Student Spanks Her Naughty Teacher at Hand!

I just love those table turning scenarios where the power relationship is turned on its head by a dominant gal!  And so i was really happy when I saw this latest scenario from where the lowly student dressed in school girls outfit gets to turn the tables on her tutor and blackmail her into bending over her knee for a sound domestic bare bottom spanking!

The video and picture set are based around this student named Mizuki who we have featured here before as she regularly gets her own bare bottom spanked at the Hand Spanking site who witnesses her class teacher making out with the mother of another student!  Unknown to the teacher (Lemon) Mizuki takes photographs to confront her teacher with and faced with the humiliation of suspension from her employment and possible dismissal she agrees to submit to submit to her new younger Mistress and of course disciplinarian, the sexy and now strict Mizuki who in return promises that the pictures will never get out!  But of course this will be a permanent relationship so Lemon had best remember her place when she speaks out of tone to Mizuki in future!

And I have some pics 🙂


Yes a very knowing smile on the face of Mizuki here as she explains the new ground rules to her own previous disciplinarian!  When you have them by the balls their hearts and minds follow as the saying goes!  Just imagine the horror in the heart of Lemon here as she hears that she must in future report to Mizuki to have HER OWN bare bottom spanked whenever MIZUKI feels it is appropriate!


Now fully understanding her new submissive role in this world, naughty Lemon bends over Mizuki’s desk to take a hard hand spanking from her new Mistress!  And you can bet Miss Mizuki as Lemon must now address her as will make every single spank count on her naughty bottom!

But any domestic spanking will never be complete without the full humiliation of putting the naughty girl over your knees will it?


And a very satisfied Miss Mizuki smiles on as a humiliated teacher resigned to her new place in life submits to the stinging spanks from her new Mistress!

And just wait till you see the video!  Both girls are AWESOME in this movie!  To view it, you need to visit and join Hand!  This will get you access to ALL their videos!  So dont delay, go report to the girls now!  This video alone justifies it in my view 🙂


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