Naughty Leia Ann Caned At Northern Spanking For Old Times Sake In Wicked Wench!

There has been yet another fantastic update over at Northern Spanking which you really ought to take a look at!  Young Leia-Annye and Stephyne Lewys come to blowes in ye olde Market Square following a terryble disservice she hath rendered unto hyme. Nothing but the severyest thrashinge of her younge buttocks will satisfye the wronged burgher and this he preceedeth to do!

Ok olde talk mode off now for a moment 🙂  This is a really great video where both strict guy and naughty girl are dressed in olden day outfits and where naughty Leia Ann is spanked hard with a cane in the barn!  So she clearly does not get away with her misdiscretions! 🙂

And I have a few pics to show ye alle 🙂




You can see more from this picture set and indeed the movie now exclusively at Northern Spanking! 🙂  And much more to come as the weeks go on too! 🙂

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