Three Spanking Models In Tight Shorts Line Up For Spanked Bottom!

Hi everybody :)  Im back!  And I’m rocking to go!  And the latest news comes from friends at the awesome AAA Spanking site where the lucky git gets to spank not one but 3 absolutely stunning gals! Yep and al in shorts though of course those get taken down pretty quick because if you are going to spank a naughty girl it has to be on her bare bottom right?  Of course it does!  Even i as the lover of gals being spanked in tight jeans knows that!  Eventually they have to come down for a spanking over panties then bare bottom! And I’m not the only one as we see from AAA Spankings description!  for as Tripple A Spanking Put It:

Who can resist seeing girls in short shorts getting spanked? This film was a custom request for seeing girls spanked in naughty short shorts, the type Daisy Duke might have worn. Very scanty and very sexy… the girls brought their shortest shorts and enjoyed showing off their bottoms, still red and glowing from a previous film. They then were asked to remove their skimpy shorts so they could receive a final spanking and paddling of the day! Features some of America’s hottest spanking models, you will not want to miss this!

And to that end I have put up some of the latest pics

005 011 012

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

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