Published Today! Real Life Fantasy Video From Zoe Montana Now Online at Northern Spanking

This is one of those times when you get to see a little glimpse into the real life of a spanking model as the beautiful Zoe Montana acts out (as if it were really needed?) one of her own long held fantasies!  I wanted to give you all the heads up as it goes live TODAY (!!!) over at Northern Spanking!  And you really should not miss it!  I will leave the description if I may to Northern Spanking themselves as they have had more time to get all of this ready than I have had but in any event, there is little more that I can say that they themselves have not covered in their descriptions except my friends that this movie is one i have seen this morning and it is truly AWESOME!  It genuinely is NOT to be missed!  The acting is incredible but then you would expect that anyway given that the players in this video are not actually acting!  It is for real! 🙂  So in fact it is more of a ‘fly on the wall’ view of what is going on! 🙂

Here is how Northern Spanking put it! 🙂

This is one of our “Model’s Fantasies” series. Newlyweds (really!) Zoe and Nick came to our shoot with hopes of doing a scene together on film as a real couple, something that showed their shared loved of corporal punishment. What we ended up with is certainly original and possibly the most charming spanking film we’ve ever made!

Friday night is Kink Night for Nick and Zoe, when sexy Zoe usually gets her pretty bottom thoroughly spanked. Tonight, it’s Doctors & Nurses! And, to spice up their weekly role-play sessions, both have brought something extra to the party. Zoe has brought a brand new, wicked-looking leather strap and Nick has brought his mate, Steve!

Steve comes equipped with his new video camera to record the proceedings for the couple and does an admirable job as Nick sternly tells skimpily-clad nurse Zoe that she’s taken her flirting with the patients too far this time.

A lovely spanking ensues, revealing Zoe’s sexy cotton knickers and then her increasingly red bottom as the spanking becomes very forceful, at Zoe’s insistance! Use of Zoe’s new strap is a must and it doesn’t take long for Dr Nick to master it but there’s more…

Kink Night always ends with young Zoe feeling the cane across her gorgeous bottom and tonight is no different, with two-dozen sternly applied strokes making her incredibly horny!

We, and presumably Steve, leave them to enjoy themselves (shame!). But we do have Steve’s edited version of “Nick & Zoe’s Home Video” to look forward to!

And I have some carefully selected pics for you all 🙂

So to see more of these pics, together with one of the most exceptional spanking video’s ive seen in a long time, be sure to get over to Northern Spanking now!  This is worth it on its own but there are so many other great video’s there that you really shouldn’t miss it 🙂

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  1. Mark W says:

    What a shame we were told Zoe was spanked by her husband. I get a kick out of married girls being spanked by someone other than their husband

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