Naughty Japanese Gal In Tight Denim Jeans Spanked at Hand!

Its been a little while since Ive been over to the Hand site and talked about them here so i thought maybe I would take a quick peep! :-)  And I’m really glad that i did because there is a really nice domestic hand spanking video and pics there in a scenario they are calling ‘Three Sisters’ :-)  And to my delight they feature one of the naughty girls wearing very tight jeans to have her bottom spanked in!  And you know there is nothing quite like a girl in tight jeans bent over for a smacked bottom!  Well…except perhaps with a bare bottom! :-)  But the way in which the denim clings to the ladies figure as she bends for a spanking is probably one of the most erotic sights you can see :-)

Ive pulled out a few of the images to show you all here ;-)  Something to take you through some of the chill that we are all expecting here in the UK when it starts snowing again this week! :-)



Ahhh a nice tight bottom being spanked :-)  Nothing beats it…well except perhaps your hand, paddle, whip or cane? :-)


And now the girl in tight jeans spanks the other sister!  Lovely :-)

By the way, you can see more from this great update plus its sequel now exclusively at Hand :-) Be sure to come back here to the Domestic Spanking Blog later this week when we will have another update here :-)  Or perhaps subscribe to our RSS feed :-)


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