Home Made Spanking Videos Open Streaming Theater At Domination Theater And Fetish Video Theater

Great news!  Some of you may already be aware of the great spanking movie producer, Home Made Spanking Movies who has been making some of the best spanking videos around for some time now?  Well it seems that they have just opened their first streaming video theater where you will be able to view their movies at Domination Theater and also at Fetish Video Theater!

Anna and Andy at the theaters have said that they are both delighted to bring this new video producer into the fold hot off the backs of another recent addition from Spanking Bare Butts!  And in the meantime talks are ongoing with another great video producer also to bring some of their videos into the field :-)

Streaming video theaters are not for everybody of course and this will not replace the existing method of watching these guys videos of buying their downloadable clips or DVD’s, but for those of you, and there are many, who prefer not to have the videos on your pc in case somebody (children or wife or girlfriend for example?) sees them and views them there or perhaps you do not feel secure about what you are watching and prefer to stream it where there will be no evidence left in your computer cache or perhaps you simply prefer not to have to wait to download a video and prefer instead to watch it streaming (?), this is the place for you to go :-)  There are other theaters about of course but Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater are and always have been run by spanking enthusiasts and so pretty much all of the videos there are entirely spanking related!

Here are some pics taken from recent videos from Home Made Spanking Videos :-)



So as you can see, these are not to be missed!!!

So be sure to check this new video producers new videos out now on the theaters!!!

Home Made Spanking Videos at Domination Theater

Home Made Spanking Videos at Fetish Video Theater

Domination Theater

Anyone For Tennis as Naughty New Spanking Star Nicole Gets A Stinging Bottom at Northern Spanking!

Hi all and welcome back to the Domestic Spanking Blog’s latest update :-)  Sorry I have not been around for a while, i have been doing shoots for Strict Women left and centre in order that I can take a small break over the summer months!  I would love to shoot of course through the summer months but it just gets so darned hot!  And I’m not talking about the girls…well…not only about the girls! ;-)

Anyway, Paul of Northern Spanking has been telling me about a new spanking couple that they have on the Northern Spanking site.  Marcus and Nicole!  And their first movie together on Northern Spanking has just been released!

The scenario features Marcus and Nicole returning from their local doubles tennis tournament having failed to win and it seems that the fault for this may lie with Nicole!  Its possible her mind was elsewhere but it becomes increasingly evident that she had a reasonable idea of what events might follow their defeat – A lovely sore bottom and whatever might follow!

We have some exclusive pics here at the Domestic Spanking Blog from this video! :)




You can see more from this and other videos now exclusively at Northern Spanking! Dont miss out, this movie is REALLY hot! :-)

Van Driver Delivers A Sound Bare Bottom Spanking To Naughty Candice’s Bottom At SpankingBareButts.com!

Another great update I notice on the Spanking Bare Butts site in which naughty Candice gets a good hard bare bottom spanking!

Perhaps you can imagine the shock on the face of the delivery driver when he comes to Candice’s door only to have it opened by naughty Candice wearing only a skimpy robe!  This lady needed to be taught a lesson in modesty and the delivery man felt he was just the person to administer that much needed discipline!

And we have some of the pics! :-)




You have to wonder of course what protection those thong panties were actually giving naughty Candice don’t you?  But in any event, a spanking should ALWAYS be on the bare bottom and this is exactly what is going to happen! :-)

You can see the video now exclusively at Spanking Bare Butts!  Candice of course is not allowed to because she is currently stood in the corner with a sore bottom on display!


Clare Fonda Whups Naughty Isobel Wren’s Bare Bottom at Spanked Sweeties!

Clare Fonda has just released a bunch of new free galleries so as always I thought I would just post them here for you all :-)  its always nice to see some cute lady getting her bottom spanked afterall isnt it?  Especially when its by another cute lady!  Here are a few pics! :-)




Anyway as I say above, these pics come from a recent gallery given out by Clare for webmasters to share with you all and you can see the rest of this gallery here and then a second gallery from the same set here though the second gallery is M/f rather than a pretty lady spanking naughty Isobel :-)  For the video you need to visit Clare’s site at Spanked Sweeties:-)

You can also see some free galleries for different Clare Fonda sites at these locations which we were also given :-)

  1. My Spanking Room Mate Gallery
  2. Spanked Call Girls Gallery
  3. Clare Fonda Pass Gallery
  4. Clare Spanks Men Gallery (Fm)

So don’t delay boys & girls!  Go see some really hot girl spanks girl action now exclusive to Spanked Sweeties :-)



CJ Makes Her Spanking Entrance At Northern Spanking!

Well two updates to this blog on the trot I am announcing new stars to this blog!  We are spoilt!  For I notice there is a new lady at Northern Spanking known as CJ.  No that is CJ Fitzgerald rather than the notorious star of Leonard Roisters classic ‘Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin’ and ‘Grot’ and also as ‘Deacon’ to the US President Johnie Cyclops in the TV version of Whoops Apocolypse but the spanking model! :-) And boy is this a sexy update to the site!   Both Domme (in this case Leia Ann Woods) and submissive look great and its following the school theme with a twist which are amongst my favorites, I love those tables turned type scenarios :-)

In this one, CJ’s son Timmy has been fighting and Miss Leia Ann is tired of it!  Clearly parental discipline has not been held up at Timmy’s house and so the strict young teacher lays down the law to his mother that she either takes a sound bare bottom spanking or else her son will be thrown out of the school!  Hopefully after all the warnings that CJ has been receiving, this will motivate her mind to do something about her sons behavior at school!

And we have some pics!


Yes the cane!  This is what the naughty spankee is going to feel later in the video!


Humiliatingly bent over a desk, CJ feels the humiliation of having her skirt raised by the strict teacher Miss Leia Ann Woods ready for her bottom to be spanked, firstly on her panties but then later, when Leia Ann has pulled those panties down, on her bare bottom!


And the spanking begins!

By the way I happen to know that Leia Ann Woods will be spanking the guys soon over at Strict Women!  A shoot is scheduled there for Sat week (23rd May) so will let you all in on what went on as I have an invite!  Hurray! :-)

Meanwhile though, you can see Leia Ann Woods spanking CJ’s naughty bottom now exclusively at Northern Spanking!  Dont miss this one, it is a true classic! :-)

New Star Xela On The Block At Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison!

Wow, there is a new star on the block at the Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison this week!  Her name is Xela and she is real cute!  Her profile in the site says that she is a “madam in every sense of the word” and I cant wait to see her video!  So far the video has not yet been published as I write this but the pictures sure look promising!  And Jessica Wood who is the new guard at the prison looks great too!

I have some pics to show you all of the new girls in action :-)


Jessica Wood spanks a naughty girl!  I have to say she does look quite different to pictures and video I have seen with her before!  I had to look twice in fact to see if it was really her!  But sure enough, the picture on her name badge was unmistakable :-)


And now a worried looking naughty girl looks at governor Paul as he takes her wrist ready to bed her back over the table for a sound strapping!


Ready for your first smack girl?  Ouch!  You can tell this is really going to sting cant you as he takes aim? :-)  And naughty Xela knows too as she twists her bottom and leg :-)

Im really looking forward to seeing this update of the video!  Will let you all know what its like when i see it.  But if you want to see it at the same time you need to join the Bars and Stripes site!  You can do that here!

Bullies Get Smacked Bottoms at HandSpanking.com


One of my favorite sites on the net, Hand Spanking has just updated with a really great video where Mizuki is bullying Yuyu, a younger friend at the tennis club by spanking her bottom as she is training!  But the head coach, Narumi, spots naughty Mizuki beginning to use her tennis racket and decides to take her to the training room for a lesson of her own!

This is a really great video I’m sure you will love it as much as I did :-)

I have some pics for you from the gallery for the update too :-)


Naughty Mizuki spanks her friend Yuyu in the tennis club!


Now bent over Narumi’s knee the naughty Mizuki feels exactly what it is like to have her shorts and panties pulled down for a sound bare bottom spanking of her own!


And now a very sorry Mizuki with a very sore bottom looks up at her strict Mistress as she is scolded for her spiteful behaviour!  I hope it doesn’t put Mizuki off spanking Yuyu though because they were both awesome in that movie with that spanking!

Anyway, you can see the full picture set and video now exclusively at Hand Spanking.com! Don’t delay, there is SO much great spanking there for you to see :-)

Hand Spanking.com

Miss Bryanna Spanks Naughty Candice’s Bottom Red In Spanking Bare Butts!

Just been over to Spanking Bare Butts to take a look at their latest update and I’m really happy to see that Bryanna is back!  The star of the site for good reason, she was tired of her roommate Candice, one of the cutest girls you will see anywhere as she has not been cleaning the house properly to the schedule that Bryanna has set for her!

Tired of this attitude Bryanna has decided to discipline naughty Candice and teach her a lesson with a pink flogger that both are very familiar with!  Bryanna commands Candice to fetch that flogger and humiliatingly presenting it to her so that Bryanna can soundly spank her bare bottom!  And the spanking is not over until Bryanna has finished administering a sound hand spanking which will teach Candice good and proper what her place is in this life!

Meanwhile, there are a few new faces to come to Spanking Bare Butts from the UK also!  Miss Rebekah, Miss Koko and Amy Hunter will all be making an appearance very soon as well as a lady you may not have seen very much of but Im sure will be a big star in the spanking world real soon called Dolly!  Also known in some circles as Willow!  But you will hear more about that as the time moves closer :-)

Anyway, Ive got some photo’s to show you from the update Im speaking of which is the stunning Miss Bryanna spanking naughty Candice!


Naughty girl hands flogger to her disciplinarian.


Stick your bottom out further young lady!  You are getting a good old fashioned domestic spanking!


Bryanna spanks her friends bottom hard!

You can see more from this awesome video together with more pics exclusively at Spanking  Bare Butts!


Sarah Gregory Given Sound Birthday Spanking Over Clare Fonda’s Knee!

Sarah clearly didn’t realise when she told Clare Fonda that it was her birthday in their latest shoot that Clare has a rather non traditional method of celebrating a naughty girls birthday to most folk!  And that is to take her panties down, put her across her knee and give her a good old fashioned domestic over the knee spanking!

And we have some of the pics :-)




Anyway these pics come from a recent gallery given out by Clare for webmasters to share with you all and you can see the rest of this gallery here.  For the video you need to visit Clare’s site at Spanked Sweeties:-)

So don’t delay boys & girls!  Go see some really hot girl spanks girl action now exclusive to Spanked Sweeties :-)



Dormitory Discipline And Spanking For Niki Flynn And Pandora Blake

Imagine the scene.  Two naughty girls, Niki and Pandora are waiting nervously and anxiously in the dormitory for the arrival of the Night Master and his wicked leather paddle for they have both been ordered to bed for arguing in the corridors! Sleep may be difficult with the very sore bottoms they both shortly will have and though both of them want the spanking to  be over as soon as possible, neither wants it to actually start! If only we could look inside their heads but for now their anxious wait has just ended because look who has just entered the room!


Yes Niki is first up for her spanking and must now pull those pillows down half way through the bed to hold her naughty bottom up on display for that strap!


Here it comes Niki!  No Flinching!  And anxiously Pandora looks on knowing full well that it will soon be her that is getting that strap spanking HER bottom!


Almost imediately the inevitable strike and yelp of pain from Niki as the paddle comes stingingly down to spank her on her bottom!  Next the knickers will be coming down!

You can see more from this movie’s galleries and the movie itself now at Northern Spanking along with so many more :-)  You can never miss out at Northern Spanking!