Miss Bryanna Administers A Belt Spanking To Naughty Brandi At Spanking Bare Butts!

Wow its Thursday already!  The weeks just fly by!  🙂  As it was Thursday and I haven’t been to Spanking Bare Butts for a short while to see their domestic spanking updates I thought I would pay a visit and though I would usally tell you about the latest update, I am so taken with this one featuring the sexy Miss Bryanna (yes she is the spanker in this one rather than the naughty girl with a sore bottom) that I just could not resist breaking the habbit 🙂  And if you go to the site to see the video you will see why!  Two of the prettiest girls anywhere and Im not sure who is the best, whether it is Miss Bryanna as the Mistress or Brandi as the naughty  girl!  But you know what?  I DO have a few pics to let you see and decide for yourself 😉

First though, what was the scenario I hear you ask?  Well as Spanking Bare Butts put it  :-)

Bryanna and roommate Brandi use spanking in their relationshipm when they need it! Well actually they use spanking even when they don’t need it just because they really enjoy it. Looking for any excuse she can find Bryanna decides that Brandi needs a good over the knee hairbrush spanking for wearing slutty shorts so she forces Brandi down and really blisters her cheeks good! This is not near as much about punishment for Brandi as it is about enjoyment for Bryanna but in the end the results are the same.

And as promised here are a few pics from the update!  🙂

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