Sara Faye Spanked Soundly By Her Ex Boyfriend And His New Girlfriend at My Spanking Room Mate!

Another great domestic spanking update from My Spanking Room Mate in whichSara Faye gets her naughty bare bottom spanked and spanked hard by her ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend!  How embarsssing can that be?  That one smack she gave her ex’s new girlfriend sure cost her big time!

As Clare fonda put it for this update:

Sara Faye, a sexy tomboy who can take a good spanking, has been stalking her boyfriend. The ex (James Mitchell) and the new love (Madison Martin) catch Sara and hold her over their knees while they both have a go at her with their hands and and hairbrush. How humiliating this must be for poor Sara to not only get caught but to be put the knee of his gorgeous new girl as well while Madison and James laugh at how red (and sore) her tight bottom gets!

For my part I just could not resist but to put some pics up from that update since Clare Fonda kindly sent some on!  🙂  And here they are! :-)

One of the cutest bottoms anywhere now well and truly smacked and smacked HARD :-) Just as it should be!  And you can see more of these pics, not to mention the video for this and many other episodes from Clare Fonda’s spanking soap opera site exclusively at My Spanking Room Mate :-)



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