Aleesha Fox Faces Miss Zoe Page’s Paddle at AAA Spanking!

Hello everybody and welcome to Domestic Spanking Blog covering an update featuring Tripple A’s regular model Miss Zoe Page 🙂   By regular of course I mean her recurring appearance at the site rather than her lavatory habits (grin) but you already knew that right? LOL 🙂 Anyway it seems the gal who is never happier than when she can exact revenge on some poor unsuspecting soul has another willing victim this week 🙂  Or maybe its an unwilling victim, who knows, but either way I do know this much and that is that she are not getting off the spanking bench until her bare bottom is very red and sore!  🙂

This time Miss Zoe is taking Aleesha Fox to task and seems to hit the mark pretty firmly from what I can see!  🙂   And why not indeed 🙂  How many of you reading this were you paddle handed and faced with that bare bottom bent over in front of you like Miss Zoe has, would let the chance of spanking her go without smacking her bottom a few times? 🙂  Not many i would suggest!  🙂

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As Tripple A Spanking Put It:

Aleesha found out that Zoe had been sleeping with her recent ex boyfriend & confronted her over this after everything she had discussed & shared intimately as girls do! Aleesha was angry & shook up a surprised & shocked Zoe… however, if Aleesha was to follow through on her threats at that time then she should have as nothing could be worse than a scheming, resentful Ms Page! As you will see, Zoe had planned their next encounter with military detail. After this initial encounter & heated spat, the film continues with what Zoe had concocted next! We find Aleesha, nearly naked & bound to a punishment bench. Zoe had tricked then drugged Aleesha, enabling her to place the hapless Miss Fox into this unwanted & frightening ordeal… as she slowly woke to the full helpless horrifying situation she found herself in! Witness vengeful Zoe Page at her most spiteful best as she delights in her sadistic punishment of Aleesha with many implements, including a ball gag to keep her victim subdued & of course her own hand for that extra special personal touch in this dark, revenge spanking film!

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

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