Regulation Knickers In Multi Girl Spanking Video This Week

It is always a pleasure to introduce a new site at my blog here at Domestic Spanking Blog which I want to talk to you all about and today it is Regulation Knickers.  This is a site I began looking at some years ago in actual fact but with the rise in TGP’s and all the other junk you see out there pumping out the big content houses video and pics, the smaller ones made by the real enthusiasts tend to get swamped and overlooked and one of the classic examples of this is in fact Regulation Knickers!  This site comes from the same people that once brought us which is apparently currently awaiting new development and these guys have been making some of the best spanking movies around for some years!  In fact I did an AVS site myself called ‘Bad Girls In Regulation Knickers‘ showing the Cyberage community what they were like some years ago 🙂

Regulation Knickers is based on the theme of naughty girls being spanked and humiliated whilst wearing regulation knickers, underwear and uniforms….mostly as far as I can see school uniforms though obviously they are all adults.  So I think it will be a nice addition to this blog to talk to you all about from time to time when they do some new updates 🙂

And what better time to introduce them here than the very day that they update with possibly one of their best video’s yet!  It is a multi girl domestic spanking movie!  This scenario is based on three naughty girls caught in the last update who were not wearing thier regulation uniforms correctly and so they must all line up and have their hands smacked with a ruler!  For this punishment their arms must be held out straight (of course) and this is really a sight well worth seeing!  This is not all however as the Head Mistress makes all the girls in the class write two hundred lines.  Girls will be girls of course and when they are naughty they get spanked!  So the teacher decides to strip each of them down to just their regulation knickers and vests for their canings.  Several girls have to endure a leg slapping so if you are a member of Regulation Knickers you will get to see the sight of eighteen year olds with red thighs. This has to be the time when you enroll in Regulation Knickers, it is far more fun in our members area – Just take the free tour and enjoy their recent updates, you can see exactly what you have been missing out on.

For now though I have a few pics from the most recent of the updates! 🙂


Lined up each girl must await her turn to have her naughty bottom spanked!


Above you see the strict Head Mistress writes out the words of each ladies lines that she must complete and be warned, each will recieve a hard smack on the bottom if there is a single ink blot or spelling mistake!


Naughty girls legs and bottoms smacked in turn!


Extend your hand for a smack!  Naughty girl smacked on the hand with the ruler by the Head Mistress but what is that in the hands of the teacher on the right?  Any guesses?

Well you can see much more from Regulation Knickers at their site!  And I have to say that this future update does look intriguing! 🙂


Anyway, I really do recommend you take a good look at this one!  These are true spanking enthusiasts and it shows!  So if you are looking for a true spanking site then give your support to the true spanking community! 🙂


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