Stop Press: Institute of Feminine Discipline And Strict Mistress Zoe Release 3 New Videos To FemDom Spanking Store And Domination Theater

Red Badger has been quiet for a few weeks but we are proud to announce the release now of 3 new movies Fm spanking and female supremacy movies to digital download and DVD at FemDom Spanking Store and streaming video to Domination Theater!  The videos come from the beautiful but very strict (thus the name)  Strict Mistress Zoe, new Goddess Miss Marnette Kelly (stage name at the Institute of Feminine Discipline for Goddess Miss Kelly and finally the lovely and very beautiful Miss Siobahn (Amber West) of Institute of Feminine Discipline!  Here are the details ;-)

Miss Siobahn (Institute of Feminine Discipline):  Discipline For The Rebel


Miss Siobahn has taken over for the day at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline to help relieve the pressure on strict Miss Shay and her first duty of the day is to deal with new resident Drew.

It appears that Drew has been caught with a radio transmitter in his possession which it is believed he has been using to contact the Male Liberation Front on the outside of the Institute of Feminine Discipline.   Miss Siobahn is charged with the task of discovering who he has been contacting precisely and who is he working for and with in the Institute as well as to punish him using corporal punishment and sound bare bottom Fm spanking to discipline him for his behaviour.

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Miss Marnette Kelly (Institute of Feminine Discipline) Opening Discipline AT The New IFD


For some time, there has been a strain within two factions on the Board of Corrective Women.  One faction under the leadership of Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia who believes males should who behave and follow the rules should be allowed relief in supervised group masturbation sessions and another group now organised by Miss Marnette Kelly known as the Campaign for Stricter Discipline who believe that all further sessions should be cancelled and replaced with an additional daily spanking instead.

Following a rise in male misbehaviour in the beautiful South West of England used by the Campaign for Stricter Discipline to ground their claim for their own IFD, Miss Acacia has agreed to open a new IFD and Spanking Centre in the beautiful rural Gloucestershire.  Miss Marnette Kelly has taken personal charge at this Institute and fully intends to demonstrate that a clamp down in discipline for males will yield results.   Nothing applies a male to his chores better she argues than a burning backside!

Today Miss Marnette Kelly administers the first ever spanking at this Institute!  We wish her well.

Note: This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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Miss Zoe (Strict Mistress Zoe): To Catch A Thief Part 2!


This movie is a sequel to Part 1 of To Catch A Thief.

In this movie after mike confesses that he is behind Miss Zoe’s property going missing, Miss Zoe decides to punish her naughty boy by soundly spanking him.   This of course on top of the spanking he has already received!  Mike will be sleeping on his front this evening as his butt will be on fire for weeks to come as Miss Zoe administers strict corporal punishment to her house boy.

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