Stop Press Red Badger Introduce New Strict Woman Miss Mia And Add Two More Movies To Domination Theater And FemDom Spanking Video Store

News is just hitting the the news stands of spanking land where dominant gals put males in their place by putting them over their knees that Red Badger has just released 3 new spanking hot titles!   Two come from the awesome Female Supremacy site Institute of Feminine Discipline and one from a shoot some time ago with well known spanking model Leia Ann Woods published at Strict Women!

Here is a little more on each video below 🙂

Miss Mia – Wanking Time Is Cancelled!


Reporting to Miss Mia for what they believed would be their monthly group wank session the boys are shocked to discover that not only does Miss Mia not know about nor want to stimulate them in their monthly group wanking session but that she is now forbidding them ever to wank again! With a simple flick of her tongue all future mothly masturbation sessions are now cancelled She says and anybody caught touching themselves in the future would be severely punished with a very sound bare bottom spanking!

The boys protest but Miss Mia does not show any sign of weakening. Instead of group wanking it will be group spanking She announces and both boys will be punished!

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Miss Leia Ann Woods – The Lost Horse


When Miss Leia’s horse went missing, stable boy david knew that he would be in trouble! Even though Miss Leia was the last to see the horse, boys must always know that Women are always right and that discipline at the Strict Women residence is always maintained to the highest of standards! Spanking was therefore inevitable and dodgy dave must resign himself to the stinging spanks and humiliation that he will now face over Miss Leia’s knee as well as from her paddles bent over the chiar.

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Miss Rebekah – Failing In His Chores

Stood at the sink enjoying a good moan stands dodgy dave charged with the very envied task of hand washing Miss Rebekah’s undies. He is somewhat irritated by the fact that mike has refused to do this task for him when he always jumped at the chance in the past.

As Miss Rebekah walks in to demand an explanation as to why She had caught mike washing Her underwear rather than him, She decides to carry out one of Her favorite underwear and penis inspections which reveal that dave is enjoying this task of washing Her undies far too much. Unauthorized erections are forbidden in the Institute of Feminine Discipline and having one is a spankable offense.

Dave’s explanation that he had been extremely busy the day’s that mike had been washing her undies is treated with derision by Miss Rebekah. And when after some questioning he confesses that he had been involved in planning MLF missions on those days including the theft of the punishment book and the recent escape from the IFD in order to undermine the reputation of the Institute and bring about the embarrassment and ultimately the dismissal of Miss Amy from the Institute and the Board of Corrective Women, firmer measures are clearly called for!

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