Bun Beatin Fun Domestic Spanking Site Profile Week – Day 4

Hi and welcome back to the Domestic Spanking Blog’s spanking profile week!  That is day 4!  And to that end, a forth naughty girl is about to get her bare bottom smacked hard over the knee over at Bun Beating Fun!  Today it is a real cutie who goes by the name of Mandy 🙂  And in the words of Bun Beating Fun

So with no further ado,I would like to introduce you all today to naughty Aaralyn!  That is Aaralyn Barra all the way from the Soviet Union and being away from home so long it is some months since she last had her naughty bottom spanked!  But there comes in the guys from Bun Beating Fun to help out!  🙂  And in their words….

Here we have ourselves a long-legged Italian princess who is very much accustomed to having her own way.

Because we’re in the business of dealing with models, our being confronted with diva like behavior is nothing out of the ordinary.

But, when Mandy insisted on smoking in a no smoking room and then compounded her impertinence by deliberately blowing smoke into the face of our asthmatic director.     Well, that’s when she earned herself the bare ass thrashing of a lifetime… and then some !

And I have gotten my paws on a few photos :-)

Lovely 🙂  And you can be sure she learned her lesson too!  🙂

Anyway I will be back tomorrow with another profile update to this really great domestic spanking site 🙂  Be sure to come back for more then!  And in the meantime, to see EVERYTHING that they have to offer, why not go visit the site itself? 🙂  Thats Bun Beating Fun everybody :-) A journey you would never regret 🙂

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