Staff Discipline Abound as CJ Fitzgerald Bends For The Cane!

Just been over to Northern Spanking to check out their latest updated and wow!  Seems this time it features the lovely DJ Fitzgerald as she bends over the managers desk at the office for a nice smacked bottom!  Well..caned bottom actually!  A good sound thrashing!  🙂  Ive seen the video and im sure you will love the domestic office scene there as her naughty bottom is paddled and caned soundly for his disobedience!  :-)

As Northern Spanking put it:

Not a busy day in Mr Kennedys office, so he decides to carry out a review of his secretarys performance over recent weeks. Of course she is found wanting and so, in the interests of office harmony, Mr K decides to devote the rest of the day devising and carrying out a series of increasingly painful and humiliating punishments!

And ive got some pics! 🙂

And if you think those are sexy you should see the video!!! 🙂  Be sure to check them out now over atNorthern Spanking everybody 🙂  Plenty more naughty maids having their bottoms smacked where this one came from!  😉


  1. Mark W says:

    As someone who loves the though of a more “mature” girl being spanked, I really enjoyed the pics of CJ.

  2. Andy says:

    Glad you liked it Mark 🙂

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