Bun Beatin Fun Domestic Spanking Site Profile Week – Day 1

For some months now I have been doing a monthly site profile on some of my favourite spanking sites and this month is the turn of Bun Beatin Fun.  Members will find over a hundred full length DVDs uploaded to the site containing a a full length VERY high quality spanking video with some of the cutest girls I have seen anywhere!  You can download the full file or you can download it as clips and the clips are in several formats including high quality wmv and real video and a lower quality wmv or real video in case you either can not wait or you do not have access to a decent speed of broadband!  All this in addition to high quality galleries of course 🙂

So as this week continues I am going to show you all some pics of several of the spankings that take place for members to download and see!  Hope you have your paddles ready for when its your turn!  🙂

The first one today is a real cutie called Ella who is getting her bare bottom spanked!  Why?  Well as they put it over at Bun Beating Fun:

Ella here is a Philadelphia girl and you can take it from us that the Quakers who founded this town would roll over in their graves were they to read her resume.

That’s why we’d like to consider this wild & woolly episode as something of a civic duty if you will.

And I have gotten my paws on a few photos :-)

One of the cutest bottoms ive seen 🙂  Is that cord I see tied around her knees?  Well its one way to keep a naughty girl still whilst she is having her bare bottom paddled I guess 🙂

Anyway I will be back tomorrow with another profile update to this really great domestic spanking site 🙂  Be sure to come back for more then!  And in the meantime, to see EVERYTHING that they have to offer, why not go visit the site itself? 🙂  Thats Bun Beating Fun everybody :-) A journey you would never regret 🙂

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