Outdoor Spanking For Naughty Zoe at Northern Spanking

Possibly one of the more erotic spanking fantasies would be the outdoor spanking as a spanking in a public place. After all, how embarrassing and humiliating would it be to be caught with panties round your ankles over somebodies knee in a wood somewhere being spanked? Well that’s kind of the theme behind one of the updates this week at Northern Spanking as Zoe is spanked whilst tied to a tree!

The scenario is called Bird in a Bush which, in the words of Northern Spanking:

Having extracted the bird from the branches, Lance proceeds to give Zoe a very warm bottom indeed and, as she loves this tree so much, she might as well get up close and personal with it while she’s punished! Presently Zoe’s pretty knickers are dragged down and Lance puts his leather strap to good use.

Certainly seems like justice to me! 🙂 Here are a few pics 🙂

Naughty Girl Spanked

Waiting by the tree the naughty girl feels her skirt lifted ready for her panties to be pulled down! Can this be any more humiliating she thinks and just then it does as she feels a shallow breeze of wind as her panties are pulled down to her knees!

Naughty Girl Spanked

A few hand spanks are applied to her naughty bottom before Zoe pushes her butt out further as though to invite a harder spanking which in turn DOES come! But she soon regrets this as the spanker moves from spanking with his hand to a thick leather strap! Now she’s in for it!

Naughty Girl Spanked

See more plus the video now exclusively at Northern Spanking!

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