Step Daughters Revenge Leaves Step Mom With Sore Smacked Bottom at Hand Spanking!

There is a very sorry step mom this morning at who has been a victim of a revenge smacked bottom!  I have to say she does not quite look old enough to be her daughters step mom but who knows, maybe her dad likes younger women, stranger things have happened right?  And few guys would knock him for it anyway.   Not only that but it does add a little additional interest to the story anyway if that is the case as the step daughter must submit to having spankings from a young step mom only a matter of maybe 5 years older than she is 🙂

Anyway, with the step daughters bottom still burning, stinging, red and sore from the spanking she had from step mom the other day, she runs to mom with her tale of woe as the relationship with her stepmom had deteriated to the point that she had ended up over step moms knee with her panties down!   Mom of course is understandably incensed with anger and joins with her daughter to visit step mom for revenge.  And guess what form of physical violence that revenge takes?  Yep!  A sound bare bottom hand spanking!  Domestic spanking stories and videos rarely get this good!

And I have some smoking hot domestic F/f spanking pics for you from the video 🙂

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Don’t miss this one.  Get yourselves over to and buy yourself a present this christmas!  Stinging red bottoms all around!

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody!   And a VERY Happy New Year!  :)


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