Naughty Girls Report To Headmaster of Girls Boarding School For Discipline!

Its been some time (some years actually) since I have been inside and had a look at the Girls Boarding School site but I managed to do so today!  I feel kind of guilty about this but Tom who owns the site gave me a preview pass along with a few others whilst I was working on another site and its only today that I have managed to get the time to take a look to be honest but wow, they have REALLY come on in those few years!  I don’t just mean the fact that they update 5 days a week and that this necessarily means their archive of spanking pics and video that I haven’t seen is going to be huge but the way in which it has been separated out and how you can now give preferences for the types of spanking you like, the girls and even the clothes they are wearing when they get spanked is a huge advantage for those of you who, like me, love to see girls in tight jeans getting their bare bottoms spanked!  Like this one of Keagen 🙂


Ouch! 🙂  Sorry but I just HAD to show you all that one! 🙂  It was too good to leave out!

Anyway, I thought I would let you take a sneek peek at one of the updates there this week! This one features Carol and Simone getting their bare bottoms spanked and caned!  I havent seen the video yet so not sure what it is all about but apparently, it is funny.  Possibly not funny for the two naughty girls but then they should know that if they did as they were told it wouldnt be happening shouldnt they really? 🙂  Anyway here are a few pics!




You can see more from this picture set with pics about 5 times the size exclusively now at Girls Boarding School!  Plus I suspect the video will be online soon!  Or if you want to save yourself some money and get a load of spanking sites all at once, why not buy their multi site pass? 🙂



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