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Loud Hotel Guests Get Spanked Bottoms!

In this interesting video scenario from Sarah Gregory recently it seems young Sarah gets her bottom paddled once again along with her friends as a drunken hotel party turns into a night of sore bottoms all round when their neighbour is stopped from sleeping!

As Sarah puts it:

Johnny is on an important business trip and his neighbors in the hotel are keeping him up to all hours of the night with their partying. After warning them a few times that he will call security, he marches over, knocks on the door, and tells them to keep it down. They invite him in and try to calm him down which only provokes his anger more. A good spanking is in order for these three brats

And i have some of the sexy spanking pics from the update :-)

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And you can see more of this hot spanking video now exclusively at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Leia Ann Woods Bends For Sound Hand Spanking at Tripple A Spanking!

This week at AAA Spanking Leia Ann Woods visits the site and simply can not help but get herself in trouble again!   She says on her twitter page that she is an expert in annoying and irritance and she sure shows it in this video as she winds the boss up so badly she leaves him with little or no choice but to bend her over the table and spank her bare bottom!   And why not?

As Tripple A Spanking Put It:

Miss Woods was a highly paid solicitor on a generous contract to Osborne Industries, it was a pity that she couldn’t draft a watertight contract herself when it was needed and so she was summoned at short notice to the CEO’s city apartment during the weekend! Asked to explain the shoddy and slipshod work she had performed, she could not offer a decent enough explanation. Time for Mr Osborne to invoke a few of his own personal “Clauses” to her own work contract as he reminded her of why she was so highly paid and the consequences that she now faced! This meant he got to punish and correct her any way he saw fit! Miss Woods had no choice but to comply as this job paid so well and soon her bottom was being spanked with far worse to come as her jeans and panties were removed much to her obvious embarrassment and shame. A variety of stinging implements were used across her bared smarting backside to remind her to complete another draft of this important document or she’d be dragged back in at an inconvenient time with more demeaning consequences to come!

And i have some great domestic home spanking pics for you :)

013 007 003

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Dakota Skye And Veronica Ricci In Double Spanking Video

Another awesome update comes this week from Spanked Call Girls as Veronicca Ricci and Dakota Skye partake in a double girl spanks girl video!

And i have selected some of my more favorite F/f spanking pics from this gallery :-)

As Spanked Call Girls puts it on the video:

Veronica Ricci gives new girl Dakota Skye an orientation that includes a sound spanking. Dakota may be tiny and look very, very young, but she is of legal age and of course deserves a spanking on her tiny, but perky bottom. Veronica also teaches Dakota how to give a good spanking.

Here are a few sample pics from her update  :-)

011 010 006

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Logan Spanks Room Mate Brandi at My Spanking Room Mate

There is a grew new update over at My Spanking Room Mate featuring Brandi is spanked by her real life boyfriend when she fails to pay the rent. He has been struggling to pay it himself whilst she has been off buying shoes i hear 🙂   He on the other hand has spent all his money on the rent to cover her so has not been able to replace his jeans!  🙂   Well…it’s a good a reason to spank her bottom as any and with a bottom that spankable who would object? 🙂  Not me! 🙂

As Clare Fonda puts it:

ALogan is a bit of a push-over when it comes to his bratty roommate Brandi. That is until a phone call from Kay Richards helps motivate him to step up. Since Brandi doesn’t want to pay her half of the rent, Logan spanks her to teach her a lesson. Brandi goes from being bratty to reforming her ways.

And I have selected a few of my personal favourite domestic F/f spanking pics to share with you all :) The rest you can find in the free F/f domestic spanking gallery here. The video and yet more pics you can of course find at My Spanking Room Mate:)

010 012 004

Don’t forget that if you want to see more then get your butts over to My Spanking Roommate

msr-anim hpa4

Second punishment with a paddle for Samantha Woodley, partying all night

Another awesome update at Firm Hand Spanking today as Samantha woodley who has already had a hairbrush spanking faces further discipline and domestic spanking from her brother with a thick wooden paddle!

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Out partying all night in a cute cheerleader costume has already earned Samantha Woodley a hairbrush spanking. Now Kyle gives her 13 bare swats with a school paddle in Brotherly Love for defying his instructions. Enjoy Reaction Cam complete replay too!

And as usual, I have a few of the great domestic spanking pics :-)

brotherly_q004 brotherly_q003 brotherly_q001

And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

Spanked Over Sexy Denim Short Skirt

Bratty behaviour leaves naughty Karen with a glowing sore bottom from Miss Tulip’s wooden paddle this week at Bad Tushy!  This is what happens when you disrupt the geography class!  And this is a spanking that truly hurts!  And over Sexy pantyhose too as the skirt is pulled up to display the bottom to be spanked 🙂

You can see the full video and picture set now exclusively at Bad Tushy!  If you have not looked for a while then be sure to check them out :)

Miss Kendra James Spanks Ashley Graham at Spanking Sarah Gregory!

One of my favourite Strict Women has appeared this week at the one and only Spanking Sarah Gregory site as Miss Kendra aka Kendra James takes Ashley Graham in hand as she approaches her from behind in order to have some sexy spanking fun with her!  Spanking play rather than discipline but with the redness of Ashley’s bottom it is still discipline!

And i have some of the sexy spanking pics from the update 🙂

012 014 006

And you can see more of this hot spanking video now exclusively at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Lessons From An Exclusive Education at Girl Spanks Girl!

Exclusive Education has returned this week to Girl Spanks Girl and there are two very pink stinging naughty girls bottoms on display as each are put over the knee in turn for a blistering hand spanking from Miss!

As Clare Fonda puts it:

Veronica Ricci discovers that fellow students Celeste Star and Ela Darling were cheating on a test. If Teacher Snow finds out, she won’t allow them to go on the field trip to France. So the girls agree to take a hard spanking from Veronica in return for her silence. But she tells Miss Snow anyway, so Celeste and Ela take turns spanking Veronica hard, with hand and a wooden mirror.

And i have some preview pics :-)

015 012 004

See more of the great lezdom spanking pics at this gallery :-)

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Summer Night Peeping And A Spanked Bottom At Hand

Another awesome update at Hand Spanking as Mari takes Yuma to task Japanese style over her kneeling knees 🙂   Real sexy pics and video coming for discipline after Yuma was caught spying on her cousins spanking through an open door!

And I have some of the sexy domestic spanking pictures for you :)

w12-19 w12-29 w12-34

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