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Amelia Gets The Paddle Once More at Firm Hand Spanking!

Behaving badly again this naughty girl knows exactly what is coming to her when she is summoned to the bosses office!  All naughty girls get a spanking at Firm Hand Spanking, the clue is in the name!  Yet she either didn’t realise or else she took it for granted this did not apply to her!  In any event, a paddling is on its way to her bare bottom and to that end she now bends over the table!  Here is the paddle guys, you wanna give her a few swats?

Check out these hot domestic spanking pics!


And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

Victorian Spanking Movie What The Dickens Makes Welcome Return!

Amelia Jane Rutherford and her friend Niki Flyn (remember her?) have returned to the pages of Firm Hand Spanking this week in a period tale called What The Dickens! A victorian era of strict punishment certainly puts both naughty girls in their place and leaves each with a red (very red as it happens!) stinging bottom!  Check it out now at Firm Hand Spanking

And I have some awesome domestic spanking pics
dickens_h001 dickens_h003 dickens_h004

And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

Amelia Goes Over The Knee at AAA Spanking

Forever one of the sexiest spanking models out there with one of the most spankable bottoms is Amelia Rutherford who this week finds herself over the knee for some bare bottom spanking treatment!

And i have some of the awesome domestic spanking photos!

002 006 007

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Amelia Gets Dose Of The Strap As She Misbehaves at Northern Spanking

Month or so back i featured the beautiful Amelia Jane Rutherford hereas a naughty girl getting her bare bottom spanked and it was so popular i thought i would go back and do so again 🙂  Hey lets be blunt here you can’t lose with her bottom right? 🙂  So here we go 🙂   Northern Spanking outdo themselves once more 🙂

And I have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics!

NSI083-MAB136 NSI083-MAB129 NSI083-MAB127

Ouch 🙂   Be sure to check the video and so many more out for this picture set now exclusively at Northern Spanking guys!

Amelia Rutherford Bent And Spanked On Bare Ass at Northern Spanking

Amelia Jane Rutherford is in trouble and getting her bare bottom bared and spanked once again at Northern Spanking!  Amelia was expecting a discussion on her spending habits when she was told to report to his study but instead she got a good bare bottom spanking and tawsing!

And I have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics!

NSI083-MAB082 NSI083-MAB095 NSI083-MAB080 NSI083-MAB097

So be sure to go visit Northern Spanking for the video :-) There are naughty bottoms galore desperately needing their just deserts now over at Northern Spanking everybody :-) Be sure to visit them soon!!!  ;-)

The Belt For Wet Bottom As Amelia Rutherford Is Disobedient Again!

After an illicit phonetical which was obviously from Amelia she found herself in hot water in more ways than one when she was told to bend over with wet bottom during her bath!  Naughty Amelia Rutherford is given no fewer than 46 hard smacks with the belt for her behaviour and this is made even more stingy from the fact that the bottom being spanked was still wet!  That shade extra sting really adds to the lesson teaching power and by the time the last spank cracks across her nude bottom her whole nude body is writing under the stress.  But the lesson is learned!  🙂

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Totally nude, Amelia Rutherford’s bath strapping is hot in every way in Safe House! Detective Earl Grey hears an illicit phone call, so her bare bottom gets 46 with his belt.

And i have some of the awesome hot spanking pics for you all :-)


And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

Half Way House Discipline as Miss Zoe Page Spanks Aleesha Fox and Amelia Rutherford at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Awesome update just hit the press at Bars and Stripes spanking prison as they venture out into the Half Way House between prison and freedom!  Miss Zoe Page seems to be running the show there on this day and if the gals thought they would be free and able to behave how they wanted to again there is a rude awakening for them as buth Amelia Rutherford and Aleesha Fox get very soundly spanked bare bottoms from the world class dominatrix Miss Zoe!

And i have grabbed some of the domestic spanking pics for you all 🙂



Be sure to check them out for more from this set over at Bars and Stripes boys and girls!   :-)

13 Swats Of Wooden Paddle For Amelia Rutherford

Losing a modelling job at Firm Hand Spanking sure gets naughty Amelia Jane Rutherford in trouble this week at Firm Hand Spanking as she is made to bend over with her bottom bared for her boss to swing the board across her bare bottom!  She sure feels it too!

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Witness Amelia Rutherford yell and jump from a spectacularly hard 13-swat paddling, seven of them bare bottom! Agent Mr Fennington bought a Texas school paddle for his Rogue Model. Her cheeks wobble as justice is applied for failing to win a key contract.

And as usual, I have a few of the great domestic spanking pics :-)

rogue_g003 rogue_g002 rogue_g001 rogue_g004

And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

Amelia Rutherford Receives Wheelbarrow Spanking From New Face Molly Malone at AAA Spanking

Another week, another update and yet another new face enters the online spanking world as new switch star Molly Malone ‘deals with’ naughty Amelia Jane Rutherford with a very sound hairbrush spanking at Triple A Spanking!

As AAA Spanking put it:

Amelia Jane Rutherford & Molly Malone make their stunning debut with a unique all female wheelbarrow position spanking special! Naughty Molly persuaded Amelia to take a spanking in this embarrassing position & her huge grin said it all as she revelled in Amelia’s bewilderment at agreeing to do this in the first place. This was her first ever spanking by another girl in this precarious and revealing position and to add some spice, both girls were wearing some very sexy & highly inappropriate school uniforms to raise our blood pressure just that little bit more for our viewing pleasure!

And i have some of the great domestic spanking pics :)   You can see more at this spanking gallery here :)

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Before i stop i just wanted to give you all a heads up on their latest membership offer in which you can get an annual pass and get your membership loyalty rate at the equivalent of just $8.50 a month (thats about UK£4) – less than the price of an average spanking magazine 20 years ago and you didn’t get the video back then!!!

Amelia Rutherford Has Skirt Pulled Up For Hairbrush Spanking at Pandora Blakes Dreams Of Spanking

It has been a little while since I brought somebody new into this blog but I just love the quality of this domestic spanking site so much that I could hardly leave it out 🙂   And so today at the Domestic Spanking Blog i have a double new!  Because not only do we cover Pandora Blake’s new(ish) site ‘Dreams of Spanking‘ for the first time but for some reason it seems i have not yet posted anything with Pandora Blake either and I am really not sure why!  Because these are some really super spanking pics where she deals with sexy Amelia Jane Rutherford!

So what happened to get naughty Amelia put over Pandora’s knee here?   Well in Pandora Blakes own words:

Amelia has just joined a long-con scam, and is a little in awe of the team leader, Pandora. Everything’s going well for the new recruit until she gets a lift to a meetup from her boyfriend one day … and her boss finds out that she’s told her partner about the job. Pandora is not impressed by this unprofessional breach of security, and she takes Amelia aside for a private chat. When Amelia realises that she has crossed a line, she is horrified. She hastens to reassure Pandora that it won’t happen again. But Pandora explains that she has ways of dealing with this sort of mistake, and if Amelia wants to stay on the team, she has to submit to a spanking.

Amelia is aghast – she’d heard the rumours about that one time with one of her male co-conspirators, but she thought that this was something Pandora only did with … well, with men. But Pandora is adamant, and if Amelia wants to continue on the job she has no choice but to go along with it. Horribly embarrassed, Amelia goes over Pandora’s knee for a brisk hairbrush spanking, first over her tight pencil skirt, then over her black lacy panties. Amelia grits her teeth and hides her blushing face as her bottom turns an even deeper shade of pink.

And i have some of the really sexy F/f girl spanks girl domestic spanking pics for you 🙂

By the way, sometimes I do a double with my blogs 🙂   And i post some pics from the same site on both of my domestic spanking blogs at the same time and this being a special update I thought I would do the same today 🙂  So don’t miss my update over at Amateur OTK Spanking Blog!  The rest you can see at Pandora’s very own site now at Pandora Blakes Dreams of Spanking!