Roadside Switch Spanking For Naughty Bryanna This Week at Spanking Bare Butts!

There has been a super new update over at Spanking Bare Butts today everybody as naughty Bryanna is back getting her cute bare ass soundly spanked, outside on the roadside and with one of the most swishy switches from the roadside that I have seen in a while! :-)

As Spanking Bare Butts put it:

Sometimes a naughty girl just needs a spanking right on the spot without any wait time no matter where she is! Bryanna did exactly that and found herself on the side of the road with her panties down taking a hard switching with a swishy tree branch for being mouthy and disrespectful.  Bryanna could barely stay in place as her bottom was whipped until it was full with bright red lash marks but she had been trained to obey so she
did her best to keep her booty stuck out in the cold outside air for each nasty lash!!

Here is a preview image from today’s update!


Please note that images are FAR larger in members area!

Dont miss this great new update…Bryanna has one of the cutest butts Ive seen and she clearly enjoys getting her smacked!!! :-)

Oh and dont forget that Spanking Bare Butts also have a streaming video theater at both Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater! :-)


Domination Theater

Ashli And Paige Play Spanking Games at Spanked Call Girls!

Another great update from Clrae Fonda has come through from Spanked Call Girls!  And you know the one thing that strikes me most of all is that Im just not sure which of these two beauties is the cutest or which ones bottom I would most like to spank! :-)  Ive picked out a few of my favorites though :-)  And you will see what I mean about the cutest cos both of these ladies have gorgeous figures and really beautiful faces :-)




Naughty girl rubs her sore bottom whilst Mistress looks on scolding her in a power pose :-)  Just cant beat that last image I don’t think, but i wonder if she had permission to rub her bottom like that?  Maybe she should go over the Mistress’s knees once more just to make the point! :-)

Anyway there are some more from this gallery at this page :-)   For the video and the rest of the gallery you should get your butts over to Spanked Call Girls!  They have tonnes of really great spanking pics and videos there!  You wont be sorry :-)



Older Sister Spanks Her Younger Sisters Bare Bottom Over Her Knee at Hand!


Its been a while since I have chatted to you all about the great site over at and so its really quite a task to pick out some of my favorite updates over the last month or two!  But I think I have found a few so I wanted to share these great genuine F/f domestic spanking pics with you all :-)  As a lover of domestic spanking (thus my blog here) and particularly hand spanking over the knee the site at Hand Spanking is one of my favorites :-)  But what can you say that makes it better? Well how about the fact that it is one of the very few genuine Japanese femdom spanking sites around?  And they are always producing some of the sexiest Lezdom spanking material in the world :-)

This latest update features Chihior and Kaori as the sisters in a spanking household.  The older sister in this scenario has been sat waiting for her younger sister to return home and grows ever more angry as the minutes tick by as she has ignored her older sisters instruction to return home at a set time and has not called.  Of course the older sister who now has the authority to spank her younger sister from their mother did not have to give this instruction, her younger sister just turned 19!  But she does so because she CAN and she uses this opportunity to well and truly assert her authority over her younger sister by soundly spanking her bare bottom over her knee :-)

And i have some of the pics :-)




And just wait till you see the video!  Both girls are AWESOME in this movie!  To view it, you need to visit and join Hand!  This will get you access to ALL their videos!  So dont delay, go report to the girls now!  This video alone justifies it in my view :-)


Lily And Alicia Get Put Across Clare Fonda’s Knee at Girl Spanks Girl

As you all know, every now and then I get an email through from Clare Fonda with a bunch of galleries to give out to you all :-)  And it would be rude not to right?  Especially when the girls are this cute!  Lily and Alicia in this latest update are getting a good hard bare bottom spanking from Clare Fonda and you just cant help but love these pics :-)  Ive picked out a few of my favorite ones here :-)  I like these particularly because the whole story gets told so well :-)  Its a case of pictures speaking a thousand words :-)


Naughty girl is over the knee getting spanked as the other looks on nervously knowing she is next :-)



And as the second naughty girl gets her bottom spanked the other stands in the corner facing the wall clutching her stinging bottom!  All things as they should be :-)


And finally topped off with a pic of the naughty girls bottom being spanked over the knee once more :-)  Perfect! :-)

The full picture set by the way can be seen at Girls Spank Girls along with the video but for a closer look at some more free pics the free gallery can be found here ;-) For the video and the rest of these incredibly sexy pics and far more, visit Girl Spanks Girl:-)


Sunbathing In See Through Bikini Leads To Sore Bottom For Naughty Wife at Spanking And Shame!


its been a while since I told you about some of the things going on at the Spanking And Shame site but having just logged in there, I just couldn’t resist showing you this really great update :-)  In this one the naughty girl is in trouble when she is seen from the house by her strict husband wearing see through bikini bottoms!  And you can see why he is annoyed I guess because you simply cant help looking at that really cute bottom of hers!  I have some pics so take a look at this! ;-)


Yes a very cute bottom but you just know when her husband finds her wearing them they are going to come down for that bare bottom spanking dont you? :-)


And back home in the house in her rightful place over his knee the naughty girl shows that cute bottom off some more except now it is bouncing as his hand comes down hard and fast to strike at bottom cheek after cheek in a mechanical way!  And no matter how much pleading or squirming the naughty girl does as that cute bottom is getting reddened, he is not going to stop till it is truly red, sore and stinging!


An even better close up of that bottie :-)  And below the husband builds up a sweat in spanking and humiliating her!


The video by the way which is also published along with so many others is also available on the Spanking And Shame site :-)  Be sure to get over there now and take a look!

You can see much more from these pics and also the movie which they came from now at Spanking And Shame so why not take a look! :-)


Rachel Foster Bends Over For Miss Amy Hunter’s Carpet Beater at Northern Spanking For The New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody!!!! :-)  Hope you all have your new years resolutions worked out!  Mine is to make sure I keep you all abreast of whats going on in the spanking world and to share some of the exciting moments I have as the year goes on!  In a few weeks i am going to be at a shoot for Bars and Stripes which Im really looking forward to so will be sure to share my memories of that with you all! ;-) But more on that later! :-)

For now I have to tell you, those of you that did not already know, that I can never really resist posting pics from updates that include one of my favorite spanking models, Amy Hunter (Can you blame me? :-)) but today I get a double motivation as new girl Rachel Foster joins in the lineup at Northern Spanking and with a bottom like hers it would be just plain rude not to publish right?  Well…thats my excuse anyway and Im sticking to it! :-)

In this latest video, and wow what a video it is, Miss Amy has been waiting sat there on her chair, patting her hairbrush against her hand getting ever more wound up with each second that passes for Rachel to return!  So what has naughty Rachel been doing to get Mistress so irked?  Well it seems that Miss Amy’s spies (yep, you heard it here first, she DOES have them!) have been telling her about how Rachel has been plying for trade outside her safe house of “lucrative houses of fun” as Northern Spanking describe it!  And by doing this, she has been depriving Miss Amy of her commission!  Well rulez is rulez as the saying goes and one of those rules is that when any of the girls deprive Miss Amy of her commission they must pay a painful penalty!  And that penalty is a very soundly smacked bare bottom!

And as usual I have ‘liberated’ some pics from the site to show you all :-)  And looking at them Im not sure which of the two look the hottest really!  :-)



You can see what I mean about that bottom of Rachels, who could resist smacking that? :-)


Yes and the traditional look from Miss Amy as her eyes glaze over and she gets right into her job as the Mistress in this one :-)  Perfect in any and all ways :-)

Anyway, in case you are wondering, the video is every bit as hot as the pics!  And you can see it now exclusively at Northern Spanking! :-)  So dont delay, get over there now and check it out :-)  You wont be sorry :-)

Stop Press: New Spanking Video’s Added To Domination Theater And Fetish Video Theater!

Well news is just in that there are several hot new video’s just added at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater for those of you who prefer to have your spankings streaming over the internet so as you can keep watching the spanking without any evidence left to your family :) Or perhaps you wish to stream the full movie across a media centre onto your big 40 inch tv screens like the apple tv media centre or others? Whatever your reasons, these theaters are a great way to view the spankings without having to wait for the download or buy the full length videos!

Anyway, there are 7 movies in total including 3 F/f spanking, a male spanks female video and three more Female spanks male videos!

And here they are :-)

F/f Spanking.

Bryanna And Miss Bliss

The Brush From Miss Bliss:

After giving Bryanna a hand spanking Miss Bliss decided that she wanted a little more so she gave Bryanna another visit. This time her hand was only used as a warm up and she quickly moved on to a dreaded wooden hairbrush. It still amazes us at how much Miss Bliss loves playing this role.


  • See Video at Domination Theater.
  • See Video at Fetish Video Theater.
  • Miss Zoe & Shay

    Sorry Is Not Good Enough Pt 1:

    Now anyone who has watched Zoe before knows that when you piss her off saying sorry will not do anything to help so you would probably be better off not saying anything at all. Well apparently Shay has not learned that lesson and she pays the price by getting her face slapped several times by Zoe for speaking when she should not be. In addition to the humiliating face slapping Shay gets her ass spanked until it is glowing red. You do not want to miss this opportunity to see Shay bent over with her ass in the air crying and begging Zoe to stop punishing her!


  • See Video at Domination Theater.
  • See Video at Fetish Video Theater.
  • Miss Zoe & Shay

    Sorry Is Not Good Enough Pt 2:

    In this video we continue where Part 1 left off where Miss Zoe administers one of the hardest F/f spanking punishments that we have seen in a very long time!


  • See Video at Domination Theater.
  • See Video at Fetish Video Theater.
  • M/f Spanking.

    Holly & Lance

    Detention Spanking

    The young and sexy In this video we act out a fantasy of Holly’s that she says she has had for quite a while. In this video she plays a school girl who is given the choice of staying in detention or taking a bare bottom paddling from her administrator. Of course Holly chooses the paddle and is able to act out her fantasy with her panties pulled down to her knees and the hard wood applied to her naked cheeks!


  • See Video at Domination Theater.
  • See Video at Fetish Video Theater.
  • Fm Spanking

    Miss Hunter (aka Miss Cassie, The Huntress)

    The Late Slave:

    The Hunteress really takes a disliking to people who are not punctual, as you will find out in this clip! Dressed in a smart black dress with high heels and stockings; she punishes her slave for being late, severely, strapping and tawsing his hands with maximum severity.


  • See Video at Domination Theater.
  • See Video at Fetish Video Theater.
  • Miss Jodie Karnell

    Spanked Or Fired:

    After failing to prepare a report on time, Alexis is summoned to the office by his strict new manageress Miss Jodie Karnell and given an ultimatum that he either submits to a sound bare bottom spanking or he loses his job. Given the recession he reacts in the only way that he feels that he can and agrees to the spanking. Of course Miss Karnell would have administered it in any event whether he agreed or not but she does so love blackmail!


  • See Video at Domination Theater.
  • See Video at Fetish Video Theater.
  • Miss Joanne

    Dorm Room Raid Pt 1:

    Miss Joanne has just walked in on Mike and Simple Simon to ask where their essays are and has caught both of them drinking cider instead of doing the work she had set for them. In part 1 Mike gets his bare bottom spanked. In part 2 it will be simple simons turn!.


  • See Video at Domination Theater.
  • See Video at Fetish Video Theater.
  • Of course there are also many many more fantastic spanking videos over on those two theaters! They are pretty much entirely dedicated to femdom spanking in fact! So be sure to check them out!
    Domination Theater

    Naughty Miss Santa Spanks Employee Before Tables Are Turned And She is Spanked!


    Well in the spirit of Christmas I just had to post this great update from Hand Spanking! :-)  In this latest video released at their site, a young lady has been forced by snow to spend Christmas Eve with her boss who she really hates!  As the night goes on, she awakes to see Miss Santa in front of her!  But instead of that present she has wanted she gets a sound spanking instead!  This is a really great movie and Ive got some of the pics :-)

    A young girl has to spend Christmas Eve with her boss who she does not like. At night,she finds Santa Clause in front of her,but she receives a sound spanking instead of a present. However she gets a chance at revenge when she finds that the Santa is really her boss!



    Yes a lovely red bottom :-)  One that is no doubt stinging and smarting nicely!  But just imagine her disbelief and anger when she discovers that Miss Santa is NOT Miss Santa at all but her boss!  So quick as a flash the favour is returned and the boss too has a sore bottom for Christmas! :-)



    And so you have 2 sore bottoms! :-)

    So it just remains for me now to wish everybody a really happy Christmas and a very good new year!  And many more to come! :-)  And those of you out there getting spanked I leave you with the wish that your bottom smarts for the entire day and Boxing day too and those of you who are doing the spanking, I hope it feels like it is going on for ever! :-)

    And for those wanting to see this really excellent video and the rest of the gallery you an get that now exclusively at Hand!  Along with many hundreds more equally excellent genuine Japanese spanking videos :-)


    College Rap Leads To Sore Bottom For Naughty Student Bryanna at Spanking Bare Butts!

    reat new update over at Spanking Bare Butts today everybody as naughty Bryanna is back getting her cute bare ass soundly spanked!

    Sometimes a naughty girl knows that she needs a spanking but rarely do they ask for it. However in the latest update Bryanna goes to one of her college advisers and tells her that her grades have not been very good and that when she was still at home her Mom would spank her for such a thing. Bryanna then embarrassingly asks her adviser if she would spank her like her Mom used to do because she thinks that it will help with her grades. Her adviser agrees but is caught off guard a little when Bryanna tells her that she needs to pull her panties down so she can be spanked on the bare butt like she would be if her mom were the one spanking her. Although a little surprised with the situation the adviser quickly turns to the task at hand and gives Bryanna as good of hand spanking as she would have gotten at home. In no time Bryanna is squirming and promising to do better as her new disciplinarian turns her butt a bright cherry red with spank after hard spank on her naked upturned cheeks!

    Here is a preview image from today’s update!


    Please note that images are FAR larger in members area!

    Dont miss this great new update…Bryanna has one of the cutest butts Ive seen and she clearly enjoys getting her smacked!!! :-)

    Oh and dont forget that Spanking Bare Butts also have a streaming video theater at both Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater! :-)


    Domination Theater

    Sarah Collins ‘Bitch Slapped’ By Matron at Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison!

    Wow its Christmas week already! And here in the South West of England the snow is on the ground! I have been out digging a pathway through it in fact though not that enthusiastically if I am honest! ;-) I would much rather be talking to all of you about naughty girls getting their bare bottoms smacked! And apart from that you are liable if you clear snow and somebody trips and injures themselves whereas you are not liable if you don’t clear it! But all of that of course is just beside the point and simply leads me into talking about different things :-)

    Sorry that I have not been as attentive to my blog here as I ordinarily would be but I have just migrated from a pc to an Imac and its been hard going! Ive been using computers since the old 256kb Atari ST but learning a new way of doing things and keeping everything updated when you even have to google around to find a way to even create a zip file has been a nightmare! But I think im back on track now! So things at the domestic spanking blog here will come back to normal :-)

    Forever the lover of Female domination I wanted to show you some of the latest material that has been published up on one of my favorite websites! That is Bars and Stripes! And hey, guess what! I have been invited to attend one of their shoots in January! YAE!!! :-) Im already going to a shoot with Miss Cassie for Strict Women on the Saturday and then on Sunday we are traveling slightly to the East into London to see how Bars and Stripes get on! And one of Strict Women’s biggest stars will be shooting there on the day! More about that later but for now I will just shut up and let the guys at Bars and Stripes announce it in their own good time :-)

    Anyway this latest update involves Sarah Collins who is one of my favorite spanking models anywhere :-) She has one of the most striking faces that Ive seen, a body to die for and a really fantastic actress :-) And in this update she is in trouble with the Matron for whom she has failed to smuggle in drugs!  And so just to show Sarah that she is not that soft touch that she thinks she is, the matron proceeds to spank naughty Sarah’s bare bottom for her!  Though you have to wonder when the matron is going to get hers given what she is up to!  But maybe that is for another day! :-)

    Anyway I have some pics from the update! :-)



    A real top performance here from both girls even if I do say so myself! :-)  And you can see more of the pics and the videos now exclusively at Bars and Stripes spanking prison!  Be sure to visit them soon! :-)