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Naughty Amelia Gets Smacked Bottom at St Justs From Principle

Sexy Alelia has reported to the Principle of St Just to get her pert bottom soundly hand spanked both over her tight skirt and over her see through panties!  The stinging redness shows through her panties to smart just as much as her pert bottom now stings!  Watch as the naughty girl is soundly hand spanked and taught right from wrong by Miss Sarah!


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Theft Is Not Borrowing Lilian White Learns As Her Bottom is Caned!

Celebrity brat Lilian White gets in trouble for theft of her tutors credit card this week at Firm Hand Spanking as she learns once and for all that taking the property of another from their pocket without permission is not ‘borrowing’ as she apparently believed but is in fact theft!  And thieves at Firm Hand Spanking have a very special form of punishment that is applied to their bottoms in the form of a 16 stroke caning from the whippiest cane available!  Ouch! Check it out at Firm Hand Spanking

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College Fees Diversion lands Naughty Yurina Over Strict Moms Knee!

Naughty girl Yurina has been busted by her strict mom Yurie who has just discovered that her daughter has not been paying her college fees as provided to her from the bank of mom and dad!  There are ways of dealing with this type of misbehaviour however as Yurina knows full well and those are going to result in the naughty girl getting a very well smacked sore bottom!  Just as a naughty girls bottom should always be!  Check out the awesome video exclusively at Hand

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Naughty Hannah Redescovers Spanking at Spanked Sweeties

Its been a real long time since naughty Hannah Hunt had been put over anybodies knee but at Spanked Sweaties this week that is exactly what happens to her!  As her new strict girlfriend takes an upper hand and bends naughty Hannah over she takes the time to soundly spank her bare bottom until it really stings and smarts!

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Nurse Cures Stomach Upset With A Spanking at Northern Spanking

Northern Spanking leaves another naughty girl with a sore stinging bottom this week as Aleesha Fox phones into work sick!  The illness?  A stomach upset!  Yeah sure Aleesha! We know a good way to fix that says nurse Chris as she bends her over the office table and soundly spanks her bare bottom!

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