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Harsh Treatment of Teddy Results In Bare Bottom Hand Spanking!

Harsh treatment of Miss Marias teddy lands both Chihiro and Midori in hot water with strict lady Miss Maria at Hand Spanking recently!  She is certainly in no mood to take any nonsense and both naughty young ladies are instructed to bend face the other way and bend over for a good sound bare bottom hand spanking from this strict dominant gal!  These naughty girls are really sexy as well!  You will love how their bottoms look as well as the sorry looks on their faces as they submissively bend over knowing that they deserve every spank that Miss Maria is about to administer!  Miss Maria is certainly in charge here and there is no nonsense taken!

And I have some of the sexy domestic spanking pictures for you 🙂

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Don’t miss this one.  Get yourselves over to and get your hot spanking pass to this awesome Japanese spanking site now!


Spanking Administered To Two Misbehaving Young Ladies. You Have To Be Cruel To Be Kind at AAA Spanking!

Panties pulled down and kneeling on the table for a very sound bare bottom spanking is the order of the day at Triple A Spanking as Amber and Sophie take a sound strapping to their bare bottoms!

As AAA Spanking put it:

The girls discovered some chocolate bars left on the Dining Room table and selfishly begun to scoff them oblivious to the fact Uncle John had caught them in the act. With chocolate still stuck to their mouths, exposing them as the greedy gluttons they were, John was forced to make a decision, he had to be “cruel to be kind” and decided to punish them both the same way that cured the girls of their nasty smoking habit previously. He would associate scoffing too much chocolate with humiliating punishment & the girls were told to get up on the table, baring their bottoms for a nasty spanking & strapping they wouldn’t forget in a hurry as he force fed them more chocolate chunks until they were disgusted by the fact they were tasting this oh so sweet treat yet were getting their bottoms thrashed red raw! A lovely film with the 1st pairing of Amber & Sophie in some beautiful PJs that we know lovers of pyjama discipline erotica will love a lot!

And i have some of the great domestic spanking pics :)   You can see more at thisspanking gallery here :)

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You can see more now exclusively at AAA Spanking!   Don’t whatever you do miss out!

New Manageress Miss Love Puts Madison Across Her Knee at My Spanking Room Mate

This week at My Spanking Room Mate Madison is in troulbe with her new manageress!  Sexy Miss Love does not accept lateness it seems and puts this naughty girl right in her place!  Across her knee with her skirt lifted and panties down for a sound bare bottom spanking with her hairbrush!

As Clare Fonda puts it:

Madison has a new boss at the office, Aaliyah Love, who is even stricter than her last boss, Harmony. Aaliyah immediately laws down the law by putting Madison over her knee for being late and giving her a sound spanking with her hand and hairbrush OTK, before bending her over for some whacks with her hard clipboard.

And I have selected a few of my personal favourite domestic F/f spanking pics to share with you all :) The rest you can find in the free F/f domestic spanking gallery here. The video and yet more pics you can of course find at My Spanking Room Mate:)

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Don’t forget that if you want to see more then get your butts over to My Spanking Roommate

msr-anim hpa4

Peeping Veronica Gets Sound Bare Bottom Spanking Over Miss Kordellias Knee!

Great new update this week at Spanking Sorority girls everybody as Veronica is put over Karina’s knee for a sound bare bottom spanking!

As Clare Fonda of Spanking Sorority Girls puts it:

Veronica peeps on Kordellia while she is changing. Karina is not happy about this and she calls Veronica into her room and puts her over her knee for a long, sound spanking on Veronica’s already sore bottom, while both girls are naked. Veronica’s bottom turns bright red.

And i have picked out a few of my favourite domestic spanking pics from this gallery below :)

007 002 005 003

Don’t miss this one!  This is one of the sexiest domestic spanking sites i have come across and a fantastic addition to Clares group of sites :) Click on the pics or the banner below to take a look!  🙂  Or just click here.  Either way you get there :-)   But just make sure you do!  🙂

Miss Bryanna Decides To Spank

Feeling a lot better thank you everybody.  Thus the additional post today.  Apart from which i really didn’t want to miss out on showing you this latest update from my friends Lance and Miss Bryanna of Spanking Bare Butts!  She is Miss Bryanna this week anyway!  Here you get to see Spanking Bare Butts exclusive stunning Goddess take on the dominant role and paddle Lilith!     Usually the paddle is in the other hand but this week Miss Bryanna takes up her favourite role and spanks the girls herself!  🙂   And we get to see Liliths bare bottom spanked!

As Spanking Bare Butts put it

Another day of Lilith staying with Bryanna leads to another spanking for Lilith and this time she gets it with a wooden hand paddle that Bryanna loves to use on the bottom of naughty girls! It doesn’t take much with a hard wooden paddle to get the point across and Lilith learns that very quickly with some sore burning cheeks!

And I have some domestic spanking pics 🙂

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You don’t get to see Bryana Cox in this dominant role very often but she is really good at it so don’t miss this one!  And Lilith takes a  pretty good spanking from her too as you see from the sore bottom!   And you can see this latest video now exclusively at Spanking Bare Butts!   So be sure not to miss it!  🙂





A Naughty Girl, A Bare Bottom And A Cane. Life At Girls Boarding School

Hi everybody, well first things first.   I want to apologise for the lateness of this update.  I tripped on a kerb side on the pavement (or sidewalk to my American readers) and fractured my hand and have a chest wall injury.   Not very nice 🙂   I didn’t really wanna be doing that!  LOL 🙂  Anyway, its kind of been hard to type.  But I wanted to post up some nice spanking photos anyway from my friends at Girls Boarding School!  Sorry the post is short.   My broken hand makes this hard…er….well you know what i mean right? 🙂  Cue domestic spanking photos!  LOL 🙂

prod0654p003 prod0654p010 prod0654p004 prod0654p009

See the video now exclusively at Girls Boarding School :-)  They have absolutely tonnes of it there :-)  Be sure to check them out :-)

Stop Press: Institute of Feminine Discipline And Strict Mistress Zoe Release 3 New Videos To FemDom Spanking Store And Domination Theater

Red Badger has been quiet for a few weeks but we are proud to announce the release now of 3 new movies Fm spanking and female supremacy movies to digital download and DVD at FemDom Spanking Store and streaming video to Domination Theater!  The videos come from the beautiful but very strict (thus the name)  Strict Mistress Zoe, new Goddess Miss Marnette Kelly (stage name at the Institute of Feminine Discipline for Goddess Miss Kelly and finally the lovely and very beautiful Miss Siobahn (Amber West) of Institute of Feminine Discipline!  Here are the details ;-)

Miss Siobahn (Institute of Feminine Discipline):  Discipline For The Rebel


Miss Siobahn has taken over for the day at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline to help relieve the pressure on strict Miss Shay and her first duty of the day is to deal with new resident Drew.

It appears that Drew has been caught with a radio transmitter in his possession which it is believed he has been using to contact the Male Liberation Front on the outside of the Institute of Feminine Discipline.   Miss Siobahn is charged with the task of discovering who he has been contacting precisely and who is he working for and with in the Institute as well as to punish him using corporal punishment and sound bare bottom Fm spanking to discipline him for his behaviour.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Marnette Kelly (Institute of Feminine Discipline) Opening Discipline AT The New IFD


For some time, there has been a strain within two factions on the Board of Corrective Women.  One faction under the leadership of Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia who believes males should who behave and follow the rules should be allowed relief in supervised group masturbation sessions and another group now organised by Miss Marnette Kelly known as the Campaign for Stricter Discipline who believe that all further sessions should be cancelled and replaced with an additional daily spanking instead.

Following a rise in male misbehaviour in the beautiful South West of England used by the Campaign for Stricter Discipline to ground their claim for their own IFD, Miss Acacia has agreed to open a new IFD and Spanking Centre in the beautiful rural Gloucestershire.  Miss Marnette Kelly has taken personal charge at this Institute and fully intends to demonstrate that a clamp down in discipline for males will yield results.   Nothing applies a male to his chores better she argues than a burning backside!

Today Miss Marnette Kelly administers the first ever spanking at this Institute!  We wish her well.

Note: This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Zoe (Strict Mistress Zoe): To Catch A Thief Part 2!


This movie is a sequel to Part 1 of To Catch A Thief.

In this movie after mike confesses that he is behind Miss Zoe’s property going missing, Miss Zoe decides to punish her naughty boy by soundly spanking him.   This of course on top of the spanking he has already received!  Mike will be sleeping on his front this evening as his butt will be on fire for weeks to come as Miss Zoe administers strict corporal punishment to her house boy.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Clover Paisley Put Over The Knee For Hand Spanking at Bars And Stripes Spanking Prison

Clover Paisley is the star this week at Bars and Stripes spanking prison this week as she finds herself over the knee for a very sound domestic spanking!  Just as it should be 🙂

Seems since her imprisonment she has continued to disobey and cause problems and now she must pay with a very sound bare bottom spanking!

And i have some of the pics from this recent photo update :)

clover2_nothingchanges - 074 clover2_nothingchanges - 084 clover2_nothingchanges - 080 clover2_nothingchanges - 077

Be sure to check them out for more from this set over at Bars and Stripes boys and girls!   :-)

Naughty Stephany Finds Herself Getting Over Knee Spanking at Bun Beating Fun!

Thought i would take a quick look over at Bun Beating Fun to see what the guys over there are doing and all i can say is wow!  This latest beauty will pop your trousers when you see her!  Her name is Stephany and it seems her wannabe attitude of arrogance and cheekiness has been pushed too far this time and now she must suffer the consequences!  The thing i love about this site more than anything is the fact these are real spankings of very self confident almost dominant gals being put in their place with a soundly smacked bare bottom!   Just as it should be!

And i have pulled out a few domestic OTK Spanking pics from this update for y’all 🙂

02 15 07 06

Visit them now at Bun Beating Fun everybody :-) I just know you wont be sorry :-)