Mom Turns Bratty And Defiant Dixie Comet Over Her Knee But Is She Repentant Or Does She Need More?

Dixie Comet comes to Spanked Sweeties this week bringing one of the sexiest most spankable bottoms with her!  Pretty much everybody would give anything to put THIS lady over their knee I think!  And when one considers just how bratty and defiant she has become it is clear her mom needs help in that department!   But Mom does seem to do a pretty good job with THIS smacked bottom in any event!

These pics come from a free F/f Spanking gallery sent out to web masters regularly by Clare Fonda and you can see a bunch more of the pics there!  And these are real hot!  Dixie is turned over moms knee and spanked firstly over her skirt with moms hard hand in which you see the skirt begin to rise with the reigning down of hard hand spanks!  And then given the skirt is part lifted anyway mom pulls it up to her back and spanks her over her see through black panties!  But it is not long as you see below before those too are pulled away from her sexy spankable bottom leaving no protection whatsoever and filling naughty young Dixie with the wind of humiliaiton!  Its not that those panties gave any protection in any event!  It is simply that you much ALWAYS pull a naughty girls panties down before you complete her spanking and her mom knows this!

As Clare Fonda put it:

Dixie is a perky girl who got spanked by her mom up until her teen years. She was bratty and defiant – and loud – until her mom taught her the errors of her ways.

And I have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics for you all :-)

The question now is whether as young Dixie rubs her sore smacked bottom above, is she truly repentant?  Does her spanked bum look red enough to you?  Or do you think you should take over and spank it some more?

You can see the rest of the free gallery for this below though there are more in the members area of Spanked Sweeties!  🙂

In the meantime, in honour of one of the internets most spankable bottoms i have covered another video with these two ladies over at my blog at Amateur OTK Spanking Blog!  🙂   But be sure not to miss the never ending always updating awesome F/f spanking videos continually coming online at Spanked Sweeties!



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