Skool Girls Take Down Their Panties For Smacked Bottie

As the title of this post says these two pics feature naughty skool girls that are ordered to take down thier panties and baring those nether parts that they wish could be kept private.

Slowly peeling down her knickers one can only wonder what must be going through the girls mind. The sudden exposure, Miss sat tightly & watching in silence. The girl will start to think about what will happen to her bottom … will her private parts be exposed ? It all becomes irrelevant as the time approaches for the girl to take her position. Bottom is tensed and everything else is forgotten. She waits for the first hard wallop to land across her soft white bottom now not caring what can be seen!

Then SMACK! And the naughty lady jerks up clasping her bare bottom! Then hears the command from Miss “Bend Over Right Now Young Lady!”. Reluctantly she bends and waits for the next spank to come whistling down! And soon she knows she will be over Miss’s knee for a sound hand spanking!

Ahhhh….the life of a naughty skool girl! How would YOU like to have this lady over YOUR knee?

I have more pics from this series here btw! See the video now at Spanking Online!

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