Bun Beatin Fun Domestic Spanking Site Profile Week – Day 5

Hi and welcome back to the Domestic Spanking Blog’s spanking profile week!  That is day 5!  And Im a bit sad because it is the last day of this spanking profile week.  But  I am also relieved in a way because its hard work!  LOL.  Time to have a rest! But I have something really quite special for you all today, none other than the really gorgeous Kordelia Devonshire who in the words of Bun Beating Fun

When our man’s eyes focused upon Miss Devonshire’s smooth, pale, bouncing bare butt cheeks, they positively glistened like those of a half-starved wolf.  The malevolent growl which accompanied his initial, and almost gentle, caress of the wicked siren’s bottom was indeed chilling.

Happily, the wench was by now locked in a vise like grip and totally at the man’s mercy.

The “mercy” of a hungry wolf.

And I have gotten my paws on a few photos :-)

What a lovely bottom eh? 🙂  And all red and sore too, just what a naughty girl needs!  🙂

Anyway as I say, that is the end of this Spanking Profile Week im afraid.  I will be back on Monday with another update but until then, why not go visit the subject site of this last Spanking Profile Week, none other than the wonderful Bun Beatin Fun? 🙂  Its well worth your time!  🙂

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