Aunt Lynn Bends Naughty Bryanna Over For Bare Bottom Smacking at Spanking Bare Butts

Well there is a new lady just arrived at Spanking Bare Butts this week from the US known as Aunt Lynn!  And she has done an excellent job on naughty Bryanna’s bare bottom! Aunt Lynn has just bought a big new round paddle with a specific intention on using it to flatten Bryanna’s bottom cheeks in a way that will make her quit her sassy back chat when her strict Aunt is paddling her!

Now this new round paddle is something that will make any pair of bare bottom cheeks quiver with fear as it was specifically designed and manufactured for Bryanna’s bare bottom by a paddle manufacturer in case her grades at college do not improve an unfortunately for her they have not done so and so we all know what is going to happen now!  After taking the first spank from the nasty new paddle and struggling to hold her position for the descending paddle spanks Aunt Lynn yells at Bryanna to stick her bottom out even further so that her strict Aunt can spank her even harder!

This is one punishment Bryanna is not going to forget in a long time and we have some of the pics right here for y’all! :-)



Yes a naughty girl must always have her shorts and panties pulled down for that classic domestic spanking!  And no exception is being made for Bryanna today!



This is a really great movie featuring probably one of the cutest spankee’s with one of the cutest bare bottoms anywhere on the net today!  And Bryanna is exclusive to Spanking Bare Butts!  You will find her nowhere else!  Be sure to go visit her own site at Spanking Bare Butt’s and get your membership today!  You wont regret it :-)  Also, why not visit Spanking Bare Butt’s own streaming video theater now at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater?


Punishment Officer Takes Up Her Post at Regulation Knickers!

A little while ago I had the great pleasure of sharing some pictures of one of the best school corporal punishment theme movies that I have seen from the guys at Regulation Knickers!  And today its with great pleasure that I get to share some more with you though this time from another movie just published there called Punishment Officer! :-)

As they put it themselves,

It’s all here on regulation knickers today, not only is this a truly punishing caning. This girl was in tears after the over the knee spanking she had to accept but when the caning got underway as members will see in the movie this girl just did not know how to take a caning this sever!! It only stops so THE PUNISHMENT OFFICER may have the girl reposition herself on the gym box for something even more severe!! DEFINATLY NOT TO BE MISSED. There is a feast for uniform enthusiasts with THE PUNISHMENT OFFICER so smart in her authentic military uniform. The schoolgirl currently being punished is in a standard blue school shirt and school length maroon pinafore. (Afterwards she admitted wearing it made her feel‘in her place’for real) What a treat for members, join today and enjoy the free download normally sold for $55.00 completely free of charge!!

As you can see from the screen captures taken from this movie, you can expect to see both OTK spanking and hard caning!  And what more can I say…oh yes, the naughty girl who is taking her spanking in this movie is probably one of the cutest around! :-)

Here are some pics :-)




You can see more from this movie now in video at Regulation Knickers!


Tables Turned On College Art Teacher at


Another great update recently at as an art teacher at college makes an attempt to seduce one of her sexy students!  And when her advances are rejected the naughty teacher gets annoyed and decides to spank the students cute bottom!


Ahhh I’m a sucker for a girls cute bottom in jeans! :-)  I just had to show you that one!  :-)

But when the teacher stands up to take her jacket off to spank her student there is a struggle in which the tables are turned on the teacher and it is her that finds herself over the knee of the student this time! And one wonders if this new position will be a permanent one for either or both of them into the future! :-)

Anyway, we have some of the pics!  For the video, and it is truly awesome video by the way, you need to go to Hand!


But a naughty girl has not been truly spanked until it is over her BARE bottom and so the spanking continues! :-)


Ahhh the humiliation of the naughty girl over her new Mistress’s knee with her panties down! :-)   You can see more from this picture set together with the video now at :-)


Naughty Nurse Gets Bottom Reddened at Cutie Spankee

Its been a while since ive spoken to y’all about the updates at Cutie Spankee but thought I would just mention this one as the naughty girl here (as well as her new Mistress) looks so hot!  Im just a real sucker for girls in tight jeans or in pantyhose like this i guess :-)  What can I say?  its rude not to look when we are asked to right? :-)

Here are a few of the pics :-)




See what I mean? :-)  How could you not love a bottom like that? :-)  And twisting from the stingign spanks from the strict lady punishing her too? :-)  Of course the panties and the pantyhose is going to come down but i cant show you that im afraid as my pass isnt working at the moment.  But if you join you will see the video too!  And you cant miss that! :-)

And with her very sore bottom this naughty Japanese girl will now know to start behaving herself again!  And you can watch the domestic spanking video now exclusively at Cutie Spankee :-)

Spanked at Home – At the Gym

Arnold comes home just to find Justine lying in the couch reading a porn mag, when she was supposed to be at the gym, working out. And when Arnold asks her why, all her answers are given in a really bad tone.

Arnold who’s really fed up with watching Justine’s butt get fat, grabs the cane and gives Justine a little extra gym lesson at home …

Caroline Grey Makes Spanking Debut at Northern Spanking

Another great update at Northern Spanking and yet another beautiful lady getting her bare bottom spanked! Ahhhh twas ever thus!

In this one,Personal Assistant to her boss was never going to be an easy position to maintain but Caroline was never quite prepared for that position to be up-ended, over his lap having her bottom smacked. Or worse, finding out exactly what that shiny wooden paddle was really for. It seems the conference in Japan was perfectly organised but she paid a heavy price for half a spoon too much sugar in his tea, careless girl!

And we have some pics from the update! :-)



Ahhh you just cant lose with a bottom like that can you? :-)


And now a very sorry naughty Caroline apologises in the hope she will not be even more severely punished by her manager!

You can see more from this and many other updates by the way now exclusively at Northern Spanking! Be sure to check this lady out whilst you are there though, she is awesome! :-)

Chihiro Spanked By Older Sister at Hand!

e8-h1 e8-h2

Another great update over at Hand Spanking site!  And Ive got some pics! :-)  Some of them are frame grabs from the video by the way so not as good quality as the usual pictures but I couldn’t resist posting them here anyway cos what they lose in focus they gain in capture of the moment! :-)

In this video Chihiro is ordered to clean up her older sister’s bedroom. When she takes a break,the older sister returns and demands to know why her room hasn’t been tidied up. The young girl receives a hand spanking,but when she finds a certain box in the dresser drawer she gets an opportunity to revenge!

Here are some preview pics :-)




And a sore bottom later you just know the lesson has been learnt! :-)

Be sure to check this and other videos out at Hand Spanking real soon! :-)


Girls Boarding School – Never Caned Before

Meanwhile Lucy is sleeping upstairs, headmaster Tom, receives a phone call from the library. Lucy has been painting graffiti in her textbooks. As headmaster, Tom is responsible for the girls, so he has to go to the library and pay for the damaged books.

Tom get furious and order Lucy to come down immediately, totally nude! The tall girl appears as she was told. She stands nude in front of her headmaster, who tells her off in a loud voice. Lucy blushes, when she stands with her trimmed pussy and lovely, vulnerable, small breasts.

Lucy has to stay nude against the wall and hold the books out in her arms and the whole time repeat “I’m a stupid girl, I need to be punished as severe as possible” all the time meanwhile Tom is going to the library and clear Lucy’s bill…

When Tom is back, Lucy can hardly stay in the position anymore. She is red in her face and trembling in her arms.

The headmaster decides that Lucy is going get her bare bottom caned. A severe caning is waiting for her.

Lucy is forded over the table and has to choose one of the canes for her punishment.

Before the first stroke, Lucy asks for mercy and tells that she never has been caned before.

Tom does not take much notice about this and tapping the cane against Lucy’s bare bottom which is beautifully rounded and exposed for the cane. The poor girl reacts like she got an electric shock, when the cane just touches her bare skin gently for the first time.

During the caning, Lucy screams loudly, jumping around and from her face the pain and fear is very visible. In the second part of the punishment, Lucy has to lie down completely on the table, put her legs apart and tip toes. Nothing is revealed on this beautiful, long-legged disobedient girl.

Before Lucy’s punishment is over, she receives FIFTEEN hard strokes on her unprotected bottom. Every single stroke is visible as a thick red stripe. Headmaster Tom made his point very clear for the poor schoolgirl.

After the punishment, Lucy has to sit in a painful and humiliating position, with her bottom on a chair with feet up, to make her to feel the cane-stripes burning on her cheeks.

Amy Hunter Gets Her Bottom Warmed With Sound Domestic Spanking at Spanking Bare Butts!

Just been over to Spanking Bare Butts and they have a really brilliant update there this week with one of my favorite spanking models, Amy Hunter! :-)  This week she is being spanked by Dave who some of you might notice is somewhat getting his revenge for the spankings that she has given to him over at Strict Women!

The photographer I might add must be a complete genius!  (you would never know it was me that took them would you? ;-)) I absolutely LOVE these photos :-)

In this video Amy plays David’s wife who has been flirting with the waiter and enjoys himself immensely as you will see when you watch this video!  He is adding spanks for each course of the meal and I couldn’t help but laugh when he begins, much to naughty Amy’s disdain to add spanks for each and every bread stick as if a bread stick is a course!  LOL :-)  But she certainly learns her lesson by the end :-)

You will love this video!  You absolutely HAVE TO see it! :-)  If you are not a member of Spanking Bare Butts and you are an Amy Hunter fan like I am then make sure you get over there to watch this update!  There is another one coming shortly with Dave and Amy as well by the way which you will love equally :-)  Theses are 2 classics!  I know cos I was there when they were being filmed :-)




Yes Dave is enjoying himself here but he does seem to have forgotten that Amy takes over the spanking role for Strict Women after this video has been filmed!  And you really need to see that one too!  LOL :-)

So make sure you get over to Spanking Bare Butts now!  You wont regret it :-)


Amateur Spanking Blog Opens Its Doors Today

Just a quick heads up to let you all know that my new blog has just opened its doors!  Its updated daily so if you want more spanking than we give you (though less of a personal service than here at the domestic spanking blog), then be sure to visit my new blog called Amateur OTK Spanking Blog :-)

You can find it here!


Amateur OTK Spanking Blog for daily over the knee spanking! :-) Well…daily spanking anyway even if its not ALL over the knee! :-)