Punishment Day With Sore Bottoms!

Because of her bad performance in the past days, Arnold decides to give Justine a good reminder about her duties. The Saturday is good enough to announce a *Punishment Day* for Justine. He starts with a severe Hand spanking and soon proceeds with a wooden brush, which leads Justine immediately to tears…

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Mom Fonda Administers The Strap To Her Very Naughty Daughter!

Well I recently had an email through from Clare Fonda with some more galleries for the site at Spanked Sweaties!  So I just couldnt resist posting a few of them!  :-)  Some great domestic spanking pics in which Clare as the strict mom puts her naughty daughter Sinn Sage in her place!  That is bent over with her bottom stuck out for a good hard sound domestic spanking!  And she sure got it from Mom Fonda too!  :-)

Here are a few pics from the gallery :-)

You have to admit, two of the cutest smacked bare bottoms around eh? :-) You can see more from this punishment for free at this gallery on the net :-)

Or alternatively go take a look at Spanked Sweeties where you can see the full galleries plus video along with lots more hot domestic girl spanks girl action!



Misunderstandings Lead To All Round Spankings!

In the morning, Maggy is still in bed and sleeping deeply. Alex wakes her up and asks why she is still in bed and not in school. Being a little bit at a loss for words, she says that there is no school in the morning, not knowing that her teacher has already called Alex. Furious about this laziness and lying on top, he takes immediately over his knee for a long and harsh spanking with the hand. During her cornertime after the spanking, she calls Alex a *dosser*, which leads into a further caning on her bared bottom..

Porn Star April Flowers Put Across The Knee at Bun Beating Fun

Yet another great update has been posted over on Bun Beating Fun everybody!  This one featuring the very sexy porn star April Flowers!  :-)  And boy does she get a bare bottom spanking to remember for her indiscretions!

As they put it over at Bun Beating Fun:

From Wasilla, Alaska, she did cometh but, no… it’s not who you might think.

Judging from the way our man went to town on her bouncing bare bottom, one might think that it was however.

She goes by the name April Flowers and she’s an extremely seductive, to say nothing of naughty, young woman who’s starred in many, many a sinful movie. The abundance of disciplinary zeal you’ll see exhibited here was, however, fueled neither by moral indignation nor even a case of mistaken identity. Instead, we credit the allure of Miss Flowers simply exquisite posterior.

And I have some free pics!  :-)

Ouch!  But a naughty girl deserves nothing if she does not deserve and need a well smacked sore bottom!  :-)

Here is a short preview clip from this update :-)

To see more be sure to take a look over the great site over at Bun Beating Fun everybody :-)  I just know you wont be sorry :-)

Forgetfulness Leads To Smacked Bottom!

Arnold has given Justine some money to purchase some school books which are important for her continued studies. However, Justine accidently lets it slip that she does not have the latest English school book that she should have bought with the money he gave her. Not only did she not purchase the English book, but neither does she have the money left over, whic means that she has spent the money on herself instead! Arnold is very angry indeed and he takes immediate and severe action. He grabs Justine and spanks her bottom hard with a wooden brush until her cheeks are crimson and swollen. Not entirely satisfied, he finishes off by blistering her bare backside with the paddle…

The Hitchhiker Soundly Spanked!

Alex is driving home and finds Maggy directly on a main street standing there with a big sign in her hands. He immediately can smell that something is not right with this situation and Maggy soon has to reveal that she was trying to hitchhiketo Berlin. Absolutely not amused about this absolute misbehaviour, Alex gives Maggy an outdoor spanking, directly where they are. Back at home, Maggy soon feels the carpetbeater reddening her bottom … Further to this he takes her finally over his knee to give her a good reminder to behave better in the future …

Naughty Yuyu Has Her Bare Bottom Smacked When She is Late For School Once Again!

Naughty yuyu found herself in deep water recently at Hand Spanking.com when she ignored persistent warnings from her sexy yet very strict teacher Miss Mari!  You would think she would know better by now with the number of smacked bottoms she has had at Hand Spanking domestic spanking site but it appears she was in desperate need of another reminder and…well…Miss Mari was just the lady to administer that reminder good and hard to her bottom!

And I have managed to get my hands on some pics to show you all just how great this one is! :-)

For those that do not know, Hand Spanking is a genuine Japanese domestic spanking site in which naughty and incredibly cute Japanese girls are spanked over the knee, over chairs or other spanking positions but always with the flat palm of the hand!  Usually by the sexiest dominant Japanese girls you will see anywhere!  You cant lose with this site in my view :-)  it is excellent on so many levels.  It shows real imagination in all of the camera angles and the acting is always really hot! :)  And you can see this and so many more really excellent videos now exclusively at Hand Spanking.com!  Don’t miss this one! :-)

Hand Spanking.com

The Lost Key And The Sore Bottom!

Alex is relaxing at home with a good TV program, when the door bell is ringing. Although, she should have a key for the appartment, it’s Kathrin who was disturbing him. Abashed, she is telling Alex that she has lost the key.Since Alex is now responsible for Kathrin and her behaviour, it’s more than comprehensible that he expresses his responsibility with a spanking. After an already severe OTK spanking with a leather paddle, Kathrin has to stand an even more severe caning on all fours until she bursts into tears …

Disobedient Girl Severely Caned In Solitary at Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison!

Another fantastic episode has been published in the great spanking soap opera at Bars and Stripes as the beautiful prisoner is taken to task, put into solitary confinement and subjected to daily spankings at the behest of the governor!  And after all the trouble she has caused at the prison where she seems to think she is a law unto herself it is probably not surprising that she has had to submit to the cane in this way!  But you can bet she will be well behaved after this spanking for at least a few weeks until she is back in trouble again! :-)  Twas ever thus! :-)

Anyway, as always, I have picked out a few of my favorite domestic spanking pics from the video for you all :-)

A naughty girl inspects her sore bottom as she no doubt pouts about how unfair it all is!  Well the world isn’t fair!  And if she had not disobeyed the spanking prison’s rules she would be back in her cell right now rather than in a cage  in her cell :)  Do you think she realises that all this time she is in that cage, that the days are not part of her sentence?  Nobody seems to be telling her! 😉

Anyway, a really great update with even better video from this picture set :-)  Don’t miss this one guys!  Be sure to check out the pics and the videos now exclusively at Bars and Stripes spanking prison real soon!   :-)