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Obedience Is Expected Says Miss Lila as Disobedient Lim is Soundly Hand Spanked Over Her Knee!

There is a naughty girl that is getting a smacked bottom again this week at Hand Spanking as she leaves her room in the house she shares with her strict friend Miss Lila.  Lim had been told several times that she needed to make more of an effort to keep the house tidy and the last time she was even told that the warning was her last before it was accompanied with a sound bare bottom spanking over Miss Lila’s knee!  But Lim simply didn’t obey and now she finds herself bent over her strict friends knee getting those stinging smacks from Miss Lila’s hand!  Smack Smack Smack, a searing stinging throbbing bottom fills Lim’s brain to focus her mind  only on the message Miss Lila is giving her.   That of obedience!  This video exclusive to the guys at Hand the worlds best Asian lezdom spanking site!

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