New Spankee Andi Regrets The Day She Calls Her Disciplinarian Bozo at Bun Beating Fun!

You know i was thinking the other week i had not visited Bun Beating Fun for some time.  My pass had run out and ive been meaning to email Gregg there and grovel to see if i couldn’t get my hands on another one!  You know this is one of the plusses of running a blog! You join the spanking industry sort of on equal terms but for the beautiful girl over your knee!  😉   But anyway sure enough I had an email from them asking me to review their new Goddess there and Im kicking myself now as to why i never asked last week!  Its actually about 2 years since i have been in there it seems!  I CANT BELIEVE time has flown that fast!   But the plus is that i have gone in and seen 2 years worth of updates and my day here has been SO COOL 🙂   Or Hot!   Or whatever you want to call it 🙂

Now of course i have to find some way of covering for the fact that i have not really done a great deal of work today!  So that means i am going to post some on my other blogs at Amateur OTK Spanking Blog and Home Spanking and Discipline Blog over on Blogger 🙂  If you are reading this within minutes of me posting it then that means i will be in the middle of writing a new post on those other blogs so don’t get concerned if its not quite there yet 🙂

ANYWAY, this week has this real sexy gal called Andi!  And she has made the mistake of calling her disciplinarian Bozo.   Not very bright that!  I think the word she was looking for was ‘Sir’ wasn’t it?   But she has chosen Bozo instead so now she is getting and good domestic style sound bare bottom spanking!  Just as she should!  And i have got some of the hot M/f spanking pics for y’all to see 🙂


Andie-8 Andie-2

You know this is what I have always really liked about Bun Beating Fun 🙂  All of these spanking and corporal punishment CP sites have something going for them obviously but with Bun Beating Fun there is no mistaking what their biggest plus is!  Apart from having some of the hottest ladies to spank that is!  And that is they actually spank for real and that fact is demonstrated nowhere more than on the naughty girls face or with the contortions of her body as the spanks rain down on her bare bottom!   See these pics from their site of Stephanie for example!



See what i mean?  This great spanking action!  And the stills above show just how great the movie is!  Be sure to check it out!   And they have LOADS more hot domestic spanking and discipline movies in there too!

Visit them now at Bun Beating Fun everybody :-) I just know you wont be sorry :-)


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