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Sexy Cheerleader Gets Her Bare Bottom Warmed at Northern Spanking

Northern Spanking brings a real hot new gal to her knees this week or rather to Pauls knees…er…bent over them to be precise!  Just as she should be when she disobeys instructions!

Check out these latest awesome domestic spanking pics I got from their site!




Check it all out again soon at Northern Spanking

Fight Club Spanking as Naughty Gal Put Over Lecturers Knee

At English Spankers everybody understands that when you misbehave, when you disobey the boss, Miss Sarah or when you are rude or disrespectful and/or don’t follow the rules you get soundly spanked!  Disrespectful naughty girls get spanked asses!  And so do gals that start fights!  Just like this naughty reprobate who is now feeling the lash of Miss Sarah’s slipper!

And i have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics

Check out the video now only at English Spankers!


Slacking Student Gets Spanked Ass at Spanking Sarah!

Reporting to the Principle of Just Academy of Rules College a naughty student finds herself ordered over the principles knee for a sound bare bottom spanking!  She has been slacking off in her essays and revision and needs a short sharp reminder to do as she is told!  Naughty girls who do not apply themselves at college do not get upper seconds or even third class degrees!  Instead they get burning hot stinging spanked bottoms!  Just as they should!

And i have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics from Spanking Sarah

And you can see more at Spanking Sarah now!


Apricot Pitts Must Spank Her Own Bottom!

Check out sexy Apricot Pitts from AAA Spanking who has taken to spanking herself for misdemeanours!  We need volunteers to give her that spanking boys!  Could it be you?

Check it out now at AAA Spanking!

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

A Touch of Discipline For A Naughty Student!

Ahhhhh getting back into the swing of things now after my break but at least i had an excuse which is more than this naughty girl at Northern Spanking had for not handing in her essay before her university tutorial!  But her strict university professor has a fix for that and it is a sore stinging bottom!

Check out these lezdom spanking pics below!

Check it all out again soon at Northern Spanking

Back After Computer Problems

Sorry I’ve been quite everyone.   My computer has been broken and its taken me a long time to get things back on track 🙁   For an explanation go here to my FemDom Spanking Blog but for the rest of you, wait a few moments for an update to my blog here 🙂