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Alanah Ray Puts Naughty Room Mate Kay Richards In Her Place With Soundly Spanked Bottom

I have loved the My Spanking Room Mate site for years now and and with great domestic spanking pictures like this you can see why!  In this video the beautiful Alanah Rae makes her mark in more ways than one on the equally stunning Kay Richards bare bottom.   This spanking revenge for a previous spanking that Kay had in fact given her earlier!

As Clare Fonda puts it:

Alannah Rae hasn’t forgotten the spankings that Kay gave her while looking for Ashley’s new girlfriend Sarah. So the much taller girl throws Kay over her stool and spanks her hard. Then she pulls off her nightie, throws her over her knee and turns Kay’s bottom bright red and speckled.

And I have selected a few of my personal favourite domestic F/f spanking pics to share with you all :) The rest you can find in the free F/f domestic spanking gallery here. The video and yet more pics you can of course find at My Spanking Room Mate! :)

Well it is only right that naughty girls get spanked whether they like it or not!  And you have to put your thumbs up to Alanah Ray for getting her own back there even if it is only for us to see Kay Richards get a good sound spanking!  🙂

Don’t forget that if you want to see more then get your butts over to My Spanking Roommate if you like the pics above :)   There really is so much there to see :-)  In the meantime i will see you all on Friday for another update to this, my domestic spanking blog :-)

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Seven Naughty Girls Get Bare Bottoms Spanked at Girl Spanks Girl!

Wow, what an update over at Girl Spanks Girl!  10 naughty girls, 10 cute bottoms and eventually 10 red stinging bottoms as Clare Fonda releases Exclusive Education 5 onto her Girl Spanks Girl website!  Perhaps one of the sexiest American F/f lezdom spanking sites on the net today!  This is an update really not to miss and Clare Fonda who produced this video has released some 5 galleries for people to see 🙂  I have listed them below 🙂


And here are a few of my favorite FemDom F/f domestic spanking pics from this great classroom spanking scene 🙂

No!!! Not my panties!  He he he…like thats going to save her butt!  🙂

You can see a whole bunch more of the pics in the links above but for the video you can only get that by visiting the great Lezdom / Femdom F/f spanking site Girl Spanks Girl so be sure to get over there and visit them now! :-)


Three Naughty Girls Get Spanked at My Spanking Room Mate!

Another great domestic spanking update as Dee Dee puts Snow Mercy, Alanah Rae and Kay Richards across his knee for a sound bare bottom spanking at My Spanking Room Mate!

Clare Fonda has kindly sent me a couple of galleries from this update to let you see and so ive taken a few of the pics from there to post here now 🙂 And here they are! 🙂



One naughty girl bent over a chair gets spanked by the other naughty girl as she herself gets her own bare bottom spanked!


Yes her bottom may be red and stinging but it is only because she was disobedient! 🙂

So as you can see, some really HOT spanking action now at My Spanking Room Mate 🙂  You can see the two galleries from which these pics came below 🙂

My Spanking Room Mate Domestic Spanking Gallery 1
My Spanking Room Mate Domestic Spanking Gallery 2

For the video however you must go to the site  itself! 🙂  So don’t delay boys & girls!  Go see some really hot girl spanks girl action now exclusive to My Spanking Room Mate :-)