New Girl Kayla Apple Gets Her First Spanking at Firm Hand Spanking!

Just been over to Firm Hand Spanking and seen  a really nice update there with the lovely Kayla Apple receiving her first ever private school spanking on that naughty bottom of hers!

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Short pleated skirt, striped panties and long white socks frame Kayla Apple’s creamy bottom as she lies over the principal’s knee at Private School. This is one educational establishment with a traditional method of discipline: corporal punishment! Her spanking is only the first of many for this pretty student, cheeks turning a spectacular red!

And her naughty bottom certainly gets that stingy smacked feeling as she bends over the principles knee and receives the medicine for disobedience that she needs!  One thing is for sure and that is she won’t forget that homework again!  :-)  And she will remember why she needs to bring it with her too as she sits on those sore cheeks!  :-)

And i have a few pics :-)

Here is  video preview sample as well :-)

Anyway you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)


New Spanking Erotica At Hand Spanking!

Another really great domestic F/f spanking video released at Hand Spanking!  I absolutely love this site because they always manage to find the sexiest asian ladies, dress them up as sexy as they can be and then add good sound domestic hand spanking on their naughty bare bottoms!  You just know from point go that these guys are into the very same things we are and rather than just show you photos of the aftermath of the spanking, you actually get to see the spanking itself in these pics!  :-)  Classic spanking from real spanking enthusiasts :-)

And I have picked out a few of my favorite photos today from a video called New Spanking Erotica recently published at the Hand Spanking site Sayuri and Marina :-)  In this video, the companies president, President Sayuri calls a young employee into her office. The president caresses, worships, and lovingly spanks the young girl’s bottom. This is an episode which is fairly light on dialogue which should not really worry too many of you as given this is a Japanese site, the girls are actually speaking Japanese anyway which holds its own level of sexiness for many in and of itself of course.  Not that this is a problem by the way as they have taken the time to give subtitles but its a nice little added touch for those who love accents :-)  Anyway there is LOADS of very sensual spanking in this video to make up for the lack of dialogue and you will love it im sure :-)

Ive found some pics from the scenario i thought i would post :-)

Anyway, you can see the full picture set and video now exclusively at Hand! Don’t delay, there is SO much great spanking there for you to see :-)


Naughty Nicola And Katja Earn Thier Bare Bottoms A Sound Slippering at Northern Spanking!

Seems that Katja Krasivaya and Nicola Reina have been naughty girls again!  Dressed as schoolgirls the miscreant pair are ordered to pull their skirts up and their panties down to just beneath their bottoms and a suffer a painful, not to mention highly humiliating bare bottom spanking with Stephen Lewis’s favorite spanking slipper!

As Northern Spanking put it:

An afternoon visit to the study, although very familiar to them by now, is not something Nicole and Katja look forward to. In addition to thoroughly punishing the two girls, leaving them with very sore bottoms indeed, the Headmaster seems to take great delight in finding humiliating new positions in which to punish them. There always comes a point when their soft white cotton knickers are taken down and, despite themselves, the girls embarrassment almost overtakes the pain of the spanking and slippering.

Yes very cute bottoms indeed!  :-)  The question of course has to be whether these two naughty girls are going to learn from this discipline from the head master!  Somehow I think they probably will for about 20 minutes before they are chewing gum and throwing pieces of paper once more around the room and back in the study for another sore bottom!  Anybody would think they liked it? 😉

Anyway, you can see much more from this picture set and indeed the video that it came from now exclusively at Northern Spanking!  Don’t miss it guys!  See you all in a few days for yet another post to this the Domestic Spanking Blog!

New FemDom Fm Spanking Videos Just Released!!!

News has just come in of more new released from Miss Zoe and Red Badger Productions onto DVD, digital downloadable files and of course streaming video at the best video theaters for Female Domination out there at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater!

The videos are below along with their links to view them :-) By the way I give the videos the same synopsis as the Domination Theater gives and in Miss Zoe’s case, these are all written by the lady herself :-)

Miss Kendra:  The Day I Spanked My Back Seat Driver Husband

Miss Kendra and her husband Alexis are returning home from the restaurant when they notice a blue flashing light from a police car behind. Alexis had been putting pressure on Miss Kendra to go faster in order to get home to watch the football and now she is in trouble with the police. Miss Kendra had ALMOST talked her way out of the ticket however when Alexis opens his big mouth and begins insulting the police officer by calling him a fascist cop and other such names thus making the cop write a ticket out for his strict wife. Watch as Miss Kendra and her naughty husband begin a power struggle with Miss Kendra wielding the spanking hand as to who will pay for this ticket! Who do you think will win?

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.
See Video at Fetish Video Theater.

Miss Zoe:  Forgotten Anniversary

t is our anniversary today and Mike has forgotten it! I am furious! I have dressed up for him in sexy clothes and he does this! And then he tries to convince me that he has not forgotten at all and that he has bought me items that already belonged to me in the first place!

Mike is severely punished for his insensitivity and you can be sure that he will not forget our anniversary again in a hurry OR this spanking!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.
See Video at Fetish Video Theater.

Miss Joanne:  Dorm Room Raid Part 1!

Miss Joanne has just walked in on Mike and Simple Simon to ask where their essays are and has caught both of them drinking cider instead of doing the work she had set for them. In part 1 Mike gets his bare bottom spanked. In part 2 it will be simple Simon’s turn!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.
See Video at Fetish Video Theater.

Miss Joanne:  Dorm Room Raid Part 2!

Miss Joanne has just walked in on Mike and Simple Simon to ask where their essays are and has caught both of them drinking cider instead of doing the work she had set for them. Mike has already been spanked so now it is Simon’s turn over Miss Joannes knee!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.
See Video at Fetish Video Theater.

Of course there are also many many more fantastic spanking videos over on those two theaters! They are pretty much entirely dedicated to femdom spanking in fact! So be sure to check them out!

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

April O’Neal Bends Over The Knee For The First Time at Spanked Sweeties!

Seems Clare Fonda has a new cutie to spank over at Spanked Sweeties so I just had to give her a new girl welcome here at the Domestic Spanking Blog with a few pics of this very same beauty!  :-)  Her name is April O’Neal and she has one heck of a spankable bottom!

And here she is!  :-)

Spanked Sweeties

See what i mean about the spankable bottom! :-)  There is also a gallery featuring Clare Fonda spanking this very naughty girl which you can see more of here.  But for the video and yet more pics and many more videos and pics featuring other girls you need to join Spanked Sweeties :-)  But its a great site and well worth every cent for this major archive of the sexiest of domestic girl spanks girl action videos :-)



Deceitful Madison Learns A Lesson Over The Knee!

There has been another really nice update over on Bun Beating Fun everybody!  This one featuring the very sexy 24 year old model Madison Mercedes who has apparently been playing away from home and then lying about it!  And when a cute girl is THIS naughty, there is only one way to put things right and that is by administering a very sound bare bottom spanking to her naughty bottom over your knee!

As naughty Madison’s offence is described over at Bun Beating Fun:

Imperious strumpet  who’s conceit rivals even that  of the mythical Narcissus.

So clearly such behaviour could not go unpunished and I have gotten my paws on a few photos :-)

Seems like she is learning a GOOD lesson there!  :-)  And if you dont believe me on that score just take a look at the free preview movie clip below  :-)

To see more be sure to take a look over the great site over at Bun Beating Funeverybody :-) I just know you wont be sorry :-)

Naughty Girl Kami Robertson Put Across Paul’s Knee at Northern Spanking

There has been a really nice update over on Northern Spanking!  This one involving one of my favorite spanking models, none other than Kami Robertson who is being introduced by husband (no not really but this is the scenario storyline) to the discipline that she so desperately needs to keep her behaving responsibly!  :-)  Paul has been reading a book about how it is necessary to spank the women you love when they are naughty and has made a new leather paddle to do so with!  Kami for her part gets an inexplicable thrill when she is told to go pick it up and bring it to her husband and although she has no idea at this stage (we are lead to believe), she is about to learn!  :-)  But she is about to be introduced to the stingy new world of spanking on her naughty bare bottom and corporal punishment in general and it seems she really enjoys it as he knew she would :-)  And she knew she would also as it happens!  :-)

And i have some pics :-)

You can see more from this movie’s galleries and the movie itself now atNorthern Spanking along with so many more :-) You can never miss out atNorthern Spanking!

Hamburger Waitress Gets Her Bare Bottom Spanked When She is Rude To Lady Customer!

Always one of my favorite sites, Hand Spanking has made yet another classic as they publish a really sexy new spanking video featuring Tomomi and Lisa as a bratty hamburger waitress who throws a hamburger at a complaining customer that was irritating her!

This blog at Domestic Spanking Blog just wouldn’t be the same without sites like Hand Spanking who constantly run with sexy girls giving and receiving spankings in the sexiest clothes and in completely domestic positions!  There is so much imagination in this site and being one of only 2 GENUINE Japanese spanking sites out there you really should not miss it!  Every single week these guys come up with a really great spanking classic which entirely features naughty girls giving and receiving hand spankings!  :-)

And this one is no exception by the way!  And below you will find some of my favorite photo’s from the site :-)  More are available in their members area along with the videos :)

And then of course what would such a spanking be if the girls didn’t change sides? :-)

You can see more pics AND THE VIDEO now exclusively at Hand Spanking!  Not to mention many more!  Go visit them soon!  Meanwhile I will see you in a few more days for another update to the Domestic Spanking Blog!


Naughty Kat Finds Herself With Her Bottom Bared Across Clare’s Knee at Spanked Call Girls!

Its always such a pleasure to post pics from Clare Fonda when she sends them on and these latest F/f spanking pics that come from Spanked Call Girls are some of the sexiest ive seen for a while :-)  Of course that pink netting outfit is really bound to make you drool really isnt it? :-)  But Clare is clearly doing such a great job in spanking her bottom you have to wonder when she will stop and let us take over? :-)

These pics feature the lovely Katherine St James and the beautiful Clare Fonda as the top who has put Katherine over her knee!  Really great pics and to see the video you need to get your pass to Spanked Call Girls but that is not difficult to do…just go visit the site and click on the join link :-)

Anyway here are a few of my fave pics from the gallery that Clare sent!  You can get the rest of the gallery here :-)

Be sure to visit Spanked Call Girls now for plenty more of the F/f domestic spanking action :-)



Miss Bryanna Cox Spanks Her Naughty Room Mates Bare Bottom ‘Just For Fun’ at Spanking Bare Butts Today!

Wednesday already!  The weeks just fly by!  :-)  And given it is Wednesday I thought I would pay a little visit over to the site at to take a look at what they have to offer today :-) Lovers of beautiful women spanking each other sensually will be particularly happy with this update as the lovely yet inspirationally dominant (at times) Bryanna Cox becomes Miss Bryanna for the second week on the trot and dishes out loving discipline to another really beautiful young lady called Marci!  Last week Marci was over ‘Miss Bryanna’s’ knee for a punishment spanking and we got to see her apply her hard wooden hairbrush to the naughty Marci’s bare bottom but today things are altogether softer and more caring :-)  And its nice to see those spankings too from time to time as well as those where the naughty girl is taught a lesson for bad behaviour :-)

And the scenario for this video?  Well i cant really put it any better than Spanking Bare Butts themselves do :-)

Being roommates Bryanna and Marci have a little fun with each other from
time to time just to spice things up. In this video Bryanna catches Marci
dressed up and going for a night out so she decides to pull up her
roommates dress and spank the cheeks that she has had so much fun with on
many different occasions. Its obvious that both girls really enjoy it as
Bryanna spanks those chubby cheeks with her bare hand until they are red
enough to match Marci‘s dress!

And I have some pics from the update!  :-)

Oh and dont forget that Spanking Bare Butts also have a streaming video theater at both Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater! :-) And you can also buy many of Spanking Bare Butt’s F/f Lezdom spanking videos now at the FemDom Spanking Store along with many other FemDom Fm and FemDom Ff videos that are available :-)


Domination Theater

FemDom Spanking Store