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Obedience Is Expected Says Miss Lila as Disobedient Lim is Soundly Hand Spanked Over Her Knee!

There is a naughty girl that is getting a smacked bottom again this week at Hand Spanking as she leaves her room in the house she shares with her strict friend Miss Lila.  Lim had been told several times that she needed to make more of an effort to keep the house tidy and the last time she was even told that the warning was her last before it was accompanied with a sound bare bottom spanking over Miss Lila’s knee!  But Lim simply didn’t obey and now she finds herself bent over her strict friends knee getting those stinging smacks from Miss Lila’s hand!  Smack Smack Smack, a searing stinging throbbing bottom fills Lim’s brain to focus her mind  only on the message Miss Lila is giving her.   That of obedience!  This video exclusive to the guys at Hand the worlds best Asian lezdom spanking site!

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Rules is Rules! Break Them And Get A Spanked Bottom!

Rules is rules and when they are kept to by one yet the other ignores them and expects her partner to keep to them then eventually something has to give.  In this case it is Katya’s bare bottom which gives to the ping pong paddling that she is about to receive!  Before she knows it this pretty and sexy gal is upended over his knee and takes a bottom smacking that leaves her bottom pink in ever increasing shades of red!  As the tear begins to roll and she is truly sorry and ONLY when she is truly sorry the spanking stops and a kiss and a hug makes all well again.  Well…except that she still has the reminder of a sore bottom of course!  But then every naughty girl should always have a sore smacked bottom!  That is the view of Firm Hand Spanking and it is fully supported by us here at Domestic Spanking Blog!

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Spanked Because She Likes To Be Spanked!

Over at Spanked Sweaties there are no particular reasons to spank the girls other than you like to do it and they like to be spanked!  And to that end this well behaved girl gets a treat in the form of a red stinging bottom!  Of course she gets that whether she is good or bad but you get the picture 🙂  And if not you will if you look below where ive posted several of these awesome domestic spanking pics just for you all!  🙂

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When A Call Girl Steals A Client Her Butt Is Soundly Spanked!

At Spanked Call Girls there are some awesome domestic spanking pics and videos and in this one it seems that Clare Fonda has walked in on a spanking at the brothel!  One of the call girls has caught the other trying to steal one of her clients and so has dragged her by the ear to one of the bedrooms and put her over her knee for a good well deserved spanking!   But it is only Clare that is allowed to spank!  And so now the other will pay with a sore smacked bottom too!

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