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Parading Round The House In Undies Gets Nicola Spanked OTK

Parading around the house in underwear gets Nicola in trouble with her husband when he returns from work!  She knows that such things are spankable offences and before she has a chance for her predicament to sink in she finds herself bent over his knee and having her bare bottom soundly spanked!  Spanked so soundly in fact that her bottom cheeks bounce as his hand smacks down on them!

Check out this awesome video at Bad Females

pic02 pic11

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Forgetting Map Leads Two Gals To Spank Each Others Bottoms at Spanking Sorority Girls

This week at Spanking Sorority Girls Lana Lopez and Amelia Dark argue about who should have brought a map that Miss Veronica Ricci had commanded should always be taken on trips! The dispute becomes very protracted and only finds itself resolved the end when the two put the other girl over their knee for a well deserved bare bottom spanking!


And i have picked out a few of my favourite domestic spanking pics from this gallery below :)

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Boyfriend Stealing Leaves Naughty Girl With Spanked Bottom at Girl Spanks Girl

Nothing causes arguments and upsets more than making a move on your friends sexual partner and so when this happened with Vivienne Steele a smacked bottom was inevitable!  Check out the latest update from Girls Spank Girl!

010 011 015

Check em out!  You can see them all now exclusively at Girls Spank Girl


When Naughty Zabrina Visited Aunt Alex

When Zabrina misbehaved at Aunt Alex Reynolds house she knew full well what was going to be in store for her given it was a day out organised by the guys at Northern Spanking!  Yep a very sound bare bottom spanking!

And I have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics!




Check it all out again soon at Northern Spanking

Amelia Goes Over The Knee at AAA Spanking

Forever one of the sexiest spanking models out there with one of the most spankable bottoms is Amelia Rutherford who this week finds herself over the knee for some bare bottom spanking treatment!

And i have some of the awesome domestic spanking photos!

002 006 007

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Southern Belle Jamie & her Bare Bottom Spanking!

Southern Belles are meant to be sweet and beautiful but although Jamie is beautiful she is far from sweet as she out brats all the brats in the neighbourhood!  But 10 mins over the knee with her panties down at Bun Beating Fun soon sorts her out and her bottom is certainly soft when she

And i have some awesome Mf domestic spanking pictures for you all

01 15 09

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Spanking Tennis Coach Faces Consequences For Her Teams Success As Players Claim Reward at Hand Spanking!

At The Hand Spanking tennis school the coach regularly spanks the players to encourage them to train hard and improve their games! This has been the main reason why the ladies have won the local tournament!  But what do you think their vote for the reward would be!  Why to spank the coach of course!  Check the latest video at Hand! 🙂

And I have some of the sexy domestic lezdom spanking pictures for you!

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