Stupid Girl Spanked Hard!

Sandra and Maggy come home from a sports lesson. While Sandra is having a shower, Maggy has a moment of weakness and fishes out 200 Euros from Sandra’s purse! Sandra finds out of course and tells Maggy that she will contact Alex and tell him that this little thief needs a really good spanking. This is the last thing that Maggy wants and therefore she makes a deal, whereby instead of informing Alex, she will let Sandra get her own back by letting Sandra spank her instead …

Time To Reflect On Her Sore Bottom at Spanked At Home!

Feeling horny and thinking that she is all alone in the house, Maggy jumps into bed with one of her ‘toys’ to play with herself a little. Imagine her surprise and horror when her boyfriend Alex appears and makes it clear that he is very unimpressed with her actions …

Clare Fonda Puts Cute Blonde Katherine St James Across Her Knee at Spanked Call Girls!

Another great update from Clare Fonda has come through from Spanked Call Girls!  These galleries come from time to time and I do like to post my favorite few pics from them to share them with you all :-)  Which do you like best? :-)

Anyway there are some more from this gallery at this page :-) For the video and the rest of the gallery you should get your butts over to Spanked Call Girls!  They have tonnes of really great spanking pics and videos there!  You wont be sorry :-)



Its Not Your Money Young Lady! Now You Will Be Spanked!

Chatting one day with her best friend, Maggy discovers a “dream” of a dressing gown on the internet. Of course it is way too expensive for her, so she decides to buy it anyway, but uses one of Alex’s creditcards! …

Telephone Bill Spanking

Maggy is terrified when the telephone bill arrives. It is extremely expensive and Maggy realises that this is all her doing and she also knows too well the consequences of such behaviour. Maggy decides to simply hide the bill from Alex, hoping that he will never find out! …

Poor Performance Leads To Maid AND Manageress Having Bare Bottoms Spanked at Hand

When a naughty bar maid spills alcohol over a rich patron at Hand she knew exactly what to expect!  A trip over her strict manageress’s knee for a sound bare bottom spanking!  But what she did NOT expect was to see her manageress getting exactly the same treatment from that rich patron when she reported to her disciplinarian at the end of her shift!  But this is exactly what happened!  And so there were two sexy bottoms spanked this week at Hand for the price of one! :-)  This was domestic spanking at its best :-)

And I have some of the pics for you all! :-)

Yes we start with the naughty maid facing her strict bare bottom hand spanking over sexy Miss’s knee!

But what’s this?  Now the manageress must face the music too!  And its sore bottoms galore!  But I just could not miss posting this one!  Because this lady taking her spanking has one of the cutest bottoms ive seen and I really like those pics where something is left to the imagination and the bottom pushes through the tightly hugging skirts, dresses or even just jeans :-)  And this is just a classic example :-)

See what I mean? :-)  Even from that angle where you can not see a great deal, its real nice :-)

And of course it wouldn’t be the same if at least SOME of that spanking were not delivered on the bare bottom would it? :-)

Anyway, this is a real classic of a spanking video :-)  I love it :-)  And you can see this one and so many more now exclusively over at Hand where the naughty girls ALWAYS get a smack! :-)  Be sure to check them out real soon! :-)


Too Sweet But Still Soundly Spanked!

Justine and Arnold have just returned from a short vacation, where they have has a great time together. However, Justine is dismayed to find out that Arnold is very upset with her, as during their vacation, she has completely disregarded her diet and was eating and awful lot of sweets and even drinking beer! Vacation or no vacation, Justine is fully aware that she must stick to her diet, otherwise she will become fat and now Arnold is going to make her face the consequences! To ensure that she never forgets her diet again, Justine is severely spanked on her bare bottom with the large hairbrush. This is a particularly painful instrument which soon leaves it’s mark on Justines naked buttocks, which are soon bright scarlet and very sore indeed!

Amy Hunter Pays The Penalty At Bars And Stripes!

Well I can never resist posting pics of Amy Hunter!  I could do it all day long!  And to my shock it has actually been several months since I spoke about what was going on at the site of my great friends at Bars And Stripes spanking prison!  And so I thought I would take a look and see whats been going on and out come the pics of Amy paying the price in ‘rock salt’ :-)  Reminds me of the classic track from the Clash, I fought the law!  ‘Breaking rocks in the hot sun, I fought the law and the…law won :-)  Kind of an apt song for the big rebel of the UK spanking scene as well :-)  I find myself wondering how cool it might be if they were to introduce the chain gang over there at the site? :-)  Well…maybe it wont happen but it would make an interesting twist wouldn’t it? :-)

Anyway, I digress… :-)  I have picked out a few of my favorite domestic spanking pics from the video for you all :-)

You can never lose with Amy…domme or sub :-)  :-) And you can see more of the pics and the videos now exclusively at Bars and Stripes spanking prison!  Be sure to visit them soon! :-)

Naughty Thief Rebecca Gets Her Bare Buns Soundly Spanked at Bun Beating Fun!

Its been quite a while since I spoke to you all about whats been going on at Bun Beating fun but just for the heck of it I thought I would go and take a look :-)  Well…im on vacation from work today afterall so what better thing to do than go take a stroll round spanking world and see which naughty girls out there have been getting their just deserts :)  And over at Bun Beating Fun one of the nicest updates I have found features Rebecca who has apparently been stealing money!  But to make matters worse, when confronted about it, she could not even be honest and so she is clearly in a real need for a smacked bottom and no mistake! :-)

So to that end ive grabbed a few pics from a gallery which you will find here along with a link to a video clip which you will see below! :-)

Short sharp shock seems to have really instilled its emphasis on shock if Rebecca’s face is anything to go by! 😉  And from above it seems she can not keep her naughty bottom still either! But she clearly needed that remedial bare bottom treatment

Here is a short preview clip from this update :-)

To see more be sure to take a look over the great site over at Bun Beating Fun everybody :-)  Its always nice to see some emotion on the naughty girls faces as well as the flushed shade of pink over their bottoms and you always get this with that site! 😉

Miss Susan Takes Wooden Hairbrush To Naughty Bryanna’s Quivering Bare Bottom Flesh!

Just been over to the Spanking Bare Butts site and seen their latest new update :-) They seem to have a new lady there who is really quite cute and seems to put their big star Bryanna Cox there perfectly in her place!  But then stripping a naughty girl nude and hand spanking her bare bottom before upping the tempo totally with a very sound hairbrush spanking does seem to achieve that with most ladies doesn’t it?  As the title of this week’s update video says, ‘Mom’s Hairbrush Always Works’.  Yes it surely does!  And good thing too really else Bryanna would be completely ferel and out of hand by now trust me :-)

Anyway, as Spanking Bare Butts put it:

Imagine how Miss Susan must have felt when she caught her daughter wearing thong panties that she would never approve of. At Miss Susan’s house naughty girls wear full bottomed panties and if they are caught not doing so their naked butt has to pay the price. Sometimes an adult daughter needs to learn a lesson and Miss Susan knows how to deliver that lesson with a good old fashioned hairbrush. The hairbrush spanking that Miss Susan gives her college aged daughter is as hard as you will find anywhere and this mom really knows how to tear up a pair of nude and trembling cheeks!

Here is a preview image from today’s update!

Please note that images are FAR larger in members area!

By the way, Bryanna has recently started her own spanking blog!  So be sure to add that blog to your weekly reading and hear her thoughts on every spanking that she gives and receives as she relives them!  :-)  Her blog is called Bryanna Cox’s Spanking Blog and is located here :-)

Oh and dont forget that Spanking Bare Butts also have a streaming video theater at both Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater! :-)


Domination Theater