Submissive Maid Turns The Tables On Her Strict Mistress And Spanks Her Bare Bottom!

This story marks one of those defining moments in a spanking relationship when the naughty girl realises her own authority and turns the tables on her dominant partner 🙂  Something as a femdom spanking fan i love to see but this is one that everybody will love because it features two of the sexiest spanking models on the net with the cutest bottoms around 🙂

In this scenario, the maid who usually submits to her strict young Mistress finds several spanking magazines under her bed and through gritted teeth, a feeling of resentment comes over her as she realises that (in her own words) “She has always spanked and caned me…its all for her own fun!”  Yes everything has just become very clear to the spankee at this time and she ponders on the thought and realisation that this is her chance to now turn the tables on the lady who has been spanking her bottom all this time and to instead spank her Mistress!

How loud will she cry?  How much will she shake her bottom with pain when I cane her she wonders?  Well…anyway, now i have her she realises and as expected the young rich girl shaken by the threat and with a flush of embarrassment as she is confronted finally realises that she is obliged to obey the maids order to bend over her new Mistress Maid’s knee, have her skirt pulled up and her panties pulled down and have her naughty bare bottom soundly thrashed!

And as the maid revels in her new found authority as her Mistress’s Mistress she spanks that bottom ever harder and boy does it bounce as she spanks!  But now its time for the cane!

Ouch!  But does the maid realise what is going to happen when her cute victim catches her doing something wrong and turns the tables back on her?  Sweet revenge?  Or will this be the turning of the tide completely with the domme taking the submissive role in future as the strict new Mistress maid takes the dominant role?  Only time will tell….watch this space 🙂  And see more here from our friends at Cutie Spankee real soon!

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