Submit To OTK Bathroom Spanking at AAA Spanking!

Semi nude and still with wet bottoms Irelynn Logeen and Leia Ann Woods are bent over the knee for a good spanking today at Triple A Spanking!

As AAA Spanking put it:

Irelynn & Leia were promised an all expenses night out courtesy of John after their film shoot had ended, however, he hadn’t reckoned on these 2 divas taking so long to get ready! They had been in the bathroom far too long & his patience wore thin. When the girls told him to wait yet again, he had enough, taking Irelynn across his knee he promised Leia she’d get the same too. Both girls got a hand spanking across their wet bottoms which stung like hell & turned them red in no time as John continued to moisten their slippery cheeks with even more bath suds for his amusement! Enjoy this soapy sexy punishment spanking of 2 very naughty young madames who got what was coming to them!

And i have some of the great domestic spanking pics 🙂   You can see more at this spanking gallery here 🙂

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Irelynn Logeen Bends For The Strap at Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison

In the run up from talking about Sarah Gregory who just became the big star over at the Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison I thought i would go over and take a look at the site again today and see if there are any other other hot names that had just joined them.  Apparently not.  But i did come across this recent gallery update there which I just could not resist posting from 🙂

I really couldn’t really go through the day you see without saying a little something about Irelynn Logeen who I personally believe should be getting far more coverage than she actually does.   Of course that is not going to happen now since she retired 🙁   But I was actually there on this day when she did this shoot with Bars and Stripes along with Zoe of Strict Mistress Zoe and her sister Natasha.  Dodgy Dave and I took a drive in his X type on the day and could not find the location!  We gave Natasha a ring and asked exactly where it was and she simply replied Potters Bar!  Potters Bar! Of course!  How could we be so stupid right?   Except I am told  Potters Bar a fairly sizeable place but i guess she didn’t know 🙂   Never ask Natasha for directions or to do any map reading if you are ever in a car with her!  LOL 🙂

ANYWAY, i found some of the pics of the beautiful Irelynn Logeen getting her bottom spanked so couldn’t help but put them up really could I? 🙂   Oh and the beautiful Zoe of Strict Mistress Zoe is in them too 🙂

Anyway, here are the pics 🙂

I really hope she returns to the spanking scene one day 🙂

You can see many more of the great spanking pictures and videos now exclusively at the Bars and Stripes spanking prison!  Be sure to visit them soon! :-)


Zille Defeu and Irelynn Logeen Bend For Hard Ruler Spanking at Northern Spanking!

Just been over to Northern Spanking to check out their latest updated and wow!  Seems this time it features the lovely Irelynn Logeen and Zille Defeu both getting soundly ruler spanked by the bunk beds by Stephen Lewis 🙂

As Northern Spanking put it:

On a school field trip, Zille is distressed to find she has to share a bunkroom with her nemesis, school hard-girl Irelynn. The teasing and hair-pulling starts straight away but, in defending herself, Zilles voice attracts the attention of the Geography master and, being away from base as it were, he is endowed with special powers to punish naughty, disruptive girls by application of a wooden ruler to their bottoms. He is also empowered to make them take their knickers down…

And ive got some pics! :-)

And just wait till you see the video!  🙂  Naughty bottoms galore getting their just deserts now over at Northern Spanking everybody :-) Be sure to visit them soon!!!  😉

Naughty Irelynn Logeen Faces The Strap at Northern Spanking!

Just been over to Northern Spanking to check out their latest updated and wow!  Seems this time it features the lovely Irelynn Logeen as she is spanked, slippered and paddled on her naughty bare bottom!  🙂  Nice!  Truly domestic spanking at its best 🙂

Not sure exactly what the spanking was for mind you but who cares right? 🙂  She obviously deserved it and with a bottom like that, it would almost be sacrilidge NOT to give it a paddling if you had the chance right? 🙂  One thing is for sure though, her nice rosy bottom will remind her not to do whatever it was that caused her to get that spanking again for a while!  🙂   And you can see more of Irelynn’s spanking now exclusively at Northern Spanking!  Don’t miss it guys!  See you all in a few days for yet another post to this the Domestic Spanking Blog!

Northern Spanking Profile Week Day 2: The Day That Money Went Missing At Work!

Day 2 of the Northern Spanking Site Profile Week  today and boy do i have a treat for you all!  This update features a really nice video and picture set starring Irelynn Logeen and Lottie Kinsade being spanked by none other than the sadistic Stephen Lewis who is clearly enjoying every second!  And who can blame him? 🙂  Certainly not Irelynn and Lottie who know full well that if they were not so naughty they would not be getting this spanking right now!  Or maybe they would given who it is that is spanking them?  Who knows? LOL 🙂

Anyway this video and picture set will sure make your mouths water (and froth!) trust me 🙂  And what’s it about I hear you say?  Well in the words of Northern Spanking themselves…

Some money has gone missing and the prime suspects are housekeepers Irelynn and Lottie. Both will suffer the consequences upon their bottoms until the culprit owns up.

You will have to join the site to find out who the culprit was by the way 🙂  But that is not something you will regret believe me 🙂

Anyway that’s all for now folks 🙂  Be sure to come back tomorrow though for another great update to this the Northern Spanking Profile Week!  🙂

Irelynn Logeen Bends Over The Knee of Miss Zoe To Conclude Bars And Stripes Week at Domestic Spanking Blog!

Phew!  Its Friday already and the Bars and Stripes week comes to a close everybody!  Its been hard work but so much fun 🙂  And as I sit up here typing this, my kitty is sat up in the window growling at the postman as he walks up my garden path!  Clearly it must be time for a spanking in domestic spanking world!  So who is it getting the sore bottom treatment this time you ask?  Well its none other than the lovely Irelynn Logeen but this time she has been put across the knees of one of my favorite Mistress’s, none other than the lovely Miss Zoe of Strict Mistress Zoe who readers of my blog at FemDom Spanking Blog will know is a real good friend of mine and who I can tell you from personal experience spanks about as hard as it is humanly possible to spank when she paddles the guys!  But it is only recently that the naughty girls have started to get this attention from this Goddess!  There are several examples of some great domestic spanking videos with Miss Zoe over at the FemDom Spanking Store by the way in case you want to see more after you have finished at Bars and Stripes!  But for now I wanted to show you a few pics from Miss Zoe spanking naughty Irelynn Logeen!

Well if Irelynn doesn’t learn from this spanking the cane will sure have to come out!  And…well…ok…you all KNOW that is going to happen anyway don’t you?  You hardly need me to tell you huh? LOL 🙂  By the way those of you out there wondering whether Miss Zoe takes the spanking as well as gives it I should put your mind to rest and Im afraid for you it is bad news.  The answer is no.  She is exclusively a top.  Is that a pity?  Well it depends on whose point of view you look at but for me personally I kind of prefer it that way 🙂  As a guy who is probably more submissive than anything else as far as the girls are concerned, I cant really imagine a woman at Miss Zoe’s level ever submitting to anybody, much less a male.  But that’s just me 🙂   I have the same opinion on several other girls that DO get spanked by guys by the way but that’s another story really 🙂  And we are all different.  BUT that is the answer to your question so… 🙂

So from all at at Bars and Stripes and my blog here at Domestic Spanking Blog I would just like to say thanks for staying with me over this profile week 🙂  I hope to bring you more of them in the future for various sites 🙂  Meanwhile I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for another update back in its usual spot for Monday and Thursday 🙂

Irelynn Logeen In Trouble Again As Bars And Stripes Begin The First Spanking Profile Week Here at Domestic Spanking Blog!

Phew!  The weekend is over yet Ive been working real hard!  FemDom Spanking lovers over on my blog at FemDom Spanking Blog will know that I have spent my weekend with the lovely Miss Zoe of Strict Mistress Zoe and with that in mind, and given that Miss Zoe is a very new star in the spanking prison at Bars and Stripes I am starting a new little feature here at Domestic Spanking Blog which is to give you all a little insight for an entire week based on one site which on this special week will be featuring Bars and Stripes!  So you can expect a post every day this working week (ie Monday through to Friday) with several pics in each 🙂  And OK, i may not do a lot of talking in them but I will be featuring some of my favorite girls who get their bottoms smacked in each of them!

Oh I mention Miss Zoe, well you can see her below and I should just also say that I will be bringing Miss Zoe to you again on Friday here where she will be smacking naughty Irelynn’s cute bottom for her across her knee!  Nice!  🙂

Anyway, Ive grabbed a few pics from the Bars and Stripes site where Governor Lewis is teaching naughty Irelynn the error of her ways keenly watched by FemDom Spanking Blogs resident sadistic girl Zoe 🙂  So here they are!

It sure looks like Irelynn is learning a lesson there!  And its a day that had a very special meaning for me because I got to be there that day and watch this video being made!  Awesome!  And you can see it now as it unfolds exclusively my friends at Bars and Stripes spanking prison!  Dont miss it!

Irelynn Logeen – Fresh Intake at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison!

Well after being so lucky enough to be invited to a Bars and Stripes shoot and meet the stars at the site, not least of which was the new intake of Irelynn Logeen and new guard Miss Zoe (though friends will know that Miss Zoe and I are great friends in any event and I have myself been over her knee numerous times), an experience very few get to actually live out, I could hardly fail to post here on my blog some pics from that same shoot!  It IS afterall, one of those memorable days that we get to live from time to time that holds a special place in our memories and its a real pleasure when you get to see some of the pics and the video as you remember it as it was made!  🙂  But back to the Bars and Stripes spanking prison itself for a moment, because the storyline i got to watch in the making was none other than the sexy spanking star Irelynn Logeen as she was introduced to the site with a soundly spanked bottom to remind her of her place within it!  🙂  She is in the spanking prison now and a new regime is in force in her life!  And here are her prisoner pics 🙂

Yep…nothing brings it home that she is in for those same spankings now as the other prisoners more than the humiliating and mega unfashionable red uniform together with the photos above 🙂  But to help out on the storyline, it seems that she is there for 12 years (probably 6 of course if she behaves herself but that will feel long enough to her if she has a sore backside for most of it!) due to her involvement in Internet Banking Fraud.  Here is info from Bars and Stripes on her background 🙂

Logeen hails from the Scandinavian part of the world but was raised and educated in various parts of the world. This gives her the opinion that, even though still a teenager, she is worldly wise and knows what’s best for society. It is this opinion of herself that makes her an idealist, assuming she can change the world and put us all on the “right track”.
Currently studying sociology and psychology at university, she has fallen in with a ring of women who, for various reasons, have committed banking fraud through the internet. Logeen because she wants to teach the fat cats of financial institutions a costly lesson, hit them where it hurts.

Known as the “FRATERNITY”, three of them have been caught and imprisoned at your favourite rehabilitation centre, but their punishment has only just begun. They all have information concerning the whereabouts of the stolen money and the account details associated with it. Logeen is the first to suffer at the hands of The Prison officers in their efforts to extract the knowledge that she has.
Will she talk or will her ideals support her through the humiliating and painful interrogations she is sure to experience…..?

So there you are!  And now she must face the music in the form of the guards spanking her bottom every day!  And this is her first punishment from Officer Lewis as she is held down by the lovely Miss Zoe who you can see by the way regularly spanking and humiliating the guys at Strict Mistress Zoe!

Of course we all know those trousers and pants are going to come down shortly dont we? 🙂

Anyway you really should see this video and be sure to keep your membership going as the time goes on and Miss Zoe meets her real life sister in the spanking prison!  How is she going to work around that one?  Well all of that is still to come of course and i cant really spoil the surprise for you!  And wouldn’t want to anyway 🙂  So be sure to get yourself into Bars and Stripes spanking prison now and watch some of the video coming up over the coming weeks!  It really is true classic video!  🙂  And dont forget also to visit Miss Zoe’s own site at Strict Mistress Zoe or her blog (though it is kept updated by her web slave at her command) over on the same site.