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Losing Is A Spankable Offence at Spanked in Uniform!

Losing the ball game lands naughty Jentina a sound paddling over the head coach’s knee!  It may not be about winning or losing to some but losing has consequences in this team!  And those consequences include a red stinging spanked bottom!

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Cheerleader Put Over Coaches Knee For Sound Spanking at Punished Brats!

When Sharon bodged her cheer leading routine the head coach decided that there was a need for some stinging discipline and put Sharon over her knee!  Her dress lifted and her panties pulled down to her ankles she found herself soundly spanked and unable to kick her legs as the stinging spanks rained down as her panties held them in place!  She is sure to get that dance routine right next time!  Check it out now at Punished Brats!

And i have some of the awesome spanking pics

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When You Live In Dads House You Obey The Rules Or You Get Spanked!

You may be in your twenties young lady but when you live with your dad and you don’t follow the house rules you get spanked!  Plain and simple!  And thats just what happens to Zooey over at AAA Spanking!  Hand spanking and slipper spanking over his knee!   Check it out now at AAA Spanking!

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Crammer Spanks Naughty Girls Bottom HARD Over Her Knee at Hand

Lazy Karen has been leaving her course work to one side and clubbing instead.   So alarmed at her fail grades her parents hire a strict crammer tutor to help her get through university!  And that she does with sound spankings if course work is not up to her standards or tutors reports come back uncomplimentary!  Naughty girls get spanked!  A lesson this naughty girl learns the hard way at Hand

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Alison Miller Gets Her Bare Bubble Butt Spanked With Strap!

Naughty girls need a good spanking.  We all know it and none know it more than the guys at Firm Hand Spanking who dish out some well deserved red bottoms this week to none other than Allison Miller who is in trouble for her lazy attitude!  Of course with her bottom you don’t really need any reason to spank other than it would be rude not to when she is bent over in front of you!  But thats what happens anyway!  And she feels every single spank as the leather strap connects stingingly with her bare bubble butt!

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Returning Home Late Earns Kathy A Tanned Backside at English Spankers!

Returning home late, Kathy knew she was going to be in trouble over at English Spankers!  It is a rule that she returns by 7pm or she gets her bottom spanked!  She knows this and yet she keeps disobeying and keeps getting spanked for his disobedience!  Check out the latest spanking now from English Spankers

And i have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics

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