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Stop Press: Strict Mistress Zoe, Miss Viktoria and Miss Dana Specht with Bad Girls Sarah Gregory & Pandora Blake Release 3 New Videos To FemDom Spanking Store And Domination Theater

News is just in that Ms Dana Specht and her bad girl Sarah Gregory as well as Pandora Blake have just released a new video at Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking Store.  Red Badger, creators ofInstitute of Feminine Discipline & Strict Mistress Zoe and video suppliers to Strict Women have also released 2 new videos from Miss Zoe and new and outstanding Hungarian Goddess Miss Viktoria :)

Miss Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory & Pandora Blake – Swimsuit Spanking


My naughty girl Sarah Gregory and her British friend Pandora have accompanied me to Atlantic City for a vacation and the girls get caught by security sneaking into the pool after hours. I march the girls back to our room in their dripping wet bikinis and give each of them a sound spanking on their wet bottom, covered then bare. Pandora gets a hairbrush spanking from me because it was her idea to get my little girl in trouble. Sarah manages to escape the hairbrush this time.

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See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Zoe  – Dont Pimp Me Out Pt 2


Miss Zoe has been feeling ignored by her new boyfriend Arjun. He has been out every night without her and now it seems he has been gambling despite his promise that he would stop doing so. Miss Zoe has tried so hard not to be strict and to spank him at the drop of a hat as she has done with all the other boyfriends she has known but when he tells her that he wants her to remain home so that she can “entertain” a card buddy he has lost money to by having sex with him this is more than Miss Zoe can bear to take. And before Arjun knows it he finds himself over Miss Zoe’s knee with his pants down receiving a very sound hairbrush, paddle and hand spanking!

Note: This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Viktoria – Panty Sniffers Spanking


When Hungarian Goddess Miss Viktoria catches her naughty husband masturbating on the bed whilst sniffing her panties she is furious. Adam tries to explain his behaviour away but Miss Viktoria is buying none of it and announces that for his behaviour he will now be soundly spanked!

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FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Sarah Gregory Puts Sexy Ten Amorette Over Her Knee And Spanks Her Over Tight Jeans at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Awesome!  Those of you who visit my blog regularly will know my soft spot for young gals getting spanked over tight jeans and particularly when they have a sexy butt!  And Ten Amorette, this weeks naughty girl at Spanking Sarah Gregory certainly has that!!!  🙂   So I could hardly let this go by without publishing some of it here could i?  Well ok maybe i could but i choose not to!  🙂  Seems that Ten discloses her all time fantasy about being spanked by Sarah’s mother so Sarah pretends to be the strict Mrs Gregory and puts her best friend over her knee for a hairbrush spanking!

As Sarah puts it:

Ten and Sarah are dating, but Ten has always had a hidden fantasy that Sarah’s mom would spank her. When she finally reveals this hidden fantasy, Sarah agrees to pretend to be Mrs. Gregory and spank Ten.

And I have some of the spanking pics for you!

011 013 007

Don’t forget you can see the full awesome update with this sexy FemDom F/f spanking video now exclusively at Spanking Sarah Gregory!

POV Spanking Introduced At Tripple A Spanking!

I have always been a fan of POV (point of view) spanking video and images ever since i saw the awesome video first done I believe by Tony who has sadly now passed away at Cameo Classics.  I actually think Tony set the standard there in that day with POV which was entirely new at the time.  And as somebody that produces video myself I am particularly appreciative of the way that he managed to make that work!  Im still not sure how he did it!  I have spent HOURS on end discussing this very matter with various video producers and photographers and there is really SO MUCH more to shooting proper POV spanking than you might imagine.   But of course Im coming from this with the perspective of the spankee.   Shooting POV video for submissive’s is I think considerably harder than shooting it for those who like to spank the girls.  And that would have been even more the case back then in the 70’s than it is today!  The reason I say that is because the lady who was spanking you as a male in that particular video dragged the pov person to a stool and harshly (and quickly) pulled him over the knee.  And yet the video was fairly steady!  To do this you would have to have the camera pretty much in the place your head is!  Not easy!  and then holding it still as you are being violently dragged across the room to be put over the ladies knee adds complications!  But the main problem we encoutered trying to do this even with a stills camera is getting the angle correct over when over the knee!  Because the first time you see that sight of the backs of the stockinged thighs of a young Goddess as she spanks you is really quite incredible!   Now that is difficult even by todays standards short of fixing a very small CCTV type camera to your head at eye level but bear in mind these cameras did not exist in the 70’s!  The cameras then were a good foot long!  And the ladies stool would have to have been really quite tall to work with that even holding the camera pointed upwards at the thighs!  And of course keeping the guys stupid head out of the way (not easy for him either as he is already often struggling to hold himself in position as he is being spanked!).  Really very difficult indeed.

Anyway, im going off the topic really.  Digressing as I so often do.  But i have written all of the above down now and…well…I dont think I fancy deleting the last 5 minutes of my life as i spill out some photographic wisdom so i will leave it!  LOL.  The point is that the guys at Triple A Spanking have just released their first POV video and its really very good indeed! From the lifting of the skirt, to the slipper across her pantied bottom and then across her bare bottom with panties around the tops of her thighs!  Excellent throughout.

As Tripple A Spanking Put It:

This clip explores the view of the spanker, it’s the spanker’s POV. YOU are in control… Alex talks to YOU and the camera is your eyes, you can really imagine that you are spanking Alex as she lies over the punishment trestle… it’s too late for her to find excuses now… she gives you the 1st implement, a leather strap, YOU know what to do with it, don’t you? You’re not satisfied that she has learnt her lesson, so you give her bottom a good slippering too, and YOU watch what you are doing, seeing her bottom mark up an angry red as you slipper the hell out of her rear! This film is classed as spanker’s POV in our ongoing project: We hope you enjoy this special preview of what we are trying to do.

And i have some great domestic home spanking pics for you 🙂

003 007 014

You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

Asian Gal Gets Her Bottom Spanked at Girls Boarding School

Sometimes i like to just post a few pics from a gallery i have seen and liked 🙂  And they can be old or new but that’s the case here 🙂  Naughty asian glad gets caning at Girls Boarding School 🙂  Just cos i like it 🙂

pic06-1 pic04-1 pic09

See the video now exclusively at Girls Boarding School :-)  They have absolutely tonnes of it there :-)  Be sure to check them out :-)

Alison Miller Bends For 175 Spanks From The Strap After Driving Dancers Too Hard at Firm Hand Spanking!

Hey everybody!  I wanted to cover a recent video just released at my friends site at Firm Hand Spanking!  Features a gal I feature here a lot named Alison Miller!  You will know her well because she has an unmistakable hair colour not to mention one of the sexier bottoms around in the spanking scene as of late!

It seems that Alison has been pushing her dance partners too hard and now faces a very sore bottom as she is told to bend over for a 175 spank strapping from Frank!

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Flame-haired Dance Captain Alison Miller kneels on a sofa, hands on the floor, bared butt high in the air, for a stinging 175 swats with Frank Reed’s punishment strap. She’s been driving her dancers too hard and berating them: now her cheeks pay the price!

And again i have obtained a few of the great domestic spanking pics :-)

dance_o003 dance_o001 dance_o002 dance_o004

One thing is for sure and that is with the sore stinging red bottom she has now this young lady will be a lot more careful about disobeying Miss Alison again!   Here is spanking good video preview sample :-)


And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

Im Back! Sorry For The Outage Last Week Spanko’s!

Hi everybody!  Sorry for the bare week last week but i was caught up in a shoot for the guys at Strict Women and Institute of Feminine Discipline with Lina Birch.   I have only really just gotten back on track :)  Was fun though!  🙂  But back on track now and writing my update for this week as we speak!  🙂

Keep your eyes peeled here for the spankings as they flow!  🙂

Manageress Miss Love Faces nude OTK Hand Spanking From Strict Secretary

The other week i spoke about a really sexy update over at  My Spanking Room Mate where the boss, Miss Love, spanked Madison and this week the story continues where Madison gets her own back and spanks the strict manageress!  And i’m not sure which of the two updates is the sexiest if I am honest but one thing is for sure and that is that they are BOTH hot as hell!

Madison is in troulbe with her new manageress!  Sexy Miss Love does not accept lateness it seems and puts this naughty girl right in her place!  Across her knee with her skirt lifted and panties down for a sound bare bottom spanking with her hairbrush!

As Clare Fonda puts it:

Aaliyah Love wants Madison to watch over Rose at the office. But Madison has a price for this above and beyond request. Since she got spanked by her boss, it’s her turn to spank Aaliyah. So Madison spanks her over her knee with hand and hairbrush before bending her over the desk for some swats with a wooden clip board.

And I have selected a few of my personal favourite domestic F/f spanking pics to share with you all :) The rest you can find in the free F/f domestic spanking gallery here. The video and yet more pics you can of course find at My Spanking Room Mate:)

008 009 003 010 015

Don’t forget that if you want to see more then get your butts over to My Spanking Roommate

msr-anim hpa4

Bullying At School Leads To Sound OTK Hand Spanking For Negligent Teacher at Hand

Another awesome update this week at my favourite Japanese domestic F/f spanking site, Hand Spanking as a bout of bullying takes place at the local school.  As an investigation continues it is determined that it is the fault of the pretty young Asian teacher Maria and so naughty Maria is put over the knee for a very sound bare bottom hand spanking!

And I have some of the sexy domestic spanking pictures for you :)

l5-01 l5-42 l5-43 l5-18 l5-19

Don’t miss this one.  Get yourselves over to and get your hot spanking pass to this awesome Japanese spanking site now!