Hand Spanking Derby As Two Sexy Japanese Ladies Spank Each Other At Hand Spanking.com

Recently some of you are going to notice that i have started to include my second spanking blog, Amateur OTK Spanking Blog here in some of my posts.  My reason for this is twofold.  In the first instance there are times that I want to draw your attention to something quite new and unique that i have covered in the other blog which i think you might like 🙂   Last week for example I covered some black and white retro feel photos over on the other blog.  Other times, as in today, I might like to talk about a websites update that is a little too involved to cover in one post.  Today for example over at Hand Spanking.com, there is a really awesome update featuring two sexy asian gals getting spanked by each other.  I like to give out at least 3 or 4 images when i cover one of these updates and with two girls giving each other a spanking and some really quite awesome photos from both of them as tops and bottoms this can get quite difficult!  SO…I plan to cover one of the ladies as a domme and the other as a naughty girl with a smacked bottom here in Domestic Spanking Blog whilst over at my other site at Amateur OTK Spanking Blog I will reverse it and show the spanker here finding herself over the other girls knees with her panties down!  🙂  So there IS some method in my obvious and glaring madness boys and girls!  🙂

SO…where was I?  Oh yes, latest update over on Hand Spanking!   Well today they have a nice little update (I say little but its a full length video and 63 images!) where a saleswoman comes knocking at the door trying to sell her health food wares 🙂   The housewife (Erica) is upset with the naughty sales girls attitude.  The sales girl, played by Misako, having this bad attitude as she does however, is not too interested and continues with her bad attitude leaving her new Mistress little or no choice but to put the naughty girl across her knee for a well deserved spanked bottom!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you all 🙂

Just look at that bottom!  pushing hard against the cotton skirt wrapping tightly contouring her hips and bottom 🙂  Could you ever resist giving that a spanking if she bent over in front of you like this? 🙂  She clearly desperately needs a good spanking!

Yes that time has come!  The skirt is lifted and panties come down!  No use in Misoko protesting, she needs to learn just how much a naughty girls bottom can sting and Miss Erika is determined to show her!  Your turn next?

And now the spanking on one of the worlds most spankable red bottoms!  Lovely 🙂

Want to see more?  Well over at my blog at Amateur OTK Spanking Blog you can see Misako get her revenge and administer just as good and hard and blistering a spanking as she has just received!  And don’t forget to take a look also at our friends site at Hand Spanking.com!  The net’s ONLY genuine Japanese domestic F/f hand spanking site! 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody.   I will be back next week for another update here so see you all then :)

Hand Spanking.com

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