Naughty Girl In Blue Jeans Gets Her Bottom Soundly Spanked Over The Knee!

Forever the sucker for naughty girls over the knee in tight blue jeans I had to post a few of these pics for you all from Spanking And Shame!  Well, a few weeks ago Tom gave me a pass to this and 2 or 3 of his other sites and I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity of picking out some of favorite pics from this site to post up here!  And I will keep you up to date with whats going on there like I do with the other sites I cos they are one of the very few larger spanking content producers that actually understand the mindset of all us spanko’s out there!  Perhaps because that is what they are too?  And it is different I think from most 🙂

Spanking and Shame, as the name suggests is based around humiliation and of course spanking.  That is why you see frontal shots where the girls have been stripped naked so as the naughty girl looks embarrassed and humiliated!  So these particular pics are not really in character, or at least not till later into the video but you know me?  Girls in blue jeans right? 🙂 Especially if they have cute bottoms and the jeans are tightly hugging! 🙂

So here are some of my fave pics 🙂





Lovely 🙂

You can see much more from these pics and also the movie which they came from now at Spanking And Shame so why not take a look! 🙂


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