Miss Zoe Spanks The Girls at Spanking Bare Butts.com!

About a month ago I was at a shoot for Miss Zoe’s site at StrictMistressZoe.com where they also did a couple of videos for a site ive spoken about on this blog on several occassions, Spanking Bare Butts.com!  So far Miss Zoe had spared the naughty girls from her attentions but Shay pushed her luck a little too far this time and the strictest woman on the planet as Spanking Bare Butts refer to her as didnt hesitate for a moment in putting her across her knees!

Miss Zoe took to spanking girls like a duck to water!  Perhaps not quite as hard as she spanks the guys but way harder than you would see on many if any of the spanking sites out there!  Make no mistake about it this video is HOT with a capitol H O AND T! And it is hot not just because Miss Zoe spanks a girl with one of the cutest and most spankable bottoms around but because both Zoe AND Shay were absoultely AWESOME in their respective roles!  Miss Zoe as the Domme was the essence of pure domination as she always is!  Joining Spanking Bare Butts will get you to see Miss Zoe come out with gems like how she does not like the fact that Shay is taller than her and so to get down on her knees!  And after Miss Zoe style face slaps AND spanking not just with a paddle and her hand but also a slipper, you will see Shay commanded to kiss Miss Zoe’s hand better as it is now uncomfortable!  No concern of course about Shays sore bottom!

And for Shay’s part, she too was awesome!  Showing fear and tears!

Here are a few pics :-)


A slap across the face and naughty Shay is instantly reduced back to her place and will not give Miss Zoe lip again!


Naughty girl spanked!  But just who is the cutest and with the cutest bottom there?  Just for once its actually quite hard to tell :-)


And after her smacked bottom naughty Shay must submit to the head girl Miss Zoe by kissing her boots to remind her that she is beneath the strict girl in charge!

As I say, this is some of the hottest woman spanks woman video Ive seen ANYWHERE!  And you will not find Miss Zoe spanking naughty girls anywhere else!  But beware!  As “mere male’s” we rank lower still in Miss Zoe’s eyes and Shays too!  Because later that day, the two ladies teamed up together to spank one of Miss Zoe’s servants for her own site at Strict Mistress Zoe!  And for the Fm spanking fans that really is going to be something to see!

You can see some of Miss Zoe’s style of course over on my blog at FemDom Spanking Blog but dont forget to make sure you visit Miss Zoe at Spanking Bare Butts because this is truly video you will NOT want to miss!  And by the way, in case you did not know, Spanking Bare Butts also have a really great streaming video theater up at Fetish Video Theater!  So those of you who prefer not to keep video on your pc’s can also see much of thier video there also :-)


Naughty Japanese Gal In Tight Denim Jeans Spanked at Hand Spanking.com!

Its been a little while since Ive been over to the Hand Spanking.com site and talked about them here so i thought maybe I would take a quick peep! :-)  And I’m really glad that i did because there is a really nice domestic hand spanking video and pics there in a scenario they are calling ‘Three Sisters’ :-)  And to my delight they feature one of the naughty girls wearing very tight jeans to have her bottom spanked in!  And you know there is nothing quite like a girl in tight jeans bent over for a smacked bottom!  Well…except perhaps with a bare bottom! :-)  But the way in which the denim clings to the ladies figure as she bends for a spanking is probably one of the most erotic sights you can see :-)

Ive pulled out a few of the images to show you all here ;-)  Something to take you through some of the chill that we are all expecting here in the UK when it starts snowing again this week! :-)



Ahhh a nice tight bottom being spanked :-)  Nothing beats it…well except perhaps your hand, paddle, whip or cane? :-)


And now the girl in tight jeans spanks the other sister!  Lovely :-)

By the way, you can see more from this great update plus its sequel now exclusively at Hand Spanking.com :-) Be sure to come back here to the Domestic Spanking Blog later this week when we will have another update here :-)  Or perhaps subscribe to our RSS feed :-)

Hand Spanking.com

Naughty Holly Punished in Detention Spanking at Spanking Bare Butts!

Another really great video has just been published at Spanking Bare Butts in which Holly gets to act out one of her own personal fantasy’s which she has had for quite a while!  In this video she plays a school girl who is given the choice of staying in detention or taking a bare bottom paddling from her administrator and of course Holly chooses the paddle!  And in doing so she gets to act out her fantasy with her panties pulled down to her knees and the hard wood applied to her naked cheeks!

And we have some of the pics :-)  Obviously greatly reduced in size cos otherwise, each one would have filled your entire screen! :)




As you can see by the marking on her naughty bottom she has certainly been through the mill in her fantasy!  Perhaps judging by that look on her face there she got more than she bargained for! :-)   But certainly not more than what she deserved from what I hear :-)

Anyway you can see the video and a whole bunch more pics as well as many many more videos and pics now exclusively at Spanking Bare Butts!  And by the way, dont forget to check out her brand new streaming theater open now at Domination Theater!!!


Amelia Jane Rutherford In The Dock Again At Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison!

Once again, one of my favorite girls at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison is the star of the latest update today and in trouble once more!  That is Amelia Jane Rutherford!  And you only have to look at her bottom to see why :-)  But far more than that superficial stuff is her tremendous acting ability and perfect English rose’s accent that makes her one of the big stars of the show in my opinion :-)  Of course it IS only my opinion but then it IS also MY blog!  LOL :-)  And its not an opinion that is not in good company in any event!  Many people out there share it! :-)

This latest update is called Amelia’s Intake Part 6 and it shows Amelia getting one of the hardest strappings as well as hand spankings that Ive seen in a while so i just know you will all love it :-)  Here are a few pics!




Ouch!  Amelia clutches her sore bottom at Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison!

Oh…if you go over to the Bars and Stripes prison you will also notice that they have totally redesigned their site!  And the same is the case for their members area also and if I’m not mistaken i think i notice one or two new little surprises on their members menu there too!  :-) But that is not the big news!  The big news is that they have just hired a new guard at the domestic spanking prison there!  This time a female guard the lezdom fans will be pleased to know!  It is none other than the famous Mistress Jessica :-)  So we wish her well in her new job!  We all know with how naughty the girls are there in the ladies prison that she is going to need that luck and energy! :-)

I made a little suggestion to them that they could perhaps have one of the prisoners given authority over the others as the prison bully with power to spank the others but we will have to see if they take me up on that one :-)  My ideas may be a little TOO perverted for them…who knows :-)  But it might be a nice touch if it happens :-)  Meanwhile they are working on a new site so keep your ears peeled back for news on that one when it happens!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out Amelia’s latest update at the Bars and Stripes spanking prison!  Its awesome! :-)

Naughty Alanah Gets Her Bottom Spanked by Clare Fonda!

Every now and then I get an email through from Clare Fonda with some galleries and I like to pick out one or two of them from time to time to show you some of my more favorite spanking pics and its always such a difficult job because they are all so good!  :-)  But Ive found these few Valentines pics from a Spanking Pass gallery which seems to have left naughty Alanah with more than she bargained for on this Valentines day! :-)

Here they are :-)



Naughty Alanah feels the humiliation of her shorts being pulled down ready for more stinging spanks on the cute bare bottom…at least bare when her knickers are pulled down! :-)


A nicely redding up bottom there for a very naughty lady :-)  You can see more from this gallery here or you can see the other free galleries below :-)  Enjoy… :-)

http://www.cfshots.com/galls/pass-anthony-kay/1448143/ (F/M)


Zoe Montana Gets Her Bottom Spanked at Northern Spanking!

Another great update at Northern Spanking!  This time it involves the beautiful Zoe Montana who wearing a schoolgirls uniform shows up at her boyfriends house in her new silky knickers bought just for him!  As he caresses her she also shows him just how naughty she’s been at school and the cane marks to prove it. Nick proceeds to be the strict boyfriend and insists on giving naughty Zoe a good sound domestic spanking!

And i have some pics! :-)




Yes a suitably sore bottom for a very naughty girl!  Just the way that it should be :-)

You can see more from this picture set and video and many more exclusively at Northern Spanking! :-)

Auntie Spanks Two Naughty Girls at Girl Spanks Girl

Some memories never fade and being put across Aunties knee for a sound bare bottom spanking has to be one of them!  And that is just what happens to these two naughty ladies as they are lined up to take their turn over Aunties knee!  And you can see the video now exclusively at Girl Spanks Girl!  And because Girl Spanks Girl is from Clare Fonda’s group of sites you are literally guaranteed a top notch experience :-)

Here are a few of the pics that Clare sent on to me in her regular free hosted gallery update :-)


Can you feel this naughty girls humiliation as she covers her privates standing looking to the ground as her strict aunt scolds her before the inevitable sore bottom that is coming? :-)


And then SPANK, SMACK, WHACK, OUCH!!! Her strict Aunt begins to spank her bottom as the other naughty girl looks on in dreaded anticipation that it is soon going to be her turn and wondering what she can say to get out of the inevitable domestic over the knee spanking that is coming her way!


And now at last as her naughty friend is sent to the corner with her hands on her head and panties beneath her bottom the strict aunt has summoned the other bad girl, commands her to bend slightly and begins to pull down her panties because this spanking as all spankings should be, will be delivered over her BARE bottom!  And clearly this judging by the look on her face has come as a shock!  Not sure why but I AM sure that the spanking will be MORE of a shock to her system! :-)

And you can see more from this gallery here!  For the video and the rest of these incredibly sexy pics and far more, visit Girl Spanks Girl! :-)


Katie Angel Put Across Clare Fonda’s Knee at Spanked Sweeties!

Every few weeks or so i get an email through from Clare Fonda to let me know about new free hosted galleries that she has just released for her set of spanking sites and if I like them, which is pretty much always I have to say with her sites, I like to post a few pics from them :-)  This one features a certain naughty girl called Katie Angelwho has one of the cutest bottoms ive seen anywhere so I just had to share this one :-)

These pics come from a site called Spanked Sweeties which most of you will have seen before as one of the hottest Ff lezdom spanking sites around :-)  But this is how they describe themselves:

One of the hottest girl-girl spanking sites. Each girl is interviewed, takes some hot photos then gets down to a long, hard spanking. The prettiest girls- some have been spanked before and tell us all about it and some have never had their bottoms spanked before- they get SOoo RED!

For me of course, actions speak louder than words and a picture is worth a thousand words anyway so here are a few examples ;-)


See what I mean about her bottom? :-)  But it gets better as Clare Fonda pulls first her shorts down followed in quick succession by her panties


A very naughty Katie Angel there soaking up the humiliation as Clare’s hand comes down hard on her naughty bottom!  Ouch! :-)  But as you can see more severe punishment is yet to come!


For those who love to see a naughty girl getting a belting i give you the above :-)

For the video you need to visit Clare’s site at Spanked Sweeties but the galleries these came from where you can get much bigger pics of the above plus many more are here and here :-)

So don’t delay boys & girls!  Go see some really hot girl spanks girl action now exclusive to Spanked Sweeties :-)


After School Spanking at Hand Spanking.com


Lemon and Mizuki have been very naughty girls and so they have been given detention after school as a punishment from their strict teacher Miss Reina at Hand Spanking recently! But this is only the start of the day going downhill for them as when they arrive dismissively to their detention the class teacher decides to soundly spank both of their naughty bottoms for them!  They of course think that this will be an end to the matter until to their horror they are ordered by their strict teacher to spank each other ever harder also!

And I have some pictures from the video! :-)




See more from this great update plus its sequel now exclusively at Hand Spanking.com :-)

Hand Spanking.com

Naughty Japanese Girl Spanked For Spanking Herself!


Mom may not have spanked this naughty girl for some time but she still craves those stinging slaps!  Alone one night in bed, she thought perhaps it would be good to spank herself!  But little did she knows the sound of those spanks ringing out around the house would be heard by her mom and soon she would be over her moms knee for her behaviour!

Yes that is the theme of this video now published on Cutie Spankee and its a really nice one! :-)  I have uploaded a few images for you :-)




So with a very sore bottom this naughty Japanese girl will now know to start behaving herself again!  And you can watch the domestic spanking video now exclusively at Cutie Spankee :-)