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A Snap Into A Past Sexy Spanking From Girl Spanks Girl

Thought I would post these few pics today from the awesome Girls Spank Girl website simply because they are such great pics 🙂  The outside spanking pics are so often so hot due to the risk of being caught and dare i say spanked for it!  The mind just boggles! Check these 🙂

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Lost Essay And The Spanked Bum at Punished Brats!

Reporting to her strict college lecturer Miss Smith was a painful affair for naughty student Carol when she has to admit she was too busy partying to do the work she was set!  The humiliation of being put over the knee of the sexy lecturer not much older than her older sister added to her humiliation but when the spanking started all she could think of was the smacking of her bottom!  Naughty girls must be punished and she sure gets punished in this video!  Check it out now at Punished Brats!

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The Day She Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed!

There is nothing better nor effective to do with a naughty girl who has been lip with you than to spank her bottom and thats just what happens to this beauty at AAA Spanking when she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed!  But with a soundly spanked bum that stings and smarts she soon remembers her manners!

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Naughty Alison Miller Paddled In Jeans By Professor

Once again naughty student Alison Miller has failed to hand in her essay on time!  She is in danger of failing her grades for her course but there is an easy solution that always works, at least for a short time!  And that is a sound paddling over her tight jeans by the professor!  Check it out at Firm Hand Spanking

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