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Wonder Womans Nude OTK Spanking

The day Christine Carter was caught nude in a wonder woman outfit when she was supposed to be going to work ended badly for her!  For when her husband visited finding her in this outfit he decided rather than having sex he would spank her instead!


And I have some of the domestic spanking pics for you all from AAA Spanking!

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College Work Failure Lands Arisa Over Mom and Big Sisters Knee at Hand!

Failure to do her college work earns Arisa a well deserved hand spanking from mom and older sister!  Over their knees she is spanked both with panties up and then with her panties pulled down and on her bare bottom!  The humiliation even more significantly painful than the stinging spanks that descend to flatten her bottom cheeks one after the other!  Check them out now exclusively at Hand!

And I have some of the sexy domestic lezdom spanking pictures for you because yes!

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Belinda Lawson Bends For The Paddle at Firm Hand Spanking

We all know that a naughty girl needs to be regularly spanked on the bottom and so when Belinda misbehaves at Firm Hand Spanking its great to see they keep that simple rule going!  And spanking of sexy girls with cute nice butts in jeans is always one of my favourites so wanted to post this one 🙂  Check it out now at Firm Hand Spanking!

And i have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics for you all :-)

principal_af001 principal_af002 principal_af003

And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

The Day The Airline Passenger Had Coffee Spilt In His Lap!

When airline stewardess Lola Marie spilt coffee in the lap of this airline passenger she apologised profusely but it was not enough.   Ordinarily he would have put her over his lap but unfortunately the milk in the coffee was powdered so his legs and his nuts were scolded!  Not nice when you put a sexy girl over your knee i might add!  And so he has to bend her over a desk to spank that bottom!

And i have some of the spanking pics!

episode41_DSC00662 episode41_DSC00649 episode41_DSC00655

And you can see more exclusively now at Spanked In Uniform


Clare Needs A Spanking! Any Volunteers?

I wanted last week to do a post here for Bad Females but was unable to do so.   Had problems this end so this week I ramped up the site and got moving with a great set of spanking pics i have not seen before  But the gal is real cute and looks like her bottom needs a real good spanking from time to time so what better time than when the camera is on and we get to watch right?  So here it is!  A naughty girl getting her bottom well and truly spanked from Bad Females 🙂   Anybody wanna volunteer to give Clare her next spanking?   Er….next after me that is!  🙂

Check out this awesome video at Bad Females

pic03 pic06 pic04 pic05

See so much more from these gals and others now over on Bad Females!  Take a trip down memory lane, treat yourselves


Spanking Of Two Madam’s at Spanked Call Girls

Two strict ladies each face the spankings that they have given out to other naughty girls at Spanked Call Girls this week as each goads the other on to bring it and spank harder!  You can tell neither feels the stinging spanks across their bottoms often as their bare bottoms redden up real quick!  And you can be sure they feel every spank!

And i have some domestic spanking pics for you all 🙂


009 011

For the video and yet more pics and many more videos and pics featuring other girls you need to join Spanked Call Girls :-) But its a great site and well worth every cent for this major archive of the sexiest of domestic girl spanks girl action videos :-)


Vanessa Bends Over His Knee With Her Bottom Bared For Sound Hand Spanking!

Reporting for a smacked bottom sexy Vanessa Vixen knew it was going to sting but the look of shock on her face as she was spanked soundly shows well that she didn’t realise just how much a soundly spanked bottom stings!  But she knows now as the Bun Beating Fun team administer the spanking of her life!

And i have some awesome Mf domestic spanking pictures for you all

03 06 12

Visit them now at Bun Beating Fun everybody :-) I just know you wont be sorry :-)

OTK Hand Spanking With A Difference Demonstrated at AAA Spanking!

AAA Spanking demonstrate a hand spanking with a difference this week as Rosie Ann is put over the knee of the Governor of Bars & Stripes fame and spanked not with his hand but with a wooden paddle fastened to his hand!  Interesting little twist that can’t help but make me wonder if it might strain muscles in the wrist or hand?  But one thing is for sure its Rosies bottom that is getting the painful treatment not his hand!  And from his point of view I’m sure he would say its worth it!  🙂

And i have gotten some of the hot domestic spanking pics as Rosie is soundly spanked!

008 007 003

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Nurse Reynolds Given OTK Treatment at Northern Spanking

Nurse Reynolds is in trouble this week at Northern Spanking as she faces a sound otk hand spanking from the boss!  Seems that she has not been in work on time and has been neglecting duties so what better way to deal with such sloppiness!  And she certainly pays for it as the tears drop from her eyes and trickle down her cheeks!

And I have some of the awesome domestic spanking pics!



A naughty girls bottom should always be red and stinging and that norm always follows at Northern Spanking