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Stop Press: Red Badger Release 3 New Videos To FemDom Spanking Store And Domination Theater

Awesome news in everybody as Red Badger has released three new videos featuring MissSiobhan, Miss Mia and Goddess Miss Kelly to to both Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking store.

Miss Siobahn: (Institute of Feminine Discipline):  Sacred Punishment Book


Whilst cleaning the Overseers Comunal Room at the Gloucestershire Spanking Centre where Miss Siobahn has been sent to work for the week Simon was caught disrespecting and mistreating the official Board of Corrective Women Punishment Book which was sent to the Corrective facility to record all spankings and other punishments for male creatures that have had to be administered by the superior Females in charge.

To mistreat official Board of Corrective Women property in this way s a mere male is not only disrespectful of the authority held by the Board itself but is seen as directly challenging it! Such misbehaviour can never be tolerated and certainly is not tolerated as Miss Siobahn administers a hard spanking to correct simon of his ways!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Mia (Institute of Feminine Discipline) HRM Competition


Newly appointed to the rank of Advanced Behavioural Therapist Miss Mia takes charge below Miss Marnette Kelly as Advanced Behavioural Therapist at the Gloucestershire IFD and Spanking Centre.

As a politically acceptable choice holding the trust of both the Board of Corrective Women AND the Campaign for Stricter Discipline Miss Mia was the natural choic to take over day to day discipline at the Institute because of her speciality in tease and denial and in spanking and discipline.

Miss Mia’s first task is to appoint her own Higher Regarded Male Creature to serve as her lackie at the Instiute but given there are so many treats such as dressing and undressing the Goddess, hand washing Her panties and more there is very stiff competition (no pun intended) and so after shortlisting just two individuals for the job Miss Mia decides to set up an assessment day where the two boys will compete to show which is the better of the two at the various tasks Miss Mia will require them to perform.

Of course both boys simply can not keep their minds off of her beautiful body so there is a lot of discipline this day too! But as Miss Acacia always says with regards to the spankings she administers to the boys and the sore bottoms they then have for the week “not My problem”

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Goddess Miss Kelly (Strict Women): Strict Sister In Law


Coming home after an exhuasting day golfing Mike finds his strict sister in law Miss Kelly waiting for him on the living room sofa.

Mike has disobeyed his wife and gone out to play golf not only without his wifes permission but after he had been grounded! Knowingh is wife would be away all day mike thought he would be ok disobeying her disciplinary decisions but little did he know that his wife had asaked her similarly strict sister Miss Kelly to come round to spank his bottom for this behaviour whilst she was away!

And now it is time to pay the piper

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

13 Swats Of Wooden Paddle For Amelia Rutherford

Losing a modelling job at Firm Hand Spanking sure gets naughty Amelia Jane Rutherford in trouble this week at Firm Hand Spanking as she is made to bend over with her bottom bared for her boss to swing the board across her bare bottom!  She sure feels it too!

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Witness Amelia Rutherford yell and jump from a spectacularly hard 13-swat paddling, seven of them bare bottom! Agent Mr Fennington bought a Texas school paddle for his Rogue Model. Her cheeks wobble as justice is applied for failing to win a key contract.

And as usual, I have a few of the great domestic spanking pics :-)

rogue_g003 rogue_g002 rogue_g001 rogue_g004

And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

Paddled and Spanked – She WILL Learn!

Thought i would post a few pics from my friends at Bad Tushy again to show you all the awesome quality and how they always seem to make them so sexy!

Here this naughty gal has irked her Principle in college and is now facing a soundly spanked and paddled bottom!  And i have gotten some of the domestic lezdom spanking pics 🙂

4-25 778 4-25 749 4-25 673 4-25 741

You can see the full video and picture set now exclusively at Bad Tushy!  If you have not looked for a while then be sure to check them out :)

Persephone Remembers Her Spankings

First of all, sorry for the lateness of this update dear readers.  I have been out of action since about Friday with an ear infection.  Today is about the first time I’ve been able to get back to work after a long wait for even a simple doctors appointment!  But antibiotics now kicking in and doing their thing so I’m back and raring to go 🙂  And to that end I’ve got a lil treat for you all from Spanked Sweeties where Clare Fonda is mouth sopping and spanking bad gal Peresphone over her knee!

This one is a flash back memory movie it seems where the naughty gal remembers a typical spanking she would have received from mom after misbehaving.   She remembers how she was sent to the back yard for a switch to spank her bottom with! The longest walk of the day as we all know 🙂

And i have some of the pics for you all 🙂

007 006 015 011

Or alternatively go take a look at Spanked Sweeties where you can see the full galleries plus video along with lots more hot domestic girl spanks girl action!



Naughty Girl Gets Bare Bottom OTK Spanking She Really Feels at Bun Beating Fun!

Taking us through to the weekend  I thought I would put up an update from my friends at Bun Beating Fun who have a new gal!  And boy does she get a bare bottom spanking to remember!  You can really see she feels this one!

alex-23 alex-41 alex-37

A good spanked red bottom will pull this naughty girl back in line!  🙂

Visit them now at Bun Beating Fun everybody :-) I just know you wont be sorry :-)

Housekeeper Puts Daughter Over Knee And Spanks at Hand!

Another week passes and before we know it awesome update arrives at the really super domestic asian spanking site Hand as the housekeeper tires of her employers daughters attitude and decides to put her across her knee for a good sound hand spanking!  Just what the doctor ordered!  Well…what the house keeper ordered anyway!

And I have some of the sexy domestic spanking pictures for you

c15-23 c15-44 c15-39

Real awesome spanking pics for both domme and naughty girl there from so be sure not to miss this great domestic spanking video which comes to you from this awesome site :) Hand

Strict Teacher Spanks Gal in Tight White Panties at Bad Tushy!

You know there is just something about the site at Bad Tushy that seems to make it stand out as some of the sexiest spanking around 🙂  Whether its the lighting or the girls or the sets or whatever I just am not quite sure but every time they seem to hit the nail bang on the head 🙂

The gals are hot, and the naughty girl has panties tight, very short skirt, stockings and of course one of the most spankable bottoms you could ever wish for or dream about spanking!

Just take a look at these teacher spanks pupil pics for example



You can see the full video and picture set now exclusively at Bad Tushy!  If you have not looked for a while then be sure to check them out :)

New Intake Donna Bends For Discipline at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison

Doesn’t seem that long ago that I mentioned that there was another new face at the Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison and no sooner do I do so than another new face appears!!!   Seems there is just no shortage of misbehaving gals out there needing a stint in the worlds most notorious spanking Prison!

Her name is Donna and it seems she was manufacturing narcotics for sale on the streets of London and elsewhere!  Very bad! This may be acceptable in her native Holland, or at least they may not spank her for it there but it is not in country known for its use of the cane!

And i have sone of the domestic spanking pics!

Donna Parker Intake - 024Donna Parker Intake - 034Donna Parker Intake - 013Donna Parker Intake - 016

Be sure to check them out for more from this set over at Bars and Stripes boys and girls!   :-)